HOT!!! SERO Plans For All!

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Update 5-7:00pm: Yechiel M. points out that he was just able to order a SERO plan by entering the site through Google’s cache of the sero site!
Sero site via Google Cache Linky
YMMV…good luck, and please post a comment if you’re successful!

Update 4-6:45pm: SERO is now dead!

Update 3-1:20pm: Mordy reports that SERO plans will soon be much more expensive.  Sign up now to lock in at the $30 price!  The email address is still working as a valid address to get a plan!

Originally posted on December 12th, 2005:

Update 2: Alive Again! Use as the email!
Update: DEAD!

Sample Sprint Sero plan:
-free phone
-500 Flexible nationwide anytime minutes
-unlimited roaming onto verizon towers
-unlimited sms.
-unlimited nights/weekends
-unlimited calls to sprint and nextel phones
-unlimited internet access(including high speed internet with a capable phone!)
-unlimited picture mail
All for only $30/month!!!

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I am already a sprint pcs customer. Is there any way I can change my plan to this offer without paying a cancel fee?
Or is this only for brand new customers?


dan i am a sprint customer and i have already helped over ten bochurim get sero
and through th exec no. u gave me i have personally saved over 250 and other freinds of mine have saved over 100
but i cant seem to get myself sro and keep my number they say ifv iwant it i will have to get a new no. any ideas what to do to keep my no.
by the way thanx to you
my family plan right now is
3 phones 3000 minutes
nights and weekends
mobile to mobile
and web
for under 100 dollars after tax
i have yet to see a better plan


is the web on all phone lines and what kind of phones did you get and where thay free just wantto know


Does anyone know it these plans work for the blackberry as well?


Dont they chek if you know the email adress you are using? If you can use any email, then you can just google, ive found at least 2 emails that work easily, but I didnt want to actually take the plan like that.


The sero plan got even better, now the night minutes start from 7pm. but they changed that the “Additional Minutes $5 for every 30 minutes for 501 – 800; Above 800 minutes, $0.20/min”, which used to be $5 for every 50 minutes.


Mark-It is possible but extremely difficult to switch to SERO, just keep calling *2 until you find a kind rep!

Anon2-You would have to port out to another carrier, and then port back into sprint.

Anon4-Yes, sprint doesnt differentiate between devices for free web like Cinglebar.

Anon5-I dont think they care that much to check whoch email you use, as long as it works to access the site you’re good to go.


(Second time im trying to post this) sorry for doubles if it happens)

ok i tried and the rep was very nice and he spent a lot of time on the phone trying to help me out. he did not just dismiss me. he said he wished he could help me but that he just did not know how to do it with a current sprint customer. he read the rules and stuff for a while with me on the phone trying to help me. he only knew how with a new customer through the web.
perhaps if i call the sprint corporate number? would that help?



Are there any rebates for the Treo that work WITH SERO – $30 plan??


i just enterd and got “Email address not recognized. Please check the spelling of the email address you entered.”


Response to Anon^
After 12/31 that e-mail adress stopped being recognized. Now while the promo was supposed to end 12/31, if you google “” and try to find e-mail adresses, you can still get in.


Hi there
Could some one please email mr a valid email address that works I tried to google but it didnt work please reply thanks in advance


abe are u stupid or somethin?


Dan, you know I can do better than this….


(i am repeating this question, i dont know if it went through this morning, i was experiencing some difficulty)


i applied for the starwood amex business (deal which you reposted this week), and i just got an e-mail that i need to call them to verify business phone number and to verify business company name. what do i give them when i call (with regard to verifying business name)?


To Anon @4:58 PM, December 07, 2006 Re: “Does anyone know it these plans work for the blackberry as well?”.
If you want BlackBerry service with SERO, it will cost you an additional $20.00 per month. Pretty amazing deal…Very satisfied with the service; Have it for about 8 month now and just love it. C L Javitz.


its not working




the new treo 800w comes out on sunday or monday (i think)


Jeff… treo 800w is already available to business channels today.


Dan… became a BIG YMMV a few months ago… I’ve been following the discussion on another major deal site (which I won’t mention here), and it appears that although it will let you in to view the plans, during checkout you will be denied with that address.

Try google for any addresses you can find… quick, this is all over next week!


i used this email address a year ago and it worked but when i got the bill it was $400. Because this email is not a real email from someone working @ sprint, they switched my plan to a basic plan w/ 200 minutes without notifying me. After many customer service calls i finally got a great plan after i told them that i would sue for bait and switch since my confirmation showed that i was approved for the SERO plan. So now i have 1500 min. , unlimited night & weekends, unlimited data, and unlimited sms for $15 a month!!! 🙂



I joined Sero from a fair and flexible plan and i love it in order to get my number to remain the same i switched it over to verizon (30 days free including call if inside plan) and waited 2 weeks and then switched it it over to sprint on a new sero plan. There was some complications which is why i went first, i didn’t mind if i lost my number, and once i perfected the technique i moved my wife over as well.

Unlimited web what a machiya


I applied for the AMEX gold business card, and to my surprise i was approved 🙂 who knew? Anyway, in the mail yesterday i received it.

I don’t get it, i applied and was approved for a starwood preferred 2 weeks ago and still not got it.


It’s also asking for the last 3 digits of an ee id number


I just signed my grandparents up for SERO last week with that email address with no problems.


killed me on the last screen when processing

“technical error”….


changed credit cards and it worked

also found this address:
not all offer expire midnight tonight!


it’s over, although you can get passed the first screen with googlecache, the only plans that are available are the simply everything plans $60/500 min $80/1000 min $100 unlimited


It looks like the cheapest SERO plan availble is the 59.99, (via the google chache link you posted) with the same 500 minutes as the F&F!!!


Boruch Dayan Emes!


i have sprint sero for almost a yr now (since last august) in the beg. in was pretty good…. but over the past few months they’ve been adding on wierd charges that i needa fight to get off. my bill ends up being in the mid 50’s instead of mid 30’s. the indians are a pain to deal with but i guess that would be the same with any service. also, they give u major issues if u wanna switch anything on the plan, like a new phone….cuz they make up pathetic ideas abt sero plans…..good luck!!!!!!


oh, btw, dont know if this still works but try urang in the coupon/code thing by checkout and it might give u a $25 credit. worked a yr ago, dunno if it still does!


Did this deal really expire???
b/c my at&a contract is over in 2 months and i was planing to switch my sercice to sprint – sero,
I guess “you snooze you lose”
keep me posted if any other good deals.


does this still work?!

So close!

It’s still working, but at much higher prices- check it out.


can somebody help me lower my sprint bill, im paying $130/unlimited for 3 phones plus $20/3 phones unlimited $10/ additional phoneand $21/insurance and it also includes free roaming. i know someone out there will be able to lower. well i did try to call them afew times and wasnt succsesfull… HELP PLEASE.. THANKS


im looking for a individual cell phone plan.
now that sero is over does anybody know a good plan?


what is the CID number to imput for the sprint plan

Na Nach

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