[Ends Tonight!] Save $850 Off The Mirror Home Workout System, Plus Check AMEX Offers For Stackable $200 Off!

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Update: This sale ends tonight!

Dan’s Note: My wife bought this with the current sale and really loves it! She had been looking for a workout alternative since her previous gym discontinued childcare due to COVID. The Mirror lets her work out from the comfort of our home whenever she has the time and she enjoys the variety of class types, lengths, and levels that it offers.

Save $850 Off The Mirror Home Workout System, Plus Check AMEX Offers For Stackable $200 Off!

Mirror is normally $1,495 plus $250 for professional installation. It’s on sale for $995 including professional installation through 12/29 after $750 Black Friday savings.

There is a 30 day risk free trial with free return pickup if you don’t like it!

You can save an additional $100 off a Mirror by stacking the following promo code in your cart: nfgbICjn

Plus, check your AMEX Offers for $200 off $1,000 through 12/31. If you pay any sales tax or if you buy any accessories you’ll get to $1,000 to trigger that $200 refund.


Together with the sale, that will drop the price of the Mirror including shipping from $1,745 to $895 plus tax. You need to spend $1,000 after tax to get the additional targeted $200 AMEX Offer to drop the price to $695, so just add any accessory to your order to get to $1,000 after your local sales tax is added. For example if your local sales tax is 8.5%, you’ll need to add an accessory costing at least $27 to get to $1,000 after tax, which would then trigger the $200 AMEX Offer!

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Note that there normally is a limit of 100 available AMEX Offers on a card at given time. If you have 100 offers, add AMEX Offers to your card and refresh the screen and you will get more offers to choose from!

However you can try using this link, which should display more than 100 offers.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not.

Mirror classes cost $39/month with a 1 year commitment and includes access to over 10,000 on demand and live classes across 50 fitness categories such as yoga, barre, kickboxing, strength training, cardio, bootcamp, boxing, and more. Personal training sessions are also available for $40.

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+ $468.00 + tax for 12 x $39 monthly subscription.

According to their website:
It’s requires a $39/m + applicable tax one-year commitment (= $468.00 + applicable tax) which begins when your Mirror is delivered.

You are only allowed to cancel after a year the subscription and then you can keep the mirror without any content.


So we bought this last night….hopefully it will get its intended use by my wife and I. I would like to express my thanks to Dan & JJ for posting this deal and also for letting us know how to find the $200 Amex offer as it wasn’t popping up on any of our cards but once we used the link, it was there. So we figure this is a good deal and we took the plunge. Thank you.


So we’re paying all this for a mirror? Not even an exercise machine?

Real King

The whole point is that you don’t need an exercise machine if you have the mirror.



I didnt even see the monthly fee. At least with Peleton and proform have machines with it


Good lord people! If you don’t want to but it don’t. But I have to thanks Dan for posting all the stackable options. Just bought one for my wife.

PS…you can exercise for free. No need to buy an expensive Peleton with limited “free” programs.


Hi I can not find the option for $200 of $1000 purchase.. I even tried the link. Can you email me?! I want to purchase tonight!


Not for or against it but Just to clarify, the mirror requires a monthly subscription forever in order to do anything more than being a….. Mirror. I clarified this with the company and therefore canceled the order. They were very nice and helpful btw.


It looks interesting. Can someone explain the advantages of this piece of equipment ($1k) as opposed to a large tv with exercise class dvds?


Live classes and the trainers are really world class. You can receive personal training on it and talk to the trainers online who will help with anything. The classes are better than anything Ive ever taken on YouTube or online. The classes are alot more motivating than anything Ive ever seen.


Is the 12 month commitment also refundable within 30 days?


love all the guys who “bought one for their wife”. Good to know everyone here is in tip top shape and your wives all need to get in shape.