Six Flags Annual Season Pass 75% Off Flash Sale!

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-To get the Free upgrade to Gold, free Parking, and bonus ticket to Holiday in the Park, you must pick up your Season Pass Card by November 17, 2019. 

Passes bought with this offer must be activated at the local park before they can be used at any other Six Flags location.

For example, if you buy a 2019 Six Flags season pass at Great Adventure (on sale for $68.99) you’ll also get:

  • 75% off the regular price
  • FREE visits for the rest of 2019 and 2020
  • FREE upgrade to Gold
  • FREE parking for 2019+2020 (save $25/visit)
  • FREE Holiday in the Park Friend Ticket
  • FREE Game Play
  • 20% Shopping Discount this fall
  • Unlimited admission and free parking to ALL Six Flags theme parks
  • Free Ride Photo
  • Free Skip the Line Pass
  • One Free Golden Ticket For a Friend
  • Free 2019+2020 Hurricane Harbor Pass

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Ed Travel

Some thing else to mention is that you can use it in Canada and Mexico six flags


It on renewal only? Can I buy if I’m a new member?


Trying to figure out the same thing myself. Historically Six Flags has had a sale like this for new pass holders over labor day weekend. This is earlier than normal and all the language states “renewal”


seems like it is. in the past, new member 2019-2020 sale starts around labor day.


Scroll down and you buy a season pass even without a renewal.


I scrolled down and see nothing for new members


Would this include the safari?


Does it even still exist?




Do parents have to pay for admission as well?




Might make sense to get the pass at one of the cheaper ones if you can and the you can make other visits to the more expensive ones


Not for 99% of people


I think you need to activate it first at the place where you bought it so if it’s not near you it will be an issue


Seems like its a renewal. Good for 2020


So let just see if I got this right ,
I buy one of the passes above, the only that is most near me , activated it, and than for this price I can get in the EVERY six flags nationwide ??




$9 processing fee?


Hi Dan, when does this offer end? November 17, 2019 or earlier?


How many months a year is the park opened?


Anyone notice how much more expensive the annual pass is for Magic Mountain in Valencia/Santa Clarita, CA is?
I’m sure it’s not because the park is open 365 days, and in the off season, they close at 6:00 p.m., which started this past week.

Rather, it has to do with their higher minimum wage of $14.25 per hour, which affects all prices in those two parks.



That’s probably one factor but there are others as well. The other CA ones with the same minimum wage are cheaper


However, the minimum wage in Vallejo, CA where Discovery Kingdom is located is only $12.00 per hour.
The Annual Pass at Discovery Kingdom is $25.00 less than Magic Mountain.



Anyone know when the Flash sale ends?


Can I buy tickets at one place and use at another


What’s the difference between seasons pass and membership?
Is there an advantage to taking one over the other?
I looked all around but can’t see if one is better than the other, anyone knows?


Membership vs. Season Passes

Become a Member if you want admission and parking at every Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, discounts EVERY time you visit, free upgrades, priority entry, and incredible unique experiences, bonuses and surprises. And special treatment. Plus you get a shiny card that looks WAY prettier than the regular Season Pass card — the Diamond card even has a hologram!

Season Pass and Membership represent different ways to enjoy the park. Season Pass Holders are primarily looking for an admission product that lets them visit the park as many times as they like (with a few special perks thrown in) while Members are looking for a “total Six Flags experience” that includes admission, parking, food, merchandise, games and everything else we have to offer.

If you think you’ll visit the park at least once this year and at least once next year, then you definitely want to become a Six Flags Member. You will save a ton of money right off the bat off the cost of admission, and depending on which level of Membership you choose, you’ll save a lot of money in park too. You’ll also have a much better time. Only Members can get preferred parking, or unlimited soft drinks, or up to 50% off EVERYTHING they purchase in the park. Season Pass don’t get any of these things.

If you’re pretty sure that you only want to visit the park this year (and not next year) and you don’t care about any of the benefits mentioned above, then a Season Pass is likely a better value for you.

When you sign up for a Membership you receive all of the same benefits as a Season Pass, plus a number of additional benefits.


If you but the season pass for example out of NJ I dont believe you can use it for Hurricane Harbor


Website says clearly that you get hurricane harbor with six flags great adventure


I suggest also buying the dining pass which kosher consumers can use for kosher-snacks instead of meals.


Does free parking benefit apply to all parks, or just the park you bought the pass from?


Fantastic deal. Did 2 of these on line and then went to park as a group of four. Parking was free, and we used the “golden ticket” from each membership to bring in another person. Total price was $156 (including tax and processing fee) for both memberships.


where do you find the golden tickets after you purchase the memberships


If you download the six flags app and then scan the card they give you, it shows you all the benefits. I had not downloaded it yet, but when we entered the park after getting the cards from the membership office we asked the person scanning the cards at the entrance to use the golden ticket associated with each card and that worked.


I went yesterday as I had signed up thru the Dans Deal link back in December and although the perk of the golden ticket was listed they did not see it on my card even though I had the Gold Option season pass.

I did not see it on my portal either.