Sprint Insider: We Only Cancelled Scammers.

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“These were the customers that had nothing to do but call us every single day demanding credit. And they were getting it because customer care was getting exhausted from arguing with them. So a nickel at a time these customers were collecting literally thousands of dollars in credit balances.”

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20 lines???


dan, i am happy to report that after almost waiting a year, and after placing like 8 investigations, i finally recieved my 10,000 aa miles for opening a new citibank checking ACCOUNT! thanx dan, the man!


“A nickel at a time these customers were collecting thousands of dollars”.

Wow! that’s 40,000 phone calls! Who’re you kidding, Sprint!

David S.

How is it fair that if customers teminate their contract, they must pay a $200 fee, but big, strong, corporate Sprint can terminate customers at whim without batting an eyelash?

Sounds like unfair business practice to me.

Doesn’t Sprint claim to have “FAIR and flexible plans”?

BBB (Better Business Bureau) to the rescue!


“They (-customers) were getting it (-credits) because customer care was getting exhausted from arguing with them”.

Let me get this straight:


Customer: “Give me credits.”

Customer Service: “NO.”


C: “Give me credits.”

CS: “No way.”


C: “Give me credits.”

CS: “C’mon, I said no already! Quit callling!”


C: “Give me credits.”

CS: “OK, I’ll do it just this once. And then, no more calling!”


C: “Give me credits.”

CS: “Uh, sure!”


C: “Give me credits.”

CS: “Uh, sure!”

ETC… 40,000 TIMES!?!?!?!?

Sounds like a sack of Woot’s crap to me!


I think this “insider” should think about what a “scammer” is. A scammer is a person who swindles another by means of deception or fraud.

Is requesting a credit a fraud? If Sprint feels your claim is not worthy of a credit, they’ll say no.

No one decepted the poor ol’ Indians half way across the world. Or is that the real root of the problem.

Maybe their customer service, which is nothing more than an army of under trained Indians struggling to learn English on the job, is simply not equipped to handle your average smooth talking customer?

Instead of firing American customers, they should fire their foreign employees!


if i call in for dropped calls will they drop me


Funny thing is, all this has made people afraid to call Sprint for anything in fear of cancelling their service.
This is good for the rest of us, because a CS Rep will actually ANSWER the phone now instead of being busy all the time!

What’s that? Yeah, T-mobile still has the best Customer Care I’ve ever seen, but the SERO plans have tempted me to the dark side, so I may be jumping ship…


the sero plans still work the only problem is that i want a treo 755 are there any ways to get it for cheaper the 270 with a sero plan?


the wait time for cs on sprint is still over 30 min!! i would never stand for it, but with the sero plan… gonna have to


can i still sign up for the sero plan
if yes what are the email addresses