A DansDeals Reader Got A $600+ Woot BoC, What Did You Get?

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For the past two years Woot has offered thousands of BoC (Bags Of Crap) on their birthday. The bags gained notoriety years ago when Woot was sending lucky buyers TV’s, Laptops, and other high ticket items, while most people got…

Usually it is nearly impossible to get one, but last year and this year we posted a hidden link that allowed our readers access to those bags.

I did a roundup last year of what I got here, it came out to a total of $218 worth of stuff in my bags. But that pales in comparison to what DDF Member JamesIV received this year:

Among other things in his bag was a Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera which sells for $548 from Amazon!

At a cost of just $8.99. that even beats the insane Prime Day deal from last year which had them on sale for $94.

Dan got his bag, which included an $80 leather tote:

I got 3 this year (because why not), which included an $85 jersey, $65 sweater, Glass Rosh Hashana Platter, dental floss, a lawn rabbit, and more (My wife was very happy at the convenience of them sending garbage bags so “most of this can go straight where it belongs”):

DDF Bags included:



What did you get in your BoC?

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Got a bunch of Halloween stuff including a light-up Elmo dressed as a pumpkin for the lawn, a pumpkin carving kit and a Halloween book for kids.
Also got Christmas plates and book for kids.
A few somewhat useful things… Long sleeve t-shirt and a freezer mug.
A few somewhat stupid things…a woot straw, a robot pen, a worthless toy and a dinosaur chomper thingy.
Would do this again.


Same here.
Got a book, a robot pen (looks like everyone else got it too), a skull with lightning up eyes, peppa pig Halloween booklet, plastic dinosaur and a box of play doh/goo.


Got an absolute BOC. Nothing useful.


You’re one person who got what they ordered:)


The laughs it provided our family was worth every penny.

4XL T-shirt
low voltage wire stripper
Tea Strainer
X-mas treetop star
Stan and the Toilet Monster childrens book
child size safety goggles
Curious George wall stickers
Toe warmer
1 Bicycle inner tube
Colorado Rockies car emblem
Baseball themed kids wallet
40 watt equivalent bulb
dog bone shaped cookie cutter
and the obligatory monkey doll and bag of crap


can we still sign up for this?

Bob the

Not now


How could you get 3? 3 different account with prime ?


I got an inovaspa back and neck massager which looks like it sells for $50 on amazon


I got a 100 pack of poly bags which is good considering I have a shipping store and usually pay $15+ for it…

I also got a wrench
A rag doll costume
A light bulb (useless type)
A coloring book (2 yr old is happy for 3 min)
A Derek Jeter memories book (big yankee fan)
A singing won’t monkey and a woot bag
A bead necklace
A fishing hook
Fishing bait
A big roll of ribbon

Mostly useless but made my money back from the poly bags


I got a Netgear Nighthawk AX-12 Router which retails for $499. I immediately sold it for $425.

I also got two packs of 10 electric toothbrush heads which retail for $40 each and a book that is selling for $25 on Amazon.

The rest was BOC.

I did REALLY well!!

Thanks Dan!!




Can someone explain how to get this?


How does this work?


Dan – I am VERY jealous of your Purdue puzzle (my alma mater!). I got a TCU Star Wars lanyard and an Oklahoma State wristband…oh well – so goes the BOC! The best things I got were a Peppa Pig Halloween book and a screaming Woot monkey – both of them entertained my daughter this weekend!