SMOKING HOT! Free Shipping Sitewide From Shutterfly! Stack With $240+ Of Free Magnets, Luggage Tags, Address Labels, Art Prints, And Unlimited Extra Photo Book Pages!

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Update, 8:40PM: The free shipping offer with no minimum purchase requirement is now dead!


Step 1: Create Save The Date Magnets

Choose the magnet size and add to your cart. Decline the address label option during the add to cart process.

It will add 50 to your cart, but you should change it to 5 magnets.

-Use the following code for 5 free save the date magnets plus free rush shipping on all orders (Exp: 3/18, $17.45 value): 5free

You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account or you can add codes in your cart.

With the magnets and code in your cart, can now get free rush shipping on everything else you get from Shutterfly!

Step 2: Free items you can add to your order:

-Use the following code for 10 free Shutterfly Magnets (Exp: 3/18, $89.90 value): STICKAROUND

-Use the following code for a free set of address labels (Exp: 3/23, $9.99 value): LABELS4YOU

-Use the following code for 4 free 8×10 Art Print on Signature Cardstock (Exp: 5/31, $99.96 value): GB2456

-Use the following code for 2 free Small Luggage Tags (Exp: 12/31, $19.98 value): APPTAGS

-Use the following code for 1 free 5×7 Tri-Fold Card (Exp: 3/31, $3.69 value): CARD4U

Step 3: Get unlimited free pages + 40% off + free shipping on a photo book:

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

-Use the following code for 40% off photo books from Shutterfly (Exp: 3/18): FORTY4U

-Use the following code for unlimited additional extra pages from Shutterfly (Exp: 3/18): MOREPAGES

Shutterfly photo book quality is far superior to Snapfish/Amazon Photos.

The 8×11 is my go-to book, we make one for every trip we go on and it’s always stunningly awesome!  I’d highly recommend getting the 8×11 size over the 8×8 size. 

While the promotion calls it unlimited extra pages, there is actually a limit of 111 pages in a photo book.

A normal photo book only includes 20 pages. Each extra page normally costs $1.29-$2.29 each, so this represents a massive savings on photo books with lots of pages!

You can also upgrade to layflat pages for 40% off as well, which makes for an even more stunning photo book.

For example, if you order a hardcover 8×11 books with 111 pages in each book, you would normally pay:
+$144.69 for 111 extra pages at $1.59 per extra page.
=$184.68. Even with a 50% off promotion, that’s a total of $92.34.

With this promotion you will pay:
Less 40%=$23.99 Plus you’ll get free shipping by adding the magnets in step 1.

Post what items you’ll buy!

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Anyway to lock these promos in? I don’t have a book that’s ready to go




I added all these codes to my account, no time to order anything. Hope they will honor for no rush using it in a week or two from now.


Do you need photos now or can add it later on?


can i get free 4×6 prints?


Do the 10 magnets need to be all the same picture?


I did 10 different magnets- designed each one seperately. No issue.


Is this a price mistake or is this legit?


Dead? Was not able to apply anything in Step2

john mccann

Same here.


-Use the following code for 4 free 8×10 Art Print on Signature Cardstock (Exp: 5/31, $99.96 value): GB2456

That only takes off 50% of the price


Hi, I had the same issue, there is an option to take off the frame and then it’s for free… I’ll just buy a frame…


FYI, you can choose expedited shipping- it will still be $0

Rivka Weiss

how can i get free shipping in general it’s not working

Menachem M

Dan how do you find out about this stuff???


Code 5free not working for me


Is the free shipping dead? Keeps showing shipping around $50 if I place an order


@dan i keep getting that the promo was used, or already in my account (not sure how to locate)is that because I tried adding from my phone as a test, removed item and readded when I got back to my pc?


Can we do only steps 1 and 2 and get it free?


Luggage tags coming up to 11.99 each and not working

Danny C

Try the small ones, wont work for large


Thanks Dan! Did everything except the photo book and tri fold card. It was a little tedious, but well worth it! Free RUSH shipping too!


The free shipping is not working for me


Just placed my order. Free shipping all the way to Israel. Hope they honor this.


Free shipping for regular 4×6″ prints as well?


5free code isn’t working. Did exactly the steps you described above. Will try the other great deals later.


Thanks Dan just ordered $299 worth of stuff for free. Got some use out of the free photo book I won through the monopoly game at Jewel in Chicago.


Thanks Dan! Got $218 worth + free rush shipping!


Just got a message that the promo codes cannot be combined. Anyone else get this?


Shutterfly IT guys will be flaming at you for ruining their Sunday;)


5free is no longer valid


Wow that was awesome. 8x10s, photobook, and 10 magnets! Thanks Dan!


Thanks for the post. $75 savings and got a nice album from my last vacation. I always have some albums saved so I can jump on this opportunities fast.


If you get the code was already used, you need to clear your cache and use another account. It just locks you out if you try and re-add the items. That is what happened to me. If you modify them after adding them to your cart it locks it out from applying any longer.


Is there any other way than redoing everything? I was almost done and realized shipping was going up and up – I was at 60$ for shipping! IS there any other way besides deleting everything and doing everything over on another account?


FORTY4U Not working…not taking 40percent of the photo book…which is really the only thing I need


Actually my mistake…only works on soft cover , and I got hard cover. Working now


I did steps 1 and 2, and I am not getting any free shipping.


The free shipping is no longer valid. When originally applied it showed free shipping but was updated to no longer show it.


Thanks Dan!
Got a bunch of fun products for no dollars!


Added the promo and followed step 1 however its still charging for shipping?


133$ for free thanks dan


its not letting me add pics to the magnets


the free shipping is not available after i add the 5 save the date magnets. anyone else have this issue?

Kelly s

It WAS working. Then as I was entering my CC info all of a sudden it went from free to MASsive amount for shipping…so someone mist have pulled it quick


Seems the free shipping is dead


same here


If you have a discover card, they offer a free calendar and notebook.

Rachel A

Not getting the free shipping 🙁


The free shipping didn’t work


is it really dead before I start working on this?


I added it to my cart. They are for free, but I am being charged for shipping!


WORKED! Thanks!

Rivka Weiss

Its not giving me free shipping how do i do that? i put in 5free promo and no free shipping


it all looks good..but when I went to actually checkout I am not getting any free shipping!! how do I fix that?!


Let us k is if they let your orders thru or they cancel?


Suddenly being charged shipping, anyway around it?


How do you get the free shipping? I entered the 5free code and it made the magnets free but they are charging me shipping stil


Is the free shipping dead?


Order changes after hitting go.

Charge for shipping after the fact

Aharon C

It said total including shipping was $0 but was billed $55 for shipping after entering credit card info

Jay Jay



like the man said if you chat they will very often honor the codes . they gave me the free shipping . thanx dan


how did you chat with them? their chat closes on Sunday at 7


pretty sure its pacific time
i chatted at about 8:45


pretty sure thats pacific time
i chatted about 8:45


shipping not working


do i order then call?


I can’t seem to stack the “free shipping promo” with the others….? (When I enter the free shipping promo they take away the 8×10 promo)


what free shipping promo are you entering? I cant get the free shipping I called they said they dont see in the details of 5free that it includes free shipping.


I’m not getting the free shipping? these deals r amazing tho. thank u. how can I get free shippiung

help please

5free isn’t working for me. it wants me to pay $53 shipping. i followed step 1 carefully. any help? what am i doing wrong? everything else in my cart is $0

Please help

I can’t get rid of the envelopes…

Please help

It’s charging me for the envelopes and there’s no option to skip it or even remove it


How do I getting free shipping

Devorah L

I tried this and it does not apply free shipping using the code “5free”. If you read the details of the offer it states “Taxes, shipping and handling will apply.” I have everything in my cart and it shows $38.70 in shipping fees.


After being an hour over the phone i just got a rep. Giving me free shipping In my account it expires in a month !


Lucky you! Perfect chol hamoed activity!


I can’t seem to stack the free shipping promo with the other promos…???

Shutterfly Hijacked My Night

2 hardcover photo books w/ extra pages, 2 luggage tags, 4 art prints, 5 magnets, 24 address labels – $53.54


I sat on hold for 20 minutes, then finally got a nice rep- but she couldnt help me with free shipping (supposedly)..even after I sent her screen shots showing it had shown free shipping!! she said she could put in my account for a free photo book or for free shipping to be used a differnt time (as the codes she has wont work with the codes I was using). I do think she couldve overrided things if she wanted to!!I spent like 2 hours on it and then more time on the phone…what a bummer!!(maybe I’ll try calling again tomorrow)..they are pacific time zone.


Would you please post the screen shots?


I don’t know how to insert the screen shot…


take free shipping they always have free gifts


Worked on some books. Started to check out at 2:50 EST. Something went wrong with the credit card info entered. Redid it. But it gave me an error ( I assume because it was 2:59.33 seconds EST. I had to reload the page and then the price went from $114 to 649!!
Sent them an email if they can honor the coupon since no one is in the office. We will see what will happen.
Thanks for the posting the deals


You mean 2:50 A.M.? This was long dead before then


You have to make sure it’s save the date magnet not card to get free shipping


added to account while it was still live, went dead in middle of my order, called this morning and spent 20 min on the phone and they honored. $256 value! And without paying a cent for shipping! Thanx Dan!


How’d you manage that?i tried calling again and they weren’t helpful.


it may have helped that I have an order history with them (thanx to Dan). I also expressed my frustration is the amount of time customizing the products going to waste. Was really polite and complementary.


Some items shipped!!!! Thanks a mil!!!!!


I B”H tried one more time, this time via online chat, and she gave me the free shipping with the extened promo codes…it was $0!!! and was worth $293.62, it sure cost me a lot of time. but hopefully they wont charge anything onto my credit card (I took a bunch of screen shot showing it said the order was $0.00. I’m looking forward to getting the stuff in the mail!! thanks Dan!!!!!!


Got my order!! Thanks!!