WalMart ShippingPass Now Offering A Free 30 Day Trial

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WalMart ShippingPass has been good to me. Last year I posted a deal to get ShippingPass for just $1. It turned out that WalMart was still beta testing the program, so they gave a $50 gift card to everyone who enrolled in the $1 offer.

ShippingPass recently went public and they improved the shipping speed from 3 day to 2 day while dropping the price to $49/year.

Effective today you can join with a free 30 day trial of the program. After the trial you’ll be charged $49/year if you don’t cancel.

In another classy gesture, if you already joined Walmart will extend your membership for another 30 days for free.

I like that it’s only focused on free 2 day shipping on all items. I wish Amazon Prime would launch a competing product at a similar price point without the Prime video, music, and cloud storage features…

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Any idea how long this promo will be going on? Should I wait till I have something to order?


Thanks! Please just note that as per their email, when this 30 day trial ends they will automatically charge you for a full year of shipping pass which you can cancel at any time.

five townsyid

how do I get the extension if I already have the service?


They will charge you 49$ after 30 days you have to give your cc info


is it a short promo or is it for a long time


Like number 2 says, this is a terrible deal.


@Danny: And what is charged then? Is it like Costco? Full refund at any time?


Dan, Isn’t it better than Amazon just for the fact that it applies to any item sold by Walmart and no minimum, without stuff being considered “ADD ON ITEM”?


Totally unrelated to this post but i have no other way to reach you, Dan. 2 weeks ago i booked Turkish for sukkoth with your amazing deal. now there was the attack yesterday in the airport, is there any way to cancel it. do you think its still safe and i should just keep the flights? Thanks Dan


Not that familiar but I would think the selection comparison between Amazon and Walmart is almost not existent, no? Amazon sells any and every product and from numerous independent vendors, while my understanding is Walmart just sells what they themselves carry and sell in their stores. Am i wrong in my main point?


Walmart Steals Amazon Prime Day’s Thunder with 30 Days of Fast Free Shipping
Love it!


Agree with chaim. no other way to reach dan.


signed up but the shipping is super slow, i ordered somehting and shipping is JUly 15th. called value shipping not 2 day shipping like amazon prime


@Ben: Lots of stuff would be add on only in Amazon, but Walmart would ship it free in 2 days. Still, I would keep Amazon for many other stuff.
Another advantage is that Walmart never charges return shipping.


Walmart puts amazon to shame.pls note 2 days doesNOT Include all products
Only if it says shipping pass


FYI – you can cancel before the 30 days is up and you still get to use it for the full 30 days.