Woot Is Celebrating Their 15th Birthday Today With A Woot Off, 15,000 Bags Of Crap, And More!

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Update: Woot’s site is now back up, but they killed the hidden link to get BoC, keep checking back throughout the day to get your bag!

Woot Is Celebrating Their 15th Birthday Today With A Woot Off, 15,000 Bags Of Crap, And More!

Bags will be released every hour throughout the day so keep checking back for availability. There will also be special limited edition birthday bags of crap for sale.

Shop more birthday deals here.

Amazon Prime members can now get free shipping on all orders from Woot.com.

“A BOC (Bag of Crap) is a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you. Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. You’ll never know when they’ll appear, or what you’ll get!”

Will this be the time you finally get a legendary BOCThere will be multiple BOC on sale today!

Woot Shirt is also having a Woot-Off today.

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How do we find these bags on there
Is it really worth it?


Is there any way to get notified any time there’s a BOC? The apps (Android) I had don’t work.

Not a bag lady

I see a lot of crap that I cannot even force myself to need. But where oh where are the bags?


Here’s a link to one officially available only through their app birthday game.


Here’s one:


It’s officially available only through their app game.


got my BOC. cant wait to get it


After 15 years I finally managed to score a bag of crap


Me too!


More crap. Exactly what I need in my life.
In for 1


Me too. 15 years. One BOC. Let’s see what happens. Either we are suckers are champs


Got one!
Says you can ‘BOW’ get in description instead of ‘NOW’


I got $1.50 off.


New accounts today are getting 15% off first purchase.


Thanks Dan! I have a great backpack I got from a BOC many years ago (before Woot was owned by Amazon). I still use it.

Happiness vs. Bag of Crap. No brainer

I bought a new tie online. My wife will be happier and, by default, so will I!


What is this? I’m missing the joke

Happiness vs. Bag of Crap. No brainer

No joke. Crap.


looks like it’s sold out now



“Sorry. The ravenous Woot mob devoured the stuff you wanted.
Maybe try to build a time machine and order earlier?”


Thanks, I scored a bag as well. They say only one in a month, so now I can go back to real life


Got my boc some 8+ years ago and believe me it’s crap
All still in the box from when I received it collecting dust.
Besides the rush of scoring a bag I wasted 8 bucks


Exactly. I was so disappointed in my BOC, I couldn’t look at it a second time. Closed the box back up and shoved it somewhere I don’t remember.


It says sold out. Am I too late?

was the auction over?

Can anyone post anything nice that they ever got?
I got this bOc now wonder if anyone ever got anything decent?

No longer

Back in the day, before the Amazon takeover, you always got something in the box that at the very least made the purchase worth the money spent. Some people got very expensive items like Playstations, Xbox’s, Tag Heuer watches etc.

Today, a lucky few will get something worthwhile, while everyone else will literally get what the descriptions says: “bag of cra@p”.


And the site is down again