Woot-Off Going On Now


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Instead of selling 1 item for 24 hours, for the next 24-72 hours woot will be selling lots of stuff for very short periods of time-expect some very good deals-but don’t expect them to last more than a couple minutes!

Shipping is now $5 per order in your Woot cart.

Will this be the time you finally get a legendary BOC?

HT: sguitarist18, via DDF

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Woo cares…


is there any free shipping coupon?


Who cares if u care… @Jim:


Thanks Dan !!
just bought THREE SETS OF LUGGAGE to use on our trip to Israel on SUKKOS with Delta $639 including tax BROUGHT TO US BY DANS DEALS.



I actually got the BOC twice.
Once it was exactly what it claims to be. Nothing useful. Though, had I sold the stuff on eBay, I could have made a few bux. There were things like an iPad case, headphones, a toy, etc.
The other box also included junk like a water sprinkler, a T-shirt etc… but also included something very useful… a brand new (counter-top) convection oven!
Definitely money well spent 🙂


I shoulda taken advantage of the Delta deal. It was around for like two weeks. I’m such a putz.


@Eli: What’s a BOC?

Tolch Chicago

Is 3 shirts for 99 a good deal from jos a bank
Happening now

David R

@Anonymous: Follow the link in the post.


Anyone ever see kosher wine sold on wine.woot? I check it all the time and never see anything kosher.