Kosher Groupon Roundup


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New: Groupon Boca Raton, FL: Save 55% off Breakfast at Mozart Cafe

New: Groupon Boca Raton, FL: Save 50% off Lunch/Dinner at Mozart Cafe

New: Groupon NYC: Save 50% at Care Paris Brooklyn

Groupon NYC: $15 For $30 At Nu Cafe Boro Park

Groupon NYC: Save 50% At Pitopia Restaurant In Manhattan

Groupon NYC: $55.50 For Up To $111.85 Of Food At Mendy’s

Groupon NYC: $15 For $30 At Shalom Bombay

Groupon NYC: Save 55% at Talia’a Steakhouse

Groupon NYC: $7 For $10 at AviGlatt

Groupon LA: $15 for Café Meal for Two with Paninis, Sides, and Drinks at Stacey’s Cafe Delish Valley Village

Groupon Miami: Get 3 $10 Vouchers For House Of Dog Miami Beach For Just $15

Groupon Miami: Save 53% at Fresko Aventura

Groupon Miami: $15 for $30 at Montefiore Cafe & Restaurant Miami Beach

Groupon Miami: Save 60% at West Avenue Cafe Miami Beach

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Something Fishy

Someone at B&H put out a sign saying that he confirmed with the OU that Pitopia is no longer pas yisroel.

Make of it what you will…


LA (Valley) Stacey’s Cafe Delish: $15 for cafe meal for 2 ($30 value)


Kosher GPS app now just started offering loyalty rewards for restaurants, hair stylist anyplace that wants to offer rewards to their loyal customers. It just launched a week ago and they have a couple of places already.


Does anyone know what type of hachsher MEHADRIN KASHRUS directed by Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein is? Thats the hechsher of Talia steakhouse.


Rabbi m. Is very reliable


On fresco 28$ for 60$ for 4, does this mean it will only work if 4 people eat at that meal?


Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein is not a top tier hecher.

My Rav advised me against using his certification.

You should ask your own Rav for guidance as some people will eat with Rabbi Marmorstein supervision and others will not.


anyone know about Cafe Paris in brooklyn? is it any good?


House of Dog is awful and the groupon is a ripoff unless you plan on going back 2 more times(which you certainly wouldnt)


There is a groupon for Mozart in boca raton. 50% off


Cafe paris is amazing! Sushi, salad, pasta- yum! Its totally worth it


has anyone ever gone to Talias steakhouse,,is it good


@jay: My husband and daughter went there and said it was great. I know others who’ve been and they also said it was good.
@ggb: Maybe not to your taste but when my daughter was in Miami, that was her favorite place. She raved about the beer infused hotdogs. I can’t wait to try it myself!

Ben Weinberger

Cafe Paris is one of the best dairy places in brooklyn it brand new great food@be: @be: @be: @be: