Woot-Off Going On Now With Free Shipping For Amazon Prime Members, Plus Extra Bags Of Crap For Prime Appreciation Week!

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Update: DEAD!

Woot Clearance is having a Woot-Off today with new bargains being featured every 30 minutes or less.

Amazon Prime members can now get free shipping on all orders from Woot.com.

Expect some great deals, but don’t expect them to last more than a few minutes!

“A BOC (Bag of Crap) is a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you. Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. You’ll never know when they’ll appear, or what you’ll get!”

Will this be the time you finally get a legendary BOC? There will be multiple BOC on sale today!

Woot Shirt is also having a Woot-Off today.

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I don’t appreciate the language.


so dont speak it…


A ben Torah doesn’t speak like that.


You must be fun at parties


Can you please explain what a bag of crap is??


“A Bag of crap is a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you. Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. You’ll never know when they’ll appear, or what you’ll get!”


Can you tell up what was in your BOC you got last time ?
Is it always the same price ? Or it can be a loss too to buy one ?






double check the pricing vs amazon. Ive found a few things cheaper on amazon then woot


Will you send out a text for the BOC?


When woot belonged to woot it was worth following. After they sold out to Amazon it became a totally pointless site and even though they still copy the old shtick it’s in-name-only. If you liked woot, then you should be following meh.com now.


Under which category will they sell a BOC ?


maybe add warning of non-tznius pictures, thanks!


maybe stop vising websites since it might, just might have a store selling underwear.

Grow up please. Not everything needs a warning but some people need common sense. It’s Woot, they sell everything. Do you need warning to go on amazon because you might see a bra model?


This is Dan’s website and it is his decision what to post and what to write. I simply have noticed that on some posts where it links directly to a page that has non-tznius pictures he puts a warning. When I clicked on this link I saw some of the products did in fact have thumbnails of non-tznius pics so I was simply suggesting this might be a good post to put that warning for the purpose of helping others that would check out this post. I think we all try to do our best to guard our eyes and when he writes those warning it certainly helps!


dont be online then complain, unfortunatlky thats how these things are and yiu also find on amaozn…..


Good to see that you are concerned about this important mitzvah. We have used a filter on our computer that greys out all skin tone images. You might want to try something similar.


What is the name of this filter? How reliable do you find it to be? Do you find it over or under does the job? Is there a way to override it if you need to see something?


By far the funniest dansdeal message received on my phone.
You just made my day.
Thank you.


could you put a link to a BOC ?


Its called the colon, its full of links.


Can you adjust the language to be suitabloe for the upstanding people who look at your site? how about “boe: bag of etc”


That’s not what the actual product is called though


wow tgi your a real brisker i see makpid to say the whole amiera bfeirish. why are you on a points and miles website if your so straightlaced?


Because points, miles, and credit cards rules and regulations are often to be taken at face-value and I like the consistency of that type of system.



Am echad

Do not like how u play to the anti-tznius people and anti-bad language people Dan.
Your comments are made that people who care about watching their eyes and language look bad.


Erm, my comments?


Am Echad, which comments of Dan’s? I might have missed it


+1 especially criticizing people who want to sit segregated on airplanes. granted many of them are more carnivorous and more grub but still something to be said about people being nizhar with watchuing your eyes and language. may your whole lubavitch accepting outlook be accepting of those “far righ radicals as well and not just the cool kid who has a Canadian accent and is sick at hockey!


Never happened. Only thing I’ve criticized is the manner in which it is done.


achrayus, that’s a pretty closed-minded and insulting statement, towards Dan and Chabad. I can only speak for myself, but setting the record straight regarding men or women delaying a flight (or having law enforcement come onto the plane) because of refusal of taking a seat is a Chillul Hashem and stealing other peoples time, energy, and comfort. It’s been discussed that one has the option to purchase two seats if he/she is concerned about sitting next to a certain gender. It’s appropriate to evaluate and discuss their behavior, not appropriate to criticize an entire generalized religious group or other facets non-related to the seat fiasco (such as dress, language, appearance). Though specific behaviors have been discussed and debated (such as delayed flights from seat fiascoes) I have never seem Dan (and nearly anyone associated with Chabad) criticize/insult the entirety of a person or group of people. Again, I can’t speak for Dan or his website (and I have zero association with him), but with all respect and kindness I don’t think this website or many other sites associated through links are for you- as some of the sites certainly do have images which would make you uncomfortable.
– Neither a far right radical or a cool Canadian kid who plays hockey


how do i see the boc deals?


BOC comes up on the home page.
It’s like any other deal.
It changes every few minutes and sometimes it’ll be BOC.

Thinking Fast and Slow

Don’t know the odds of getting something valuable in a BOC, however the description “Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries”, where it puts a valuable item first and garbage after, will lead you to subconsciously believe you have high odds of winning something valuable and not “C”.
Called “Confirmation Bias”.
Behavioral Economics 101.


Got a BOC