Walmart+ Is Now Live With A 30 Day Free Trial, Will You Signup? Can We Stop Calling It A Prime Killer?

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Update: If you signed up for a free trial, it may be expiring soon, if you don’t want it to auto-renew you can cancel it here.

Walmart+ is now live with a 15 day free trial.

It sure seems to be very similar to Delivery Unlimited that has been around for a year already.

After you signup for the 15 day trial you should get a pop-up to extend your free trial to 30 days with 3 quick questions!


If you keep it after the trial, the program costs $98 per year.

It comes with unlimited same day delivery from Walmart Grocery on $35+ orders, 5 cents off per gallon of gas from Walmart, and the ability to checkout with your phone at Walmart stores.

A Prime killer? A Prime competitor? Meh.

Like I said in March, I have no idea why the media keeps calling it that.

It seems obvious that it’s competing with Instacart and not Amazon Prime. Walmart is not offering free shipping with no minimum on everything from their site like Amazon does.

They tried that a few years ago and they killed it without ever trying to market it. With a $35 minimum purchase requirement, I’m far more likely to buy from Amazon than Walmart. And Walmart+ does absolutely nothing to stop that.

If this came with free 2 day shipping on with no minimum, I’d consider paying the $98/year. But it does not.

I signed up for a trial and will have to see what it offers before I decide if there’s any value.

It’s not off to a good start though, I couldn’t find any delivery slots for the next week. So much for being an Instacart killer either.

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Not 30 Day Trial, 15 day

Thinking Jew

Doesn’t really compete as Amazon doesn’t require a 35.00 order for free shipping.


For groceries they do. Grocery prices are significantly cheaper on


I would take Amazon over any day. Amazon customer service is superb.


You mean you get banned for accepting agent compensation?


So is Walmart customer service in my experience


anytime I have had an issue with a Walmart order, I have been issued a refund and told to dispose or donate the item. Every time. not so with Amazon.


I’ve had better luck with Walmart service than Amazon. Recently Amazon has been getting significantly worse


HA! They cant even speak English over the phone.


As usual, people focus on the .com and not the pickup and delivery option. I do agree though, stop comparing to Amazon. Walmart is playing to it’s strengths, which is leveraging 90% of people in the US can now have groceries delivered given their extensive physical footprint.

I’ve been paying for this service since March (weekly orders) when it was formerly Delivery Unlimited. I wouldn’t have before the pandemic. But now? Now I’ve experienced the value first hand and it’s been eye opening. So much so that it’s my #1 individual stock position in my brokerage.


It’s a great deal for grocery delivery. Walmart is better priced with a larger selection compared to amazon fresh or Whole Foods.


It would be worth it if the south Euclid Walmart had any availability… alas it’s too popular in the Cleveland Jewish community


Wait- why doesn’t this work for our Walmart? I was planning on trying out the service using that branch, since they have a great selection but I hate going into the store. Why is it useless and what does that have to do with the Jewish community?


Walmart grocery is amazing and worth every penny. Take it from me, I hate going to stores, but instacart is unpredictable and expensive.

Walmart is great for me.


Not only is Instacart unpredictable and expensive, they are borderline crooks. I placed an Instacart order for Costco including 2 packs of Charmin. It turns out there is a 1 per person max on Charmin at Costco but my bill remained at two. I had to spend hours explaining the overcharge to Instacart. At the end they gave me credit as an “accommodation”. If you claim non delivery of the most expensive item they close your account.


Same story with them and salmon from Costco. Crooks is spot on.


Prime killer ? Lol these people need to get of Kentucky and start thinking like an e-commerce company otherwise there’s no way this or anything they are doing will compete with amazon




I’m from LA and using Walmart grocery pretty frequently. Currently paying $8 for delivery but making large buys so it kinda offset the cost. The item prices are much cheaper compared to instacart, boxed etc. The big advantage of the walmart grocery is that they let you keep adding stuff to your order even after you’ve placed it until the night before the delivery date. I’m always adding stuff after placing the order.

For a $100 to be worth it you need to order more than once a month. I’m not sure I’m there yet. If they would have given Walmart+ priority schedules or same day deliveries that would be worth it.

Definitely agree with you it’s not a prime killer.


Check out your zip code before enrolling


This can’t be a “Prime killer” because prime is already long dead.

“Prime” just means free shipping now, not (1 or) 2 day shipping. It might be next day and it might be next week.

This started long before COVID, it just got much worse with COVID.

in the past few months Walmart has generally been a lot quicker than Amazon with shipping. Of course the problem is they don’t have nearly the selection as Amazon and sometimes the $35 minimum becomes a problem.


Prime has been amazing for me. Next day on almost everything. They have been making a lot of mistakes but easy to get a refund and they usually let you keep the item. Not complaining


Yeah, I just got a full refund for an item that came to a Baltimore facility then was sent to NJ and finally delivered to me in Baltimore a week later, the same day the refund came through.


Not sure where you live but here in Brooklyn prime is very accurate. Even during height of pandemic it took less than a week.


Seriously?? From March through at least June and even for many of my orders in July it was taking a week to 10 days to get my stuff in BORO PARK! My friend was in Orlando somewhere in the middle of those months and got Next Day on almost everything while I was getting super frustrated. Walmart did way better with their 2 day delivery for all orders I placed during those months. Prime was a disaster for me during the height of the pandemic but b”h has gone back to mostly normal.


I will try it only if it is free trial plus some credits but it is a bad offer. Walmart is not amazon


If you have a full Walmart with grocery, it’s amazing. I paid for this a few months ago and use it every week, sometimes several times a week. (Big family B”H.)

The only thing I don’t love about it is that they obviously don’t pay their drivers well, and you need to tip (you don’t tip for pickup).

Still a game changer for us, although I wish it would come with free delivery on also.

(Bonus is that when they’re out of what you want, they substitute it with something usually of greater value – so when I ordered the 12 oz body wash, they gave me the 22 oz bottle instead.)


you don’t have to tip. I use Walmart delivery all the time and never tipped
Walmart’s delivery has been amazing. their prices are way better than any store and I always receive my order on time.

Shlomo Hamelech

Anything to stop amazon…. Jeff bezos reminds me of dr evil…


WalMart prices are often much lower than Amazaon, In pre Covid days I would just add on toilet paper to make the minimum$ and get 2 day shipping. It’s a little more challenging these days, but i don’t see any reason to overpay. Will I get the subscription, probably not


Btw Walmart partnered w instacart for this. It seems that the main draw will be for in store non-register checkout

Shlomo Hamelech

They are using postmates in CA


They’re using DoorDash in WA


“Mobile scan & go: Check out as you shop to make store shopping fast and contact-free.” I’ve got to try this!


Not a single delivery slot available in lakewood since this was posted and customer service says they can’t extend the trial. Are they really live?


It’s definitely an Instacart killer in my area. They have cheaper prices on everyday products and produce with no extra service and delivery fees. They have slots available all day and have an excellent user-friendly app, amazing customer service and have been so helpful and easy for any returns whatsoever. I’ve been using it for 6 months now, and it’s a keeper!

e s

I have had this service for many months and can almost always get next day delivery


any nyc benefits? we have no stores. what does it do for us?