Samsung Galaxy Phones For Just $0.01 With New Sprint Plan At Amazon!

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The Galaxy line of phones are awesome.  A removable battery plays no small part of that as you can always have a charged battery with an inexpensive separate battery charger and never again have to plug your phone into the wall.  With the huge screens on Galaxy phones along with Google Maps you’ll also never need to buy another GPS.  And Android Jelly Bean’s incredible Google Now service kicks Siri to the curb.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: New customer: $0.01, Add-a-line: $39.99, Upgrade: $39.99

Samsung Galaxy S III (Blue): New customer: $0.01, Add-a-line: $59.99, Upgrade: $119.99

Samsung Galaxy S III (White): New customer: $0.01, Add-a-line: $59.99, Upgrade: $119.99

A Galaxy S3 sells for $199.99 with a new plan on

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Is it bad for your credit to start a plan and then cancel?


I saw lately several times this price I was wondering do I have to make the plan by amazon while I buy the phone or I can buy the phone and make the plan when my contract finishes when I renew my plan? Can I buy the phone and make a 2 year contract by my local store?


does ”with plan” mean that it’s a regular phone plan? Is that .01 for a whole year?


@Chana:probably not but you are going to get charged a early termination fee of $350 and my guess is if you keep doing it they won’t sell you another phone


Its .01 cent for the life of the plan – not just the first year.


@Yaakov – what do you think…


@yaakov u got it! Hurry run! Ur gonna miss it. These things come around once in a blue moon!


Don’t be mean. No with a plan is if u sign up for a plan then and only then is the phone a penny


1 Cent for the phone than you have to say at least 80 for the plan


Less if you open a family plan.


Any deals on the verizon version?

Achas Ve'achas

HTC EVO is available for $.o1 too…


when does this expire?


Would it be worth it to sign up, get the phone, cancel and sell the phone?


@Yossi: Please read previous comment. Sure as long as you are willing to pay $350 early termination fee, a activation fee, the prorated 1st month bill and the 2nd month’s bill.Probably only cost you over $500.


That’s weird, on Amazon it says they come with ICS, does that mean you would have to update to JB once you get it?


Does anyone know the place to get an unlocked
Phone for the cheapest amount?


How about att




@Nice & @Sam
Why don’t you just go to Amazon and check?


How do these compare with the iPhones? Anybody know?


By the way amazon charges an extra early termination fee besides the phone carrier to discourage people getting them cheap and selling them. Read the terms from amazon. It must remain active on your account for 6 months or amazon charges another 250 . Because if its not active on the line for 6 months mason less their commission from the carrier. ( they told me that if the phone breaks or is lost etc….you can call them and he will make an exception but the bottom line is amazon isn’t dumb and they not giving away phones for one cent for you guys to flip.


if buy and cancel then charged
1. early termination 350
2. cost of full phone with no plan,. less amount paid. so you do not make anything, and will pay early termination.

Do you think the wrold was created so you can cheat and make $ off companies who are in for business?


dan how much less


Whats the cheapest you can pay for a smart phone what would be the best deal With a plan


Doesn’t get much cheaper than 1 cent 🙂

Dans fan

Phone :
Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (Sprint) $59.99
Subtotal: $59.99
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $5.32
Shipping: FREE
Total billed by AmazonWireless: $65.31


Android yes but you end up paying a hefty pricefor theplan alot of times it pays to pay forthe phone