Walmart+ Will Finally Compete With Amazon Prime! Will Free Shipping Get You To Signup?

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I wrote about the launch of Walmart+ in October and asked that the media stop calling it an Amazon Prime killer.

That’s because Walmart+ did not offer any shipping benefit on, it just offered free delivery from stores on $35+ orders. My local Walmart never seems to have open delivery slots, so the benefit was worthless for me.

But that’s all changing on Friday.

Walmart+ will offer free next day and 2 day shipping on with no minimum order required!

That adds a ton of value to Walmart+. You can signup for a free trial of Walmart+ here, though you may want to wait until Friday to do so!

Delivery from Walmart stores will still have a $35 minimum order requirement.

It’s great to see more competition in the free shipping space! I just couldn’t understand how Walmart expected to be able to compete with Amazon without something like this.

Now the real question is will people pay for an Amazon Prime and a Walmart+ membership?

In October 91% of DansDeals readers said they would not signup for Walmart+ at $98 per year. Does today’s news change your mind? Does this make Walmart a real Amazon competitor?

Will You Pay $98/Year For Walmart+ now that it includes free shipping on

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Will they price match as well?


They stopped price matching a few years ago. That’s because savvy shoppers would wait until items were BOGO at the supermarket, then price match at WalMart, AND benefit from other WalMart only things (portals, discounted gift cards, etc).

Eden est zich

Can one split a membership?


Already did. Unfortunately the delivery drivers all smoke weed and my groceries reek of pot when delivered but based on location of Walmart and drive time, my weekly deliveries pay for themselves from the membership fee.


Damn! What state?

Mo K

Not yet .. Amazon is offering an infinity better customer service as well as many other services included that walmart hasn’t started to provide yet


It has to be more then an alternative. It needs to be better in some way.




Walmart Grocery Deliveries are great. Been using it for a year. This is an added benefit that makes it even more worthwhile to renew my subscription.


maybe when they add Walmart video, Walmart music and Walmart photos…..


The shipping is just one part of the prime package.
Remember, prime wasn’t $100 when it started, and now there are many other benefits including free photo storage and prime video…
Walmart needs to increase value to make it worth the $90 price tag.


Walmart customer service is a disaster. It takes forever to get something fixed, you are better offer just kissing your money goodbye or filing a chargeback.

They need to learn from Amazon about how to treat customers.


I thought their CS improved after the Jet acquisition. Maybe it was SO bad that ANY response I got from them was an improvement though, lol.


Absolutely! Walmart prices are unbeatable.


I live in Crown Heights. It said my address does not have the free shipping benefit.


I don’t order from Walmart enough to justify the subscription. I already have a prime subscription and can get most things from Amazon.


I’m in that boat too though I wonder if it’s b/c of the f/s threshold. Does anyone find that Walmart has added enough 3rd party vendors that they offer variety comparable to Amazon?

I agree w/ @Eli; they need to offer something better/different/more than Amazon for me to switch. For me that would include additional benefits w/ their CC.


“Delivery from Walmart stores will still have a $35 minimum order requirement.”

This will be interesting. Because many items in stores are also on Of course, sometimes the prices are different I think.

We’ve been using WalMart delivery (and have had W+ since the start) for nearly a year now, and our twice a week deliveries easily reach $35, but sometimes we would like only one or two items.


I have been using Walmart+ for grocery deliveries and there is no minimum (although this isn’t stated anywhere on their site). I can place an order for 1 or 2 items no problem.


Why would you pay for both Amazon and Walmart. Unless there are things on Walmart that aren’t available on Amazon or items are 100 dollars cheaper over the course of the year to make it worth while. Nobody is jumping ship from Amazon to go to this.

Walmart Rip Off

$99 a year is a complete rip off unless you’re offering something else in return. Walmarts website is a complete disaster of a site. And way too many 3rd party sellers try to rip you off. BedBath&Beyond charges you half that for members and gives you free shipping and 20 percent off everything. Target, all you have to do is sign up for their free card and you receive free shipping on everything.
And if you live near a Costco, then to pay for a membership to Walmart is a complete joke/waste. There is simply zero reason to shop on their site. The only good thing about them is their stores.


Walmart customer service is awful. For that alone, I never choose to shop Walmart.


Wal Mart is fine. You must have a beef with them.


They offer free returns! Unlike Amazon who makes you drive down to Kohl’s… Unless you call up Amazon they’ll give you a label to UPS with no pickup…


Why wait till Friday to sign up?


I have the same question – why wait for Friday to sign up?


Been on W+ for a year now. Buy all our groceries from them. They beat Amazon in price on many household items. Only challenge we find that they should address is their return system if they send a wrong item or we wish to return, going into the store to return a delivery item is a mess and took 20 minutes the last time I tried.


I live in Atlanta and my address does not receive free shipping. Pitiful attempt by Walmart.


in 5 Towns Long Island – Sorry, free unlimited delivery isn’t in your area yet. Check back soon!


I’ll let them restock their inventory first.


I will for sure sign up. Walmart orders come in 2 days. I’m so sick of prime items taking 10 days to arrive. Plus on many grocery and household products, walmart are cheaper anyway


Wal Mart owns Amazon on daily household items unless you do 5 subscribe and save and take advantage of first subscription coupons.


This post is quite misleading, as is Walmart’s press release. It’s not available everywhere. Major fail.

Dunder Mifflin

Unless they add lots of free shipping from 3rd party sellers… the selection is pitiful from Amazon


this is great news, as long as Walmart promises to keep the same price for both in-store and delivery purchases. Overall, Walmart is much cheaper than Amazon, especially for everyday items. With Amazon you’re paying more for the item to cover the cost of the “free shipping”. Walmart will hopefully be able to keep their low prices as most items will be shipped/delivered from the local store and not from a cross-country warehouse. It won’t be as exciting like Amazon where the prices often fluctuate.
I do think online referral marketing may take a hit.
Target also now has a lot to worry about.
Btw, with Chase Freedom you get 5% on Walmart purchases through December. Paypal has an offer get 25$ with 3 orders of at least 35$ each on Walmart. com.
There is also a targeted Chase offer on multiple cards for Walmart+.


I must have misread the post,probably got too excited about it. If Walmart+ free delivery won’t actually be shipped from local stores then we’ll have to wait and see if they’ll keep the same prices as store.


I ordered 3 items and it said it will be shipped in 4 days. After 4 days the tracking showed out for delivery but the items didn’t got delivered. The shipping vendor Lasership site showed the same. Next day the tracking showed exception and said the items would be delivered next business day. But no status update for next 7 days. Again after 7 days it showed four for delivery in the morning for the next 3 days without the items being delivered. The items were received after 3 weeks. What was horrible was Walmart customer care. They did not have much info on the shipment tracking, and said it is with the shipping vendor. All he said was he can cancel and refund.


Add to the post to check your chase offers for a $10 savings on walmart+. I think it can even be used on the monthly charge of 12.95 if that suits you. Obviously would only be worth doing that for one month tho


I have been very unhappy with Walmart deliveries. The grocery delivery works this way: They have someone take your list and shop for you then deliver it. I have had multiple deliveries where things were just thrown in a box, the liquids spilled all over, etc. The last delivery was just my groceries in a bunch of plastic bags with things half out of the bag – and was delivered late.
Hard pass for me.


I’ll let other people join Walmart beta testing

Carl Pietrantonio

I would not buy anything from Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart dot com if you put a gun to my head. Every time I ever tried them, the few times, I got burned with lousy products and even worse service. Amazon is super reliable and takes care of me. Wal-Mart can go jump in a lake.


i’m confused- is this only in a limited area? not available anywhere close to my home. post doesn’t address this