Today Only! Select Customers Can Opt Out Of Their Sprint Contract For Free!

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If you have a Sprint family plan and receive a corporate discount off the plan you can opt out of your contract!

Effective last month Sprint eliminated the discount from applying to additional lines beyond the primary line. This raised the cost of service for people with multiple lines. If you are under contract you have until today to call up Sprint to get out of your contract.

While some reps may insist that you have to actually cancel your service to have your cancellation fees waived, you should be able to find a rep that will mark your contract as fulfilled, thus deleting your existing contract and allowing you to continue with month-to-month service.

If anyone tries this out let us know how it goes!

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where are we going to? any good plans these days? all the companies seem to really charge alot and will not give back much in return


Why will this only work today?

how do u

How do u convince a rep to let u off contract and just pay month by month???
And if u get the rep will u be able to upgrade if u r going month by month or will ur promo codes come off???




Why would they let you do this now?


I did it and was assured that my request to note the account with my contention that the contract is not binding on me if it is not binding on Sprint would be added to a list of similar assertions and that the intent was for the complaints to be reviewed all together at the corporate level.


is there any way i can do this without losing my phone numbers i wld also want to go back to sprint


Thanks Dan! My contract is now marked as fulfilled on 9/27/2010!!


I would keep calling.

Nicely done! Persistence pays off!


Now that its marked today 27 can u upgrade ur lines now???
What did u tell them for they to give u marked as the 27??
Which number did u call to get this done???


@HSS: How many calls did you have to make and what did you tell them?


I asked to record the conversation and was declined. I was told that I am out of contract but no real proof other then calling them and having someone read the notes that I am out of contract. any other ideas that sound better?


I just called and canceled a third line I’ve been trying to get rid of, and they waived the fee. The manager said they could not “mark the contract fulfilled.” However, he said that I have 60 days from my last bill to cancel without an early termination fee. Thanks a lot, Dan, you just saved me a couple hundred bucks.


has anyone had luck doing this on sero?


I have a family plan with 2 lines and a corporate discount. I was on the phone with sprint for 1/2 hour and they didn’t budge, they said that the discount is a courtesy and they have the right to change or cancel it at any time


I called 5 times (speaking with 2 people each time, first a reg cs rep then an account specialist). I told the 5 account rep that I wanted to opt out of my contract since sprint was changing the contract to exclude NVP (national volume pricing) on lines past the first 2. She didnt want to let at first but after some convincing she agreed to let me leave the contract.
She already emailed me confirmation that it was done as well. I was pretty nervous since I did not want them to look closely at the plan and cancel it, but BH it worked out.


Nicely done! And you written confirmation also!
As with all companies, keep on calling until you hear the answer you want to hear.


im going to call: but what exactly do i ask and say to them?


I called and at first they offered me a $10 credit per month which I refused. Then they offered a full month free ($160 value, we have a number of lines), which I declined until they told me that they won’t ‘fulfill’ my contract, rather waive the early termination fee if I port out by 10/15. I took the free month.

Thanks Dan, you saved me a bundle. I literally NEVER call customer service.




I didnt do anything special and I called only once. Obviously I followed the automated prompts to “Disconnect Your Service” because that is what I want to do right? I told the representative that I saw on my bill that I am no longer receiving a discount on my third line (only have 3) and I want the Early Termination Fee waived and she said no problem. Then I asked if I could just get my contract marked as fulfilled because I have not yet decided who I would like to switch to, but would like to have the option if I so choose without the ETF. The first representative I spoke with said she couldnt do that and I asked to speak with a supervisor to which she responds “I am the account manager”. So I said “Oh, So you dont have a supervisor?” and she said “no, I do.” So I said “Ok, so can I speak to him/her and see if they could help me.” OF course leave it to Sprint she transferred me to her supervisor and I go the voicemail, lol. So instead of giving up I just left my name and number and said I was expecting her call ASAP. About 2 hours later I received a call from the supervisor and I asked if she could mark my contract as fulfilled and she no problem! Sound easy because it was!!

Anyway my situation may have been a bit easier than some because one of my lines was already out of contract, one ends in two weeks, and one in 3 months, so getting them marked fulfilled at most 3 months early probably wasnt hard on the Sprint end.

Well good luck to everyone!!

P.s. You can check you contract end date on you may be surprised to see that some of your lines go “out of contract” before you’d might think. To do so: log in, and on account page where it shows your lines, there is a drop-down that says “I want to…” and click “See My Contract Details”


I called the first time and they told me they can only cancel all the lines I called again andthey fulfiled my contract for only 3 line the first 2 lines because they have the discount on it so bassically now I’m loosing money from sprint.
Anyone have any ideas how I can get credit????? Onto my account??thanks


I just got 3 lines zero’d out so there’s no contract left on those lines. Does anyone know how I can upgrade the phones on those lines now?

I dont mind cancelling one of the lines in order to to reconnect and get a new phone if thats whats needed. But even if I do cancel one of the lines, will I be able to add a new line and get a new phone on that line?


if i have only two lines and im recieving the disount on the recurring charge can i still ask to be taken off the plan? they told me it doesnt apply to me cuz im already still getting it….

Chazzan Brezch

Hmmm, just spoke with a supervisor at the cancellation department, who said she was on the “management team”. I have three lines and she would only go as far as removing the contract for the third line. I mentioned that I knew personally of contracts that were removed for all lines and she claims that when they “sweep” the system, they will find these and reverse them. Overall, she had a nasty attitude and since I only have one additional line I just don’t have the time or patience to argue with these idiots. Should have asked for a favor and had one of you call for me…



I called and they said they can’t zero out the contract, but I do have until October 20-something to cancel.

What’s the best way to keep the number. I know you have to port out to another carrier first, but what if I don’t know who I’m going to use? Which prepaid carrier is best?

My big issue with Sprint is that they made my add-a-phones jump from $10 (straight) to $20 and they now refuse to issue any credits to compensate. This is not affordable, even with a good plan.

Any thoughts?



Didn’t have a chance to comment last night but I called spoke to two guys and the third guy told me that I have a month to opt out with no fee! Thnx


Dan, is it really too late to call sprint about this!?


Try and let us know what happens.


@d: the law is they cant play around with your plan until after the 2 years are up.