Tutorial: Buying 2 Google Home Minis For $57.25 And Getting $50 Google Express Walmart Credit And 10x Chase Points!


Update: The Google Home Mini ($29) and the Original Google Home ($79) are both back in stock!

I ordered and received 2 Google Home Minis and they seem like very useful devices.

The Chase Pay bonus points posted automatically:

And the 2 Google Express credits of $25 each posted to my account instantly after activating each device. They are only valid for Walmart purchases and must be used on separate orders.

I value those points at $11.12 and the Google Express credits at $50, so that means the 2 Google Home Minis were effectively just 35 cents each!

Originally posted on 11/27:

The Google Home Mini is normally $49, but is on sale for $29. The original Google Home is normally $129, but is on sale for $79. The original version has better speakers/microphone than the mini. Here are just a few things it can do besides for answer your questions or play your music.

Additionally, if you buy it from Walmart you get a $25 Google Express credit. You can get the $25 twice per household.

You can use Chase Pay Checkout with a Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, or Sapphire Reserve to earn 10 points per dollar.

Additionally, Walmart offers a credit for slow shipping.

Here’s how to stack all of that.

Step 1: I added 2 Google Home Minis from Walmart.com to my cart in order to meet the free shipping threshold. If you only want one device and $25 credit you can order one for free in-store pickup or you can order it with an item like an Oral-B Pro 1000 toothbrush for $14.95 after rebate for free shipping.



Step 2: Walmart offered me a $0.75 credit to accept slower shipping. I’m in no particular rush to receive my Home Minis, so why not? That dropped the total to $57.25 with free shipping, plus tax.


Step 3: Under payment method you’ll need to click “+More” and then on the Chase Pay icon. You’ll be prompted to login to your Chase account:



Step 4: Select the credit card you want to use. And for the love of your miles, please turn down the ridiculous offer to redeem your points at a paltry 0.8 cents each. They’re worth double that!

Step 5: Complete the checkout and register your Google Home Mini devices in the Google Home app no later than 1/15/18. You’ll get the credit after activating your devices.

I paid $61.83 with tax which means I’ll earn 619 Chase points (worth $9.29 at a valuation of 1.5 cents per point or $11.14 at a valuation of 1.7 cents per point) and I’ll get $50 Google Express credit. Plus of course I’ll have 2 Google Home Mini devices!

Be sure to take advantage of $10 off new customer Google Express coupon before using the $25 off coupon.

If you are new to Google Express and click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get $10 off $10. At checkout just click to redeem the $10 code that will be in your account or use code: J654NK3HH

Google Express is pretty awesome. Whenever we need an item from the grocery store or Costco we’ll just order it and have it within 1 or 2 days. I’ve developed quite the habit for La Croix Grapefruit seltzer because of Google. Available stores vary by the region of your delivery address. If you’re in the LA region you can even order from Western Kosher.

Google Express launched with a membership based model charging $99/year after a free trial. However Google Express abandoned the paid membership model in favor of higher free shipping thresholds from most stores.

They also continue to keep adding new stores.

The amount needed for free shipping varies by store. Some have free shipping on all orders while others have $15, $25, $35, or $49 minimums.

Will you be buying Google Minis with this promotion?

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I know I need to use the free 10 Google express credit before the 25, but can they be stacked? Can me and my wife each have a Google express account and each get 35 free?


Why is it better to buy it at Walmart direct and not through Google Express?

Sammy Lakewood

thanks dan. In for two coming december 6th with $0.75 off!!!


Thanks Dan had an error from the Google Express a couple days ago when it crashed nice to know its available. Used Hyatt card first then cancelled for 10x on my CSP.


So you can register both devices to the same account and get $50?

Is there anyway I can read the details for the promo?


Can I buy google mini from best buy and link google mini to Walmart and still get $25 (bec. I get $10 gift card from B.B.)?


@Dan I think we need a post on how to accumulate 4 million Chase points


It ticks me off every time I see how many points you have. Like stop rubbing it in my face!! I slave away to build up my points and never cracked 250k! Argh. On a more serious note I just booked 2round trips to israel for my wife and I, and would NEVER have been able to afford it if not for you and all your “for the love of miles” advice. Thank you Dan and co!!


March will be only 2 years since Freedom Unlimited release date, and almost 4 mil points and accumulating. Just to set the standards!


Is it confirmed that I will get the credit through walmart.com? I only see the wording through Google Express.


fyi many amex cards have 20 back off 50 purchase google express


Are you going to do a seminar? Or have you retired from that?


How do you register the device? Do you need to also somehow link your Walmart account to Google express?


Sorry. I don’t see the credit. How do I know I have it? Thank you.

Judah Fried

Can i get the $50 right away to spend


Will I still get the Walmart coupon if i order another two Google homes mini on a different email account to the same mailing address


Bought 2 for myself earlier. Thinking about buying 2 as gifts. Will the recipient be able to claim the $25 credits or would that be tied to me somehow?


Will I be able to remove one from my account and gift it after completing Step 5?
“Complete the checkout and register your Google Home Mini devices in the Google Home app no later than 1/15/18. You’ll get the credit after activating your devices.”


Does the freedom q4 bonus stack with chase pay?


Can the device speak Hebrew?


It did NOT end upon the hit of midnight…


As of 10:30 a.m. (ET), the mini deal was still available, albeit for store pickup only (online inventory showed OOS). Thanks for the tip, Dan!


Got them today. The credit only applies for items from Walmart. Will not appear if you try ordering from a different store


Dan – wanted to check if I can buy two minis and then gift one to somebody else. Will I still be able to claim the Google Express credit for the one I gift and will it be unopened from box or do I need to open it for registering.



As Dan said earlier, you can “de-register” one from your acct and gift it. However, in order to register and set it up, you need to open the box and actually plug in the device.


I bought this a week ago and have received the $25 coupon for Google Express. Every time I place something in my cart, it says out of stock. Today I checked and it said “not available in your area”. It’s common things like mayonnaise and dish detergent. So far I haven’t been able to get a single item ordered. This is a limited time offer and Walmart should consider extending the deadline if they don’t have the items in stock. Also, prices are much higher on Google Express. Otherwise, I like the Google Home Mini


Can i activate the device, get the $25 credit and then reset the device to factory amd gift it to someone?


Received google home mini. $25 credit applied to my Google Express. However ONLY APPLICABLE ON WALMART ORDERS. Tried to order Costco but i couldn’t get it added to my cart


Anyone else notice no probably depends on area that Walmart got rid of all their products from Google Express and the only items you can find currently is a a bag of skinny pop for $16.

Sucks we can’t use this for Costco

Eli cohen

Quick question do I need to link the home minis to the email that I bought them with from Walmart or any email account as long as it has Google Express?


Out of stock!


Did anyone find out if the $25 coupons are stackable?


My order was supposed to come Friday, the tracking says its going to come in a week is there anything I can do about that with Walmart?


It’s showing out of stock on Walmart Dan!!!


can i buy another 2 and get the promotion let say using another google express account?


Google express credit must be used for Walmart?


Sorry coming in late but can someone please tell me if I’m doing this correctly? I registered for the Google express through the link and it says that I’ll get the $10 at checkout. However, after going through the Google express site to Walmart.com I searched but Google home mini isn’t showing. I then went directly on Walmart.com, I followed the steps but I don’t see the $10 credit for 1st time use of Google express?

Please help?


What exactly is google home mini, why do i need it i already have amazon Alexa. please explain.


Same thing, but different brand .
So Alexa will work better for all amazon stuff, and Mini will work better for all Google stuff


And Google is simply better as a personal assistant, it knows you inside out! Sell Alexa 🙂 (assuming you grant it all the required permissions)


@Dan do you think they’ll come back to Google Express for the amex promo?


Does this need a internet connection to work




You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker for your smart phone without Internet connection

Great deal

I activated 2 from the same account and only got one $25 am I doing something wrong?


Just bought my two Minis! Thanks for this awesome deal. Best part is my Minis are available for pick up today at my local Walmart, so I’ll be activating them today! When factoring in the $10 coupon code for Google Express I’m only paying $2.93 for both Minis. That’s a $1.46 each. Crazy! Plus I used my Chase Sapphire to pay so I’ll be getting 629 points! Feels like robbery…


please tell me if I’m doing this correctly? I registered for the Google express through the link and it says that I’ll get the $10 at checkout. However, after going through the Google express site to Walmart.com I searched but Google home mini isn’t showing. I then went directly on Walmart.com, I followed the steps but I don’t see the $10 credit for 1st time use of Google express?


The $10 credit for google express is…. for google express. Google express is one store and walmart.com is another store. You can purchase walmart items on google express but not everything and the selection varies daily.

So, the credit that you have as a new user is for google express and the mini is not in stock in google express. The mini is in stock at walmart.com but that is NOT where your credit is.

Makes sense?


Dan do I need internet connection on steady basis to have this working?


For everything besides using as a Bluetooth speaker


Suggest you update the title as it can be only used for Google Express Walmart purchases. Does not apply to any other stores like the previous coupons on Google Express


I think I’m doing something wrong. When I get to the Chase Pay part it doesn’t say anywhere that I have 3,958,767 points available.

What am I missing?


Dan, Why don’t you record a webinar or podcast on the seminar to accumulate miles and sell on your website.


Would the first order of $25 off work with the $10 off first time buyer?


I just had a hard time finding anything on a normal price range to use my $25/$50 Credit from Google Express on Walmart. Prices are out of this world, not to mention that their inventory it is so limited that the deal seam not a deal anymore…

Dan, can you help us out making sense of this promo… what can we get at a normal and regular price?


The Google mini is Not eligible for shipping….?


Can I only got the $25 Google Express credit if I’m buying it by Walmart or even if I’m buying it by other websites like Verizon Wireless here is the link..
(I can get free 2-day shipping by Verizon Wireless)

Isaac Marks

If I want to do the deal twice, I can do so by using a diferent address and Walmart account yes?


I ordered these when you first posted this my order was supposed to ship and now I got an email saying they are on back order and if they dont get it by 12/12 they will cancel my order any suggestions? ?


I got my two Google minis. I registered both in my Google home app but only got 1 $25 credit. Where’s my second one?


Will anything happen if you return the devices after you use the credits?


i wanna start by thanking u! u have no idea how much u help us all save money etc…
I didn’t receive any credit on google express


The offer did not pop up on the app after activating. anyone else have this issue?


how long does the chase 10x promotion last? Is that gone already?


Hi dan, I activated but still don’t see any coupons


I did everything I was supposed to (i think). How do I find the offer in google express? Cant find it.


Credit didn’t post in the Google home app. Please assist.

Chaim Bromberg

Are you able to register the google home remotely without wi fi connection?


I registered the device on 12/15/17. I just went back to redeem the $25 and it was not there. Did I have to redeem it as well before 1/15/18?
If so, is there anyone to ask to reinstate it if I indeed registered the device but didn’t realize I also had to click the coupon???