HOT! 36 Boxes Of Kleenex 2-Ply Facial Tissues For Just $10.25 From Walmart!

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Update 3: Walmart is sending out just 1 box of Kleenex instead of 36 boxes. People have been able to chat with Walmart and get a full refund, plus keep the Kleenex received.

Update 2: DEAD!

Update: The price on this has dropped to just $10.25!

36 Boxes Of Kleenex 2-Ply Facial Tissues For Just $12.06 From Walmart!


Shipping is free on $35+ orders. You can order 4 cases to receive free shipping or pay $5.99 for shipping on orders under $35.



  • 36 boxes / case; 95 sheets / box: Each white Kleenex Naturals tissue is 8.4 x 8.2″, 2-ply, absorbent, soft and strong
  • Kleenex is the world’s number one face tissue brand, trusted by more consumers than any other; Naturals features SoftBlend fiber (mix of virgin and 20% recycled fiber)
  • The Kleenex brand face tissue has a 90-year history of excellence and high performance
  • The low-alert dispenser keeps you ahead of run-outs (final 10 tissues are cream instead of white, so you’ll know it’s time to replace the box)
  • With 20% recycled fiber, these bulk tissues meet EPA minimum standards for post-consumer content and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

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Got it. Thanks!


Got it thanks dantheman!


Got it


got 3 cases . hopefully they wont cancel deal like they did a few months ago with hot cups..


Hot cups was amazon


shot cups


Didn’t allow me to do in-store pick up. So I ordered 108 boxes.


Me 2


Kimberly-Clark is listed as the brand while Kleenex is pictured.


Kimberly-Clark makes Kleenex.


its the same kleenex is owned by kmb


In for three. Hope they don’t get cancelled (price mistake)


They didn’t cancel the baby rocker chair that I’m sitting on right now…


Thanks! Ordered 3 x 3 cases. Is this a price mistake? Any chance it’ll be canceled? Seems too cheap to be true, per tissue this is half the price I pay for the large boxes at Costco


Got it! Thanks


got it thx!!


These sell on Amazon for $9.06 for 6 pack. $12.06 is unbelievable for 36 pack. That’s about 3 tissues for a penny if i’ve done my math right. In for 6 cases, though I’m thinking about more; except I have no place to store any more! Thanks Dan.


Well at $10.25 I just cancelled my first order and placed a new one for 8 cases!


That’s 45% off of 2 days ago Amazon deal for same item! GREAT DEAL!


thank dan!


Got it!


can these be used on Shabbos?


Why not?


Some of the cheaper store brands the tissues are all connected at the corners – they rip on the perforation when you pull them out of the box individually. @hanistor was asking if Kleenex is permissible on shabbos. It is a valid question.


Just made my order keeping my fingers crossed that it goes through


Now $10.25!


Will they match my existing order?


in for 4 boxes, that is way to many tissues.


Sell to friends, family, neighbors or if you’re very generous give as gifts.

Been There

Price is down to $10.25. Need to order 4 cases for free shipping!


Now for $10.25!


Thank you for looking out for small savings not just those mega deals.


This is more than small savings

Avrohom Kaufman

Looks like it’s only 10.25 now!


Now it’s $10.25 for 36-pack. Neef to order 4 for free shipping. Pick-up not available.


price dropped to $10.25

Cheap tissues

I just bought 3 boxes after ur last post. can i get a price adjustment ?


i got an adjustment


In for 3. Thanks!


I bought it when it was 12.06. Do you think i can get the difference?


I canceled my first order and ordered again.
Keep in mind now you have to buy 4 boxes to get free shipping.

Avrohom Kaufman

There are websites or apps that help with that but if you mean contacting Walmart directly I would try contacting them via phone.


Why not order again and cancel?


just called them and they adjusted to lower price

Avrohom Kaufman



Where you still eligible for free shipping?


But did you still get free shipping if you’re now under the $35?


Looks like the orders are being canceled


Where do you see that?

Avrohom Kaufman

Did you receive a cancellation e-mail?


Why do you say that?


I got about 10 cancelation emails, but I think because my Billing address said av and not avenue, I fixed it and it looks like I am good.


I spoke to them & they said its a wrong price.. I tried telling them that its not & that they were in a war with amazon who recently had it for 13 & change.. they said that I should just wait & see.




I just paid 10.25 for one case, I bought 3, thanks Dan.


Got 2


ordered! Thanks! I added a bunch of daily household items i needed to get free shipping.


At least they made money from someone


I ordered it with the 1st deal and then again with the updated cheaper price.. then cancelled the 1st order.. will the cancellation work? if it does than dan followers may like this..


If it doesn’t you can return it


Worst case you return in store…


got 4 cases thx!

Web Dev

Thank’s @Dan! I got it!




I got them to adjust the price and issue a refund without charging me for shipping.


No tax to NJ!




Wow. Now back in stock for $77.98! Just shows what a good deal it was for those who got it in time!


11.41 at amazon now


we got three tissue boxes for free. Yay!!


Shows $77.98 now


its dead


I got it
thank you but I see that now its already dead


I had ordered 10 cases from Amazon Primeday special for $18.54, after chatting them up I got a 1 month prime extension + $30 promotional credit. they wouldnt do a price match… do you think I should have held out for more?


I tried to get price matched but they said once they are out stock at the $10.25 price, they can’t do it anymore.


Amazon @11.41 a case


Anyone get a shipping confirmation yey?



but weight is too low.

probly only getting a couple of boxes


Order was 6 cases… FedEx says 3.1 pounds….no way 216 boxes of tissues is 3.1 pounds.

Weight too low

Same here. Under 2 lbs for 3 cases. Walmart should have just canceled. They can have them back.


I ordered 108 boxes and it says 1.8 pounds. Something seems fishie


Well lesson learned. Always buy from Amazon during these deals as WALMART has another epic FAIL and refuses to make things right while trying to get away sending 3 boxes!


Each of my shipments of 3 cases say 1.7 Lbs…. I highly doubt they’d send only part of then order though


I have a FedEx tracking number in my Walmart account. So yes.


Yes. But the size and weight is too low, so they are just shipping a single box instead of a case.

Its shipping from:
SP Richards
336 New Albany Rd.
Moorestown, NJ US 08057
856 866-1400


No email yet but all of my orders including the $12.06 orders that I canceled are showing as shipped on my order page …. I think I’m going to have to sell some!


They must be shipping partial orders because I ordered multiple cases and it’s only showing one or two tracking numbers in each of my orders.

Is it worth returning my $12.06 orders


Have Fedex tracking information but somethings fishy
5 cases on one tracking number weighing only 2.3lb


My 4 cases only weighs 1.7lbs.


Fedex delivery just came. They sent SIX individual boxes of tissues. Not SIX Cases!



Kevin P: Thank you so much for your patience. I’ve checked the order here and you’re totally right, it should’ve been 6 cases of 36 each, however, it looks like it was a fulfillment error and I truly apologize for that huge inconvenience.
Kevin P: I’d love I could send you the rest of them, however, I’ve noticed that the this item is currently out of stock.
Kevin P: So, in this case, I can definitely issue a full refund for you and you can keep the boxes you already have.


me they sent a return label and they will pick it up tomorrow. they said it was a price mistake and couldnt answer me why they didnt cancel the order instead of shipping out 1 box per . i guess thats why amazon will win


i got my “12 cases” only 12 tissue boxes!

Marc l

I got only 3 boxes

Morris Stern



Did anyone e-mail him directly yet?


i got an email and its says 4 boxes is on the way make sense?


DO not call! just use chat!

On my Phone call – they said I have to return it
but they refunded everything already
& on the chat they confirmed it.


called them they told either refund or send you out when they restock so i said when they restok still getting ythem


doubt it. My agent said it was a pricing error. Refunding me and letting me keep the three I got.was worth a shot


Chatting online now (its been at least 45 minutes.) Apparently I have to return the three boxes and I have to do it in store. This is ridiculous. I told him I can’t without a car and he’s getting fedex to come to my house. For. three. boxes. of. tissues. Ugh.


They wouldn’t offer me that over chat – and I tried with 4 separate agents. They want me to return partially used tissue boxes for a full refund.

A fan

I ordered 3 cases. I just got this order but guess what is in the small box….. 3 small boxes of tissues…… unbelievable….


pretty expensive for single boxes of tissues, I got 3 singles for $30. How did they make such a mistake?!


disgusting & now they are making me return it to get a credit


Try chatting again.


Nice touch with the blue stripe Dan. Now if only you could figure out a way to give us the option to display these responses by thread (as you have them now) or in sequence (as you used to have them)…..



The problem is that on the old site we had @replies so you would know who I was responding to.

If there was an option to have them sorted by sequence you would have no idea who I was responding to.

I think overall, the threading is the ideal option.


Internally you’re keeping track of which response belongs to what … So even without the @reply you can programmatically add it in when you display it sequentially.

Yes it looks good, but it’s a PITA to figure out the latest responses… 🙁


Have there been a lot of people successful being able to keep the product?? I spoke to two agents and they both were like a brick wall that I have to return it if I want a refund and there was no way they would let me keep it. I think they caught on to it already. maybe we should wait for the next shift of employees to come in


I too got 3 boxes instead 0f cases..
did anyone get cases?


I also got 3 boxes tissues!! For $39 with tax!! Lol. I complained that Amazon had this for a drop more and I got it with Walmart because they were cheaper. Now, the price went up because it’s not on sale and it’s not fair. I was told to wait a few days till it’s corrected in their system (after an investigation is done…) And then request the price match. Only time will tell… In the meantime they are shipping a return label for the 3 boxes.


this is not the first time .. remember another cup sale or something.
don’t fall for Walmart price mistakes.. unlike Amazon, they are too stupid to realize it and then its a pain to deal with.
they are sending me a fedex pick up – for 4 small boxes of tissues – i told them.. sure if you want to waste your money, go for it.


I did too. Just came in the mail today. Stinks. Gonna call to complain.


Got 3 boxes. Was told it’s pricing mistake, will get full refund but can keep my 3 boxes for free.


I had to escalate within the chat window twice. All they would do is refund. I cited California B&P Code that says they are required to honor advertised prices. They countered that their T&C (which I agreed to during checkout) states that mistake prices may not be honored. I filed a complaint with the California Office of the Attorney General. Not really expecting much follow up, but I did ultimately accept the refund and free box of Kleenex.


They sent me one box and told me they are not honoring the price mistake. Very upset..


I truly apologize for the inconvenience, you are right, the description of the items shows a different number of items than what you received.
Mary C.: However the fulfillment center informed us about the incorrect description of the item that’s why you only received one package.
Mary C.: Right now the item is going to be removed from the site, because of this, we are not able to re-send the missing items.
Mary C.: In order to rectify this issue, I can process a full refund for the order and you can keep the ones you received.


Axel B.: I am really sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your order complete Lili, I will do my best to provide you a resolution and a way to rectify it.

Axel B.: Thank you so much for waiting, I do apologize for the inconvenient with your order, after carefully checking the item, I found that this item, is at the moment out of stock, I would love to send you the replacement but in this case, and in order to rectify this matter, i will be more than glad processing a full refund for your order, and also, due to this inconvenient, you don’t have to return the items that you received, you can keep them.

Axel B.: Once again, my deepest apologies for such situation experienced with your order. Please be assured that we’ll always working to improve, and we’ll work to avoid this kind of situations for future orders.


I’m really ticked off! I ordered on Amazon the day before. I even waited till the Walmart ones shipped before cancelling the Amazon order. Then I get 3 little boxes in the mail! What the heck!


Ordered 9 cases, 324 boxes. Received 9 boxes. Now I wish I’d ordered 324 cases 🙂


Same, not right, now Amazon prices shot up too




motty, whats ur order number?


Same here. Full refund and I keep the boxes.


Got today 3 boxes instead of 3×36


This is outright theft. They have a right cancel the order, but they didn’t, which means they’re agreeing that it’s a valid order. As far as i’m concerned, that means they still owe me the other 35 boxes per case.
I’m contemplating reordering them at regular price and disputing the charge after i get them. I think everyone should, that’ll give them something to think about.


I’m tempted to do the same 🙂


i received a full refund, plus keep the Kleenex received, plus $20 e gift card!


They actually made me return 3 boxes of tissues.


I also ordered from Amazon and canceled it when I bought it from Walmart. I was so annoyed. Supervisor gave me a refund and said I could keep it but it wasn’t good enough and she wasn’t giving me a compensation so I asked to speak to another supervisor. She gave me someone from the escalation department who gave me a $20 egift card. Still upset though that I canceled Amazon


on the phone they didn’t let me keep the Tissue’s


Mine arrived! Literally 3 individual boxes of tissues in a box instead on the 3 cases I ordered.


Dan it seems like you may have a bug when the posting hits the bottom of page 1….it doesn’t show at the top of page 2.

Chaia Frishman

They sent four boxes of tissues. That’s it. They said sorry. It was a price error. Sounds like what happened with the cups at Amazon. So obnoxious…

Mr g

Fought with 2 supervisors. They are making me return it too get my money back. Even though they are stealing the money that they didn’t ship…
Dan- should we dispute it with credit card companies and let them deal with it?


I agree with your notion, I cancelled the amazon order and now I will have to deck way more for tissues. The timing of the Walmart advertisement is no coincidence. This one big scheme.


I ordered 4 of 36 but received only 4boxes. It’s one expensive 4 boxes of tissue ($44.57)


Got my 3 single boxes today. Going to try chat and see what version of a response I will get.


Me neither.


Only got offer for refund after sending my three boxes back. Free return shipping label though, so I’m not out anything. She did try and tell me they couldn’t send the other boxes because they were out of stock and got her to agree they weren’t. But she said she wasn’t able to get authorization for anything but a refund. I had to get ready for an event tonight so I said fine. I’d prefer the tissues but I’d rather not spend my time complaining.


I was able to get a refund and keep the 3 single tissue boxes. I spoke to a manager and they also offered to give me a 10% discount on another order up to $25 off for the inconvenience.


Just got my 4 boxes. Called and said I think there should be some type of compensation & I got a gift card.


they just offered me 50% off to keep my 4 boxes of kleenex… wtf kind of offer is that… $5.22 per box of kleenex?… walmart cs is horrible


Went on chat, not getting anywhere w/ my chat. he’s telling me we need to return the tissues for a refund and that’s b/c it’s over $10 on the order, lol. asked him if he thinks Walmart normally charged $41 for 4 boxes of tissues, lol. What # did people call or how did they “speak to supervisor”?


Better than the 10% off they offered me to keep the three boxes of tissues! Over $10 a box!


So after getting nowhere w/ chat (we’d have to return the 4 measly boxes of tissues), I called in and “escalated to supervisor” who only offered what CS rep did; refund and o need to return the tissues. Told her others got $20 egift cards and she said they don’t do that, lol. In order to escalate HIGHER than her, I’d have to wait for call back which is too aggravating erev Shabbos. How did y’all get $20 egift card?


never say what others got, you will not get it and they stop for other who can get it


Did anyone else just get two boxes on the mail?


I’ll believe this when I see it. It happens that I placed two orders the second of which came after I left to shul Friday evening so I did not have a chance to chat with Walmart before this morning.
We had a chance to use the tissues from the first order and I tell you after using normal rectangle boxes all these years the cubes of Kleenex are horrible in the sense that they don’t always pop up and have to reach in deep to pull them out. BTW they were fine for Shabbos as they don’t year on the edges they are completely separated.

Anyway here is the chat from this morning. Again like I said I’ll believe it when I see 288 boxes of tissues at my front door:

Brandon V: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Brandon V and I’ll be assisting you today.
Brandon V: Good Morning []! How are doing today? l hope you get a lovely and peaceful Sunday!
[]: Hi his morning. It seems I only received part of my order and I am wondering when the rest of it would be coming. The order number is [] thanks
Brandon V: You are more than welcome, I am really sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your order complete [], I will do my best to provide you a resolution and a way to rectify it.
Brandon V: I will gladly search it. Just for security purposes, Could you please be so kind to provide me your full billing address?
Brandon V: Thank you so much for all the information you’ve shared, you’re very kind. Allow me a minute to check in your account, please.
Brandon V: May l know which is the part missing on your order[]?
[]: Well I ordered 288 boxes of tissues so I think I am missing 280 boxes from the order.
[]: It was supposed to be 8 cases of 36 boxes of tissues. I didn’t even receive a whole case.
Brandon V: For sure, l understand you at a[], l am really sorry for the previous inconvenience in order to help you with your request, could you please be so kind to return the item in order to provide you the correct quantity on this case?
[]: I’m not sure what you mean. I think you can just send the rest of the order. I cannot return anything until I receive my order.
Brandon V: Sure, l understand you at all, but the amount of the price limited me to offer you a replacement and conserve the items, on this case, l would kindly suggest you to return the items on any of the local stores and l can offer you a replacement for it [].
[]: I don’t understand. I don’t have a Walmart anywhere near me. I ordered this online. And you sent a partial shipment. I think you need to send me the rest of the order.
Brandon V: For sure, lf you prefer, l can offer you a return label and our carrier will return the items in order to help you[] and l can offer you a replacement.
[]: What are you replacing it with?
Brandon V: l would offer you a replacement for the correct quantity and the items.
Brandon V: Are you agree with that []?
Brandon V: I want to be sure that you still with me before the system decides to end our chat session due the inactivity [], are you still with me?
[]: So you are going to make a new order for me? I am not returning a partial order before I get an email confirmation from you that a new order has been placed for all 8 cases of tissues.
Brandon V: For sure, you are totally right [], let me issue a replacement and when you receive the email that the order was shipped or with the correct quantity we can help you returning the partial order.
Brandon V: Thanks for all your patience, as your request, let me inform you that l started with the replacement process, you should receive an email in the next 48 hours with all the information and a new order number too.
Brandon V: Also I want to make sure I covered all of your questions, is there anything else I can help you with today?
[]: I guess that’s it. Thank you. I look forward to receiving the 8 cases of tissues. Have a good day.
Brandon V: You are more than welcome, I hope I have taken care of you in the best way possible. l would appreciate if you can complete a short survey at the end of this chat session about my service on your email account. it will have 2 questions, one of them is about your general experience with Walmart, and the other one is regarding my service in this chat.
Brandon V has disconnected.


Here’s the follow up:

Dany R.: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Dany R. and I’ll be assisting you today.
[Me]: Hello. On July 16th, I had a chat with “Brandon V.” who stated I would get an email confirmation with 48 hours for shipment of the rest of my order. I have yet to receive such an email.
Dany R.: Hello []. I’ll gladly check on this for you. Before I proceed here and for security purposes, would you be so kind to provide me with your full billing address?

[Me]: []
Dany R.: Thank you for that information, []. Please allow me one moment while I review your order.
Dany R.: thank you for holding []
Dany R.: I was carefully reviewing the information of your order and noticed that the package was delivered on 07/14/2017 at 6:38 P.M.
Dany R.: you didn’t receive the order?
Dany R.: Have you already checked with your neighbors?
[Me]: As I discussed with Brandon, a package was delivered with only part of the order.
Dany R.: give me a second to read your previous chat []
[Me]: Sure. Thank you.
Dany R.: thank you for holding []
Dany R.: Sorry, but Brandon, didn’t process the replacement order
Dany R.: but don’t worry
Dany R.: I’m going to process it now for you
Dany R.: In the mean time, please let me tell you that you will receive a short survey about my service and our web site. It will mean a lot to me if you could complete the part of my service.
[Me]: Great Thank You.
Dany R.: []
Dany R.: let me tell you that as much that I would like to process the replacement order I’m not able to do it because this item was reported with a wrong item description
Dany R.: my deepest apologies for this inconvenience
[Me]: I don’t understand what that means.
Dany R.: In this case I’m going to process your refund
[Me]: What is a wrong item description?
Dany R.: that’s why you didn’t receive the correct quantity []
[Me]:: So what was the correct description?
Dany R.: In order to rectify this matter I’m going to process your refund for the order
Dany R.: also the item now is not longer available in our site
Dany R.: you can verify this information here
Dany R.:
[Me]: That’s what I purchased.
Dany R.: What I can do for you is to process the complete refund for the order but our but you will need to return the items that you received or the system wont’ let me process the refund
Dany R.: would this be fine for you
Dany R.: we will send you a label to return the items
[Me]: I’m sorry I can’t do that. I will not be returning anything until I receive the rest of my order.
Dany R.: you will need to print the label and take the items to the post office
[Me]: No I can’t do that. I’m sorry.
Dany R.: As I told you before []I’m not able to process your replacement order or provide you the missing items because the system take all the set as an item
Dany R.: so I’m not able to provide you just the missing o;nes
[Me]: Unless of course you are going to compensate me for my time. I charge $350.00 an hour to stand on line at a post office.
[Me]: Would you like to pay that to me in a gift card of money order?
[Me]: *or
Dany R.: we will pay the shipping charges for the return of the items []
[Me]: And who will compensate me for my time at the post office?
Dany R.: give me just a second to contact my support team []
Dany R.: thank you for holding []
Dany R.: I was complaining this and as a one time exception you can keep the items that you receive
Dany R.: and I will process your refund
Dany R.: one second please
Dany R.: you will receive a confirmation email about the refund within 5 minutes
Dany R.:
The refund will post to your original payment method within 5 business days.

Dany R.: one more second []
Dany R.: I have already processed the refund []
Dany R.: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you. I would appreciate if you could complete the short survey at the end of this chat session about my service and our web site, you will receive this in your email address within 5 minutes.
Dany R.: It will mean a lot to me if you could complete the part of my service. Thank you for contacting; I hope you have a great day!
[Me]: OK Thank you. I’m sure the BBB and the NYS attorney general will enjoy this. Because the refund itself is not satisfactory. Walmart should not be pulling the bait and switch game. You can’t tell me it was a “wrong item description” when clearly you are selling the item on your site. Have a great weekend.


Amazon honored the deal.
I already received the 3 cases (of 36 each) I ordered at 11.41 per case


you did cancel then and the honored now? how?


Relieved 3 single tissue packs. Was chatting with Walmart, she said it was a price error… end that’s is the right price… $39.18 for 3 single packs…she sen me an “agreement” email for me to sign and a full refund and a free return shipment label

Paula Rozner

Quite ticked off. I got in at the $12 price. Bought 3 units to get the free shipping; received 3 single boxes of tissues! When I called, they explained to me that Walmart does not honor their online pricing mistakes!!! What kind of nonsense is that??? Yes, I’ll get the refund, but to to add insult to injury, they want me to return the 3 boxes of tissues….you can’t make this stuff up folks!


I chat with them, they gave me full refund + I can keep whatever I got +$10 gift card for the inconvenience


I found walmart CS to be absolutely terrible and incompetent..not even CLOSE to amazon. They were adamant about the fact that I MUST return my 7 boxes of tissues, no compensation etc. I think the fact that everyone is getting different results just shows how bad they are. Will definitely think twice before going for any walmart deal


Did any one just get 4 boxes of the tissues? I ordered 36 boxes x 4.


a few family members bought this deal and we all got three boxes instead of three cases. oh well i get three free boxes….


actually walmart just sent me a return label. that stinks because if anyone who grabbed this deal forgets to follow up on the return… that will be the most expensive tissues in history.


Sue Walmart in small claims court
I Google it and I see most people has successfully win the case because Walmart called them to settle before the Cort date


I tried over the phone & chat to get a refund without sending it back to them but it didn’t help, only when I threatened them to file a claim with BBB, then they agreed to let me have it and refund me.


I chatted with Walmart like Dan suggested and this is the email I received: We’re processing a refund for the items shown below, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We don’t expect the items to be returned, but we’ve included a free return shipping label below in case you’re able to send them back.


My tissues came on Shabbos. Chatted with them today. They insisted that I return them but I did get a $10 gc for my trouble. Agent tried to say that it should have been 36 little packs of tissues that totaled 95. Felt pretty dumb when I explained that would be 2 and a fraction tissues per pack which would be impossible.


Tried the HUCA first person let me Keep the boxes…. Next day they offered this…

Recently you requested personal assistance from Customer Care.
Below is our response and a summary of your request.

Response email (07/18/2017 07:56 AM)
Hi T…..,

This is an update on your request for a $50.00 egc for the inconvenience of the order 4641………… Your request has been approved just allow 24 hours to receive the egift card. you will receives on how your able to use the gift card. Thank you and have a wonderful morning.

If you have additional questions, please reply to this email and we’ll be happy to assist.

Sincerely, Customer Care

דן לכף זכות

No reason not to believe it. It does say 6 pack. Each pack has 25. It also says kosher. Any idea which hashgocho? Seems like a good price at 35¢ a bag.

Avrohom Kaufman

It’s actually under the OK now but Kosher Australia as well. Good hashgacha but usually sells for $2.50 or more per pack here.

דן לכף זכות

Too early in the morning to do math….68¢ a bag is what I should have written!


Same boat as many of you- they want me to ship them back the open boxes of partially-used tissues in order to receive the refund. CS is being quite strict about it, even though some others have reported successful refunds without shipping.


DO NOT USE THE CHAT! I chatted with four separate agents, including “supervisors” and they all told me that I must return the boxes to get a refund. The four conversations wasted maybe 1.5h in total and was stonewalled by the agents.

The refund process entails that “In order to complete your refund, we ask that you electronically sign the Return Agreement. By signing the Return Agreement, you are simply promising that you will return your item. To sign, click on the link in the email we’ve just sent you.”

When I click the link, the return agreement is for just 1pc @ $10.25 and not the entire order!!!!!

So I opted to receive a callback from Walmart CS- and when they called I told them that we already opened the boxes and partially used them, waited 2 minutes on hold, and the agent agreed to process a complete refund. Should have done this on Friday and saved the aggravation.


well mistakes may happen but what WM did here was something i wouldn’t expect
usually when it happens a mistake a honest company will honor the order or in best way they will cancel it
but what WM did now to go ahead with the order and send the wrong amount is something not expected, sounds more like a scam.
that means that the people who dont have the time to call WM to complain will stay with a big lose and WM dont even bother contact them, like they didn’t to for me until today.
i dont have special contacts with the media but i think they need to get this story
i would just send the link to this page they will do the rest


I got my order today
8 boxes insteade of 36 x 8 boxes of tissue
and I was charged $10.25 x 8


Some nerve! Sent me 3 boxes instead of 36, making me ship it back! Tried to offer a 50% “discount” effectively charging me $19.19 for THREE BOXES of tissues! Are they nuts?


Only b/c they just sent it last night; received a standard “take a survey on your recent order” e-mail and spoke about what happened so they issued a $10 gift card.