300 Free Text Messages/Month For 1 Year For College Students With Sprint!

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Now the question is will a letter from your yeshiva’s secretary be enough to qualify…
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please answer Daniel!

if i just get a credit card for the bonus milage, how fast can i cancel the card? after how many months? And, is is bad for my credit to cancel crdeit cards?


don’t you sell your soul to sprint for two years if you do this?

(or any thing with them for that matter)


regarding your 500,000 promotion,
1) when is the raffle?, and
2) when and how do we get the amazon gc?



I am looking to convert some of my starpoints into continental miles. It says there is a 2:1 conversion rate into continental. I assume that means 2 starpoints for 1 continental mile. I was really looking forward to going to Israel but if the above is true that won’t happen for a while. Is this something that they just changed ? do you think it will go back to a 1:1 ?

Please advise

this is the reason I got the card


is this olny for new sprint customer


12:34pm-You can cancel as soon as you get the miles, look in the knowledgebase for info about cancelling.

yossi-no, you dont have to re-up for plan options, only for changing the base plan.

hendel-the raffle will take place, and GC’s will be given out as soon as i know all of the details of who got approved for what, which should happen within 2 weeks or so.

5:55pm-it does indeed appear that continental has gone from 1:1 to 2:1, it may change back to 1:1, i just dont know.
In the knowledgebase there is an article about getting to israel for 50,000 starpoints, which is still valid.

MTSB-it will work for existing customers.


i used a yeshivah letter and it worked


any good deals for a cingular text plan?


I spoke to Sprint, they said its only for new customers only. (even though I told them that the ad blatantly says otherwise)


I called a sprint store and they told me they will only do it if I activated the phone in a sprint store?


The ad clearly says its for any sprint phone, just bring a copy of the ad to the store with you.
If the store wont do it then while you’re still in the store call Sprint CS(*2) and tell them the problem.