Will The Shutterfly-Snapfish Merger Mean Higher Prices And/Or Lower Quality Photo Books?


Apollo Global Management is buying Shutterfly and Snapfish, with plans to merge the photo printing companies.

I haven’t had great experiences with Snapfish, I find that their photos and photo books have much poorer quality than Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is pricier, but they often run excellent promotions that make their products affordable.

We make a new 8×11 hardcover photo book every month and it’s amazing to look back and enjoy the memories of the kids growing up and trips that we’ve taken.

Mergers are never good for consumers though and I’m nervous that we may see quality go downhill or prices climb. Or if they take notes from airline mergers, we’ll see both lower quality and higher prices.

What are your predictions for the merger?

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Oh no! I have 10 years worth of books to make… They better wait till after the summer.


Make them before the next unlimited free pages promo!

Sarah J

When shutterfly bought out mypublisher, quality took a beating! Not looking forward to this. Better make any pending books, pronto. Just waiting for the nxt free pages!


When is the merger expected to happen?


I don’t agree. I have been using Snapfish for use for printing, making collages, and to make photo books, and I have found their quality to be just fine.


Did you compare them with Shutterfly? It’s not even a comparison to my eyes.


Yes I have tried them both in the past and IMHO Snapfish quality is way superior however on this site ppl tend to favor Shutterfly for some reason


Worse than a merger between AA and Ukranian


I agree, the photo books on Shutterfly are much sharper, better quality. Although in my experience pictures load much faster on Snapfish than Shutterfly.