My Woot BoC Has Arrived, What Did You Get?

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Woot was offering 15,000 bags of their legendary “Bag Of Crap” to celebrate their 15th birthday on July 12th.

They put a few bags up for sale every hour and those sold out within seconds, but we found a secret link that allowed readers to purchase a BoC for around 40 minutes!

These bags sure do live up to their name, I got 2 in total, and while there are some things of interest in them, it really is mostly worthless…

Without further ado here is my (JJ’s) 2 Woot BoC:

And they include (some links are to similar items online):

Equaling a grand total of $436.83 or a whopping $218.42/BoC which cost just $10 each.

I sure hope a local charity can use this stuff, because I sure can’t use most of it (especially the Steelers’ pennant) 😉

Dan received his BoC as well:

What did you get? Post pics and view more BoC in this DDF thread.

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Mine was horrible!! I got nothing I even remotely wanted to keep. 🙁 I guess that’s why it’s a boc



Yisroel Chai

Spending $10 on things you don’t need or use means you’re still down $10 and not saving $400


Crap. It’s all crap.

Well… obviously.


A bunch of different NFL jerseys which I listed on ebay right away.


Wow. You got a ton of stuff. I got a little over 10 items


Maybe include a link to the ddf thread


i got:

Woot bag
Woot chips clip
2 kids coctumes
1 baby toy
1 remote control car
1 bath toy
1 window curtain
a bag of poly mailers
4 plastic folders
2 packs of greeting cards
1 pack of receipts for a store
and probably one or two other things that i cant remember. All in all it was fun to purchase and well worth the !0.88 for it. Thanks Dan and JJ for posting the secret link this time! Thats how i got it this time.


Got a lot of the stuff seen in the pics above, plus some DVD’s, a nose hair trimmer (does anyone actually use that?!) And fish bait…

matt matt

i actually want/need a nose hair trimmer. anyway i can take it off your hands?




With a hands-hair trimmer!


oh and a womans belt and an ipad case


I got a bunch of NFL apparel, some of which was actually my size. Value around $200.


What’s that nasty looking black thing in the center of Dan’s package?


Lol, a women’s spandex t-shirt.


100 Large Poly Mailers (very useful for me)
Dog Costume (useful for my wife)
Picture frame that looks like it went through both World Wars
5XL Sweatshirt (also useful for my wife)
Pair of bungee cables (useful for jumping out of the window after giving these to my wife)
6 Baloons
2 pairs of tongs
Set of place card holders


“Dog Costume (useful for my wife)”



Potato Peeler gloves
Pest repeller
Amazon basics Male to Male cable
Maryland Jersey
Pink canvas bag
Batcave “to go” playset
Plain Gray Cap
Woot poop emoji
Armour Shell Phone Case (iPhone 6s)
Collen phone case (Samsung s6)
Woot bag

Shimmy shimmy ... Puff

Dan’s book from his boc is missing an E






Try me toss flip ball
Some crappie card holder
Woot bag clip and bag
Inflatable killer whale
Some Watermelon gadget
Dry snorkel
NFL phone case
Thumb wars game
Chocolate mold set
NFL squish helmet
Set of 3 Glass Mosaic cups


Woot canvas bag
Woot chips clip
Men’s grilling apron
Kids book (There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Turkey)
Night light
Pacman phone decals
Carolina Panthers shot glass
Shopkins light up toy expansion pack
1 curtain (need two per window)
3 damaged folders
1/4″ size notched cover for table pan
1 fishing hook
Vizibl safety band


I got:

2 volumes of Global Issues 2013
A mosquito protection head net
A broken glass cup. Shattered in pieces
A bag and a snack clip
A bunion removal kit
A cake decorating kit

That’s it. 🙁


i got ato of crap for half price well charge you just 5 bucks and its a fill your own bag promotion!


I’ll be happy to take that Steelers pennant off your hands (Ari Goldberg goes to my shul…)!


Woot bag
Pair of women’s rain boots
A single candelabra light bulb
Staple remover
A bag of wooden buttons
Two coat hooks
The Elf book
Two ladies sports team shirts
A handle for a cabinet
A holloween mask
Fish hooks
A round crystal
Hair brush
6 watches (looks like they need batteries at a minimum)
A socket for a socket wrench
A pack of motor cycle tire valves
Dental floss
Fanny pack
Small pad
Coloring book
Several packs of random stickers
Pair of sunglasses. ( as Michael Kay would say, no name of course)

In short, a lot of carp. (Perhaps that what the fish hooks are for ).


Almost forgot

A potato chip bag clip
Some CD. I thinks it’s music. Certainly appears to be garbage.


mine were complete garbage… JJs loot seems awesome


I guess it’s cheaper for them then to get a junk removal company

Mountain Man

Of note was a remote control car, a pair of sunglasses that retail at $50, kitchen appliances and a car cellphone holder.


Mine was also some random useless items and a shirt and sweater that were clearly returned to the seller (poorly folded and packed).
Oh well, I had heard stories of people get great electronics or other useful items in previous BOC’s, guess not this time.


1: Denver Broncos Medium T-shirt
2: Arizona State XL T- Shirt
3: Electric Bug Repeller
4: Agents of SHIELD season 3
5: Blackish season 1
6: Mini Broom and Dustpan set
7: poop emoji stress ball thing
8: a Woot bag saying BoC
9: Rhino head magnet
….and other stuff I don’t remember offhand


15,000pcs…. No wonder it was a BOC!
end of a era


My BoC included a Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model text book which sells for $62 on Amazon. I was able to trade it in to Amazon for a $30 credit!!


Picked it up was extremely heavy… Turns out besides the rest of the junk, I got six Pitt beanbags that weighed down the box. Also thumb wars notebook that has 2 big holes for thumbs… Genuine gameball spiral football necklace… 7 packs of small plastic bags meant for screws…


I used to go after BOC’s and had 5-6 of them over time. Most of it was pure crap, although each bag had something that was marginally useful. The weirdest thing – I got in a BoC was a 6-pack of colorful Bras – that didn’t fit anyone in my household. I think we gave them to goodwill


I wasn’t able to get one, but as a flipper on eBay I’d be excited. lol. A few things to sell, a few fun ones to keep.


I got a bunch of junk including some fishing weights and a rays mug along with a black hawks xmas ornament some kids books a couple of shopping bags and the woot bag clip. It may be worth 10.00 but not to me.

David Lesser

The good news is complaining about what is in a BOC is a 1st world problem!
I love my BOC. But thankful for being able to participate.


What! Mine ws utterly horrific!! I got twist ties, aquarium plastic leaves, an assault weapon trigger protector, you get the point

Not that Dan

Those bacon labels are fantastic.