Two Dozen Colorful Roses Or 15 Multi-Colored Tulips With Vase For Just $15.97 Or Less Shipped!

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Update: DEAD!

1. Purchase this $40 ProFlowers gift card for $15 from Groupon. Go to My Groupons and click on “View Voucher” and copy the redemption code from the voucher.

2. Add Two Dozen Colorful Roses With Vase to your cart by selecting a standard delivery date. Or you can add items like 20 Multi-Colored Tulips With Vase, 100 Blooms of Holiday Cheer with Large Ginger Vase, or 100 Blooms for Mom w/ Ginger Glass Vase.

3. In your cart, apply the $40 redemption code number found on your Groupon voucher under “Special Codes.”

At final checkout you should see $24.99 for the roses and vase, $12.99 for standard delivery, $2.99 care and handling fee for a total of $40.97, minus the $40 gift card, the remaining balance will be just $0.97 (plus tax where applicable) shipped!

You can save even more by purchasing a $100 Groupon Gift Card via eBay for just $85.

You should receive the gift card within 15 minutes of your order. You can apply the Groupon gift card to your account here.

This is perfect timing for Mother’s Day or Shavuos!

Post what other flower deals you find!

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No tax in cleveland huh? 3.69 with the tax

Ed Travel

$2.75 for the delivery here in California, but still pretty good deal.


Does any airline offer miles for purchases at proflowers (to extend expiration)

dr. bill

american 3 for every 1 spent on groupon.


Will it come in time for mother’s day?

Flower Dude

I had $3.64 in tax, so the total at checkout was $4.61 or $19.61 with the cost of the groupon. Still a nice deal.


3.98 was remaining balance


4.40 in Ny (tax)


Thanks Dan! Perfect timing!


Anyone used them before that can confirm the look?
And can I pick if I like the flowers should still be closed so it holds for longer?


I have only had good experiences with Proflowers and they really keep to the 7 day guarantee


ty bought plus tax $4 nyc


Mother’s day……


FYI +$3.38 in taxes in Texas

Thanks for the deal!


Anyone I would get this for checks dansdeals so they would know how much I paid for it


Does getting a good deal make it less thoughtful?

David .

So get two!


$4.50 in NY thank you


Can you use multiple vouchers in one order?




+$15 extra for delivery on Monther’s Day


Use pay pal to get 5× this quarter


You forgot Taxes @ $2.71
So Total charged is an additional $3.68

Order Summary
Two Dozen Colorful Roses With FREE Red Ombre Vase $44.98 $24.99
New Ruby Ombre Included
Standard Delivery $12.99
Delivery Rebate
Click Here
Care & Handling $2.99
Taxes $2.71
Order Total $43.68
Amount Charged $3.68
Total Savings $19.99


I ordered three, but when I tried to apply the second groupon at the flower place it would not let me…


Order 1 at a time


Got it for Shavuos! Thanks, Dan.


Had to pay tax on $44.99.
Still a great deal


I just ordered it for mother’s day. Great deal!


Will it come in time for mother’s day ?


For all those with tax, if you’re adventurous, you can go for this.–Chocolates-956


Do you know if the chocolates are C’Y? 😉




Its a scam the $19 flowers cost you $55 after all the fees are added up.


On checkout page on pro-flowers it says code not eligible on current selections. followed all links in this post. What am i doing wrong?


Code has to be entered on cart page BEFORE you start checkout


This code is not eligible for current selections.

Click Confirm Order Now to complete your order.


Ty- 4.15 in chicago- fot for my mom


No MD state tax, so $15.97 as advertised. Thanks to the Daddealer Rebbe, shlita may his credit line be zoche to grow

Nu nu

Does anyone know Dans mailing address, if I want to order him …..


Ordered 3. I used, and I think you need to use, three separate accounts for Groupon and three separate accounts for ProFlowers. Also need to use different browsers, or if you work at a place that allows, incognito. Got one for my SMIL for BD, one for friends hosting for Shavuot, and one for a colleague whose FIL was niftar last week.

I agree — getting a deal doesn’t make it any less thoughtful. In fact, my family knows that any gifts they get me are all the more appreciated when they are bargain/value.

Dan, thanks as always, and may you and your family be blessed with nachas and good health this season and for many years to come.


Groupon T&C for this say:
“Limit 2 per person, may buy 2 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per order.”


I used 2 on the same Groupon and proflowers account.
Just curious, why would a workplace block incognito?


I work for the US government. I guess they want to remove any possible ways their employers can obscure their searches?


I bought 3 , 2 groupons under my name and 1 as a gift (but I used it). Used a guest account on pro flowers, didn’t have any problems.




where do you enter groupon ??


You need to enter ‘Special Code’ earlier on ‘Cart’ page. Not confirmation page.


Thank you for the great deal. My fathers shavuos will be enhanced.


perfect! thanks! my kallah will be touched


Thanks so much, Dan! You just saved me $100 on 4 sets of mother’s day flowers that I had to buy!


Forgot to mention that I saved an extra $5 per order by having it be delivered on Thursday instead of Sunday, which means it will in time for shabbos too 🙂


were do i find the code that i bought?


Thanks! bought 2


Thanks, a no-brainer if you have a mom who you can’t personally visit for Mother’s Day. I even used my son’s “college Groupon” account (25% extra savings) and groupon bucks bought at a discount to get my Groupon price down to about 9 bucks. I did have to pay some additional sales tax to ship it to Florida.


noone is having the same issue? I put in the groupon code 5 times. In the beginning, middle and end- but it is not processing it.

Awesome Deal

Thank you Dan!! (JJ) Really appreciate all your hard work!!


Just ordered with mother day card. Expected on mothers day to PA! Total $36.43. Thanks Dan!!!!!


Just ordered. Didn’t work on my phone but on computer worked fine. Code placed at the beginning of order process in the cart like others said. Opted for larger vase for extra 99 cents.
Thanks for the deal.


tx so much! my in-laws will be so touched!


I must of spent 2 hours already trying to figure this out. I give up. I lost all energy. I followed the directions to the tee, and in the end the total purchase is still 40$ or something like that? Should i just make the purchase?


Put the code in like it says on top. And it should process it at the end.


I too had tax added for Los Angeles.


Anyone know if the chocolates on the 10$ lavender vase upgrade are kosher?


Why won’t it work it says 50$


Thanks Dan..I sprung for 3 (2 on one Groupon account and 1 on another account)

PS, ask Lebron to come to the Knicks after your Cavs win the title !

If so. I’ll send you some congratulatory pro-flowers too 😉


Cavs ain’t winning


NY does have tax, just scheduled mine in time for Shevuos


$14.99 delivery charge, plus $9.99 for delivery on a Monday, plus tax!

Erika Hamilton

If you place the flowers in your cart but dont order, a few hours later, they will send you a 20% off coupon.


Does that coupon stack with the Groupon code?


The website would not take the coupon code, so I had to call, it took almost an hour to make the order. The delivery fee is higher for Mother’s Day. I could not make an order for less than $20, after using the groupon code. It sounded like a good deal, but it didn’t work out that way.


Mothers Day and Friday before charge a crazy amount for delivery- select Thursday before mothersday to actually save that price. Thanks for the deal! Am doing 2- one for mothers day one for shavuos.


Guaranteed May 11 Delivery $9.99 it keeps adding this and im not checking off guarentte delivery..anyone else getting this?


Thanks Dan! Just ordered the roses. Will order more now for friends and family.


Groupon is sold out


Sold out




Back in stock


Tax in nyc!


When I tried any dates close to Mother’s Day / Shavuot (not even on the weekend!) they charged me $12.99 + $9.99 just for the shipping. I called them about the double shipping changes and was told there was no error – these are the priceses. I ended up cancelling my Groupon


Works for me on Thursday this week or Friday next week without the surcharge.


there is a edit button next to the 9.99 where you can change it to slower shipping so you are not charged the $9.99


$6.97 for the remaining amount but I also bought a card. Easily worth it.


great deal. still charged me extra 9.99 for “guaranteed delivery” whatever that is.


Thanks! $4.15 in Il. Saves me the trip to CVS for a $7 card.


Just got it now. 3.64 tax in NY total paid (after coupon) 4.61


My order is for Thursday before shvues.
Thanks Dan!
(How about you give us your address so we can show you a little appreciation?!)


Ordered the groupon GC from eBay 20 min ago, still no delivery. Will be a good deal if it still works out.

Mark E

plus tax


That’s what the post says.


There was an extra 3.53$ for taxes. Still a good deal!

naftali horowitz

i entered my code, however at checkout the shipping of 14.99 was added -?


edit the shipping speed there is a option there to edit


Just purchased chocolates for my 14yo daughter who is going in for surgery on Friday morning. Paid $7.77 at checkout on ProFlowers, so I spent $22.77 where someone without the coupon would have spent $47.77. Noice!


We all pray for her wellbeing and great job!!


Just ordered – 2 dozen roses with free ombré vase for MIL. Used the $15 Groupon plus had to pay $4.50 NY tax for a Thursday (erev Shabbos, erev Mother’s Day delivery)


There are coupons too that you can add


Can’t be stacked.


Thanks Dan.
So the 24 roses weren’t delivering any more till after mothers day so i ordered the 15 tulips for $30, what with LA taxes, extra delivery on mothers day etc it came to $41 including the groupon but this is at least $15 less than i would have spent to get ANYTHING to my inlaws in NY on mothers day,. so its for sure still worth it.


Bad deal, the earliest they can delivery in California is May 18th way after mothers day. Seems like I bought the groupon for nothing


Look at the other flower options in step 2?


$85 groupon just worked for me as well.


Is there anyway to avoid paying $12.99 for delivery? In NJ, it looks like this:
20 Multi-Colored Tulips for Mom with Square Glass Vase $39.98 $29.99
Square Glass Vase Included
Standard Delivery $12.99

Delivery Rebate
Click Here

Care & Handling $2.99
Taxes $3.05
Order Total $49.02
Amount Charged $9.02
Total Savings $9.99


Bummer. Already ordered my mom the ‘50 stem roses’ from Costco for $39.99 + tax delivered. Although, they don’t come with a vase,


couldnt get this to work – either with my Groupon and then tried with the 20% off email that didnt work. called customer service and they were uselessl spent an hour and didnt get anything because i’m not spending 60 to get these when i purchased the groupon!


Did these choices always say price as marked not eligible for promotions on them? Can’t figure out why it’s saying my groupon code is invalid


Coupon is not working.
It’s saying there’s no remaining balance available on this code. But the code wasn’t used yet? !


Customer service gave me a $40 refund.
I also used one the day before and that worked well.


Also, having problems with redemption code.
Tried every way possible.
On phone with Proflowers now. Hard to understand accent.
Saying code should be 6 chars not 16.
On hold now while she checks my 16 char code.


After 50 minutes on the phone with two people, they told me the $40 voucher can only cover $30 of my bill!! When I complained, they said it’s because my $5.97 balance (after applying the $40 voucher) is too small to charge to a credit card. I complained. She now says she doesn’t know why the voucher doesn’t work, but she is applying a $10 discount four times. And now the balance is $5.99. (She could not explain the 2 cent increase, but I believed she was doing her best.) There is something wrong with this company or with this groupon deal or both.


Great deal! Thank you! Picked up 2 for Shavuos


I tried to apply my Groupon I bought yesterday to one of the items suggested above (20 tulips), but it didn’t work online! So I called and spoke with the rep for an hour! The rep said the only way the coupon code will work if I select flowers with at least a $39 value (not including shipping & tax), since the $40 Groupon must be applied to the base value – ie $39 + up. What do I do now?

Honest Abe

Just curious…has anyone successfully used the $40 Groupon to buy the Lillies which after everything comes out to $39? Because I noticed something in the fine print of the coupon which states that all of the Groupon must be used when making the purchase….Anyone get the Lillies that can confirm that it worked even though it was a dollar short? Also p.s. the Groupon just went up to $20 for $40.

Honest Abe

Groupon now says $20….not $15

Honest Abe

Has anyone successfully used the $40 only the lillies? Because after taxes and shipping it only comes out to $39….one dollar short of $40. Will it still work?




Thanks it worked out for me


Not working for any of the items u linked. Agent says its only good on regular priced items. Code comes up as expired/invalid


i spoke to customer service. the issue many of us are having is that you cannot apply your groupon to any discounted flowers. Most of them are marked down so it doesnt work. I dont think was made clear when I purchased the flowers.


*purchased the groupon


It’s now coming up as $30 coupon for $15.

Jacob B.

Ebay offer is no longer available.
Groupon is now $15 off $30


They’re not letting the groupon be used with the discounted price.

Honest Abe

It works for discounted items that cost $39 before coupon…if you are using a $40 coupon. I used it and it worked….I paid $10 more because I ordered it for Thursday….but the coupon worked.

Did anyone else get a call?

I ordered right after the deal was posted and everything was good until I just got a call from them that ”your order is on hold because your credit card declined… We are having trouble with mastercard”

Anyone else? Seems fishy…

Did anyone else get a call?

There actually is indeed a problem with mastercard today for all merchants


got the same phone call what do i do now with that groupon gift card

Did anyone else get a call?

They didn’t let you process the order using another card?


theres no more delivery for yom tov i didnt get to ask them my phone got cut off slow people

Sharon B.

We just got the flowers an absolute rip off!! I ordered 2 dozen colorful roses in an ombre vase, received 12 fully opened dried up roses instead!!! If you can cancel your orders CANCEL. I ended up calling them and asked to be transferred to the US customer service (other wise you’ll get someone from the Far East and you definitely don’t want to be dealing with them!). They are replacing my flowers but I won’t get them till next week, so I told them to deliver before Shavous and hopefully they will be what I ordered. I will not buy from this company again.


Just got my order: the vase was shattered, it wasn’t the ruby ombre vase but rather a plain glass vase, and the flowers were in various states of being wilted already. What a disaster. I called to complain and got a supervisor to give me a complete refund plus send out a replacement order to arrive before Mother’s Day. But what a pain…will also not be ordering from them again!


Same here. Just got mine and they look terrible. Two of them were actually brown and moldy.


Got a call that problem with Mastercard and they want me to cancel order. There not a prob with my card but with the company. No one to speak to


proflowers delivered my item to a wrong item to a different city..they have no clue what that address is..New delivery isnt available till trying for a different item but everything more expensive…customer service reps is from india its horrible.never ordering from here again

Stephanie Woods

I got 2 dozen roses, but with a plain glass vase, and the roses were in bad shape as well. Some were already fully open, one was broken off its stem, they were different sizes roses and mostly red with a few colored ones. Very, very disappointed!


Problem is that can’t even dispute charge because bought it through Groupon


How can I cancel my order?

Esther Lubling

Frum Women are all receiving pro flowers ahead fo the chag from their husbands – my friend just called me to tell me flowers arrived in the mail from her husband – i told her – he must follow dans deals too!!


i just got my order bit i only got 1 dozen anyone else too?


i only got one dozen..
hey Dan what should we do?


Horrible!! I made three orders, had no problem using any of the codes on discounted items, but I just got my orders and all the flowers are horrible, brown, broken stems, wrong vase sent, plant has no dirt in the pot….I am so upset. I thought they were a reputable place?


i guess you get what you paid for
if its too good to be true it is
did anybody else get a delivery via fedex
i thought a local florist delivers it silly me


Only got 1 dozen roses too! I sent them an email. Anyone got a resolution from them?


One dozen roses. not what I ordered. This will give me something to kvetch about after Yom Tov.


the flowers were great! thank u


Only got ONE dozen, complained and got full refund, chatted online.