SIZZLING! $65.99 Off Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Books!


Step 1: Follow the steps in this post to get a code for a free “wedding guest book.”

Step 2: Click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

Step 3: Apply the following code to your account for 40% off sitewide (Exp: 06/17): SHAREIT

Step 4: Click here to make Shutterfly Photo Books.

You can save $65.99 off $65.99 photo books.  Normally photo books have 20 pages, but with this you can add lots of extra pages for free thanks to these stacking codes.

For example:
-An 8×11 hardcover photo book with 46 pages will be $65.99-$65.99 plus $8.99 shipping:









-An 8×11 hardcover photo book with 20 pages and lie-flat binding will be $69.99-$67.99 plus $8.99 shipping.

-A 10×10 hardcover photo book with 34 pages will be $65.99-$65.99 plus $8.99 shipping.

-A 12×12 hardcover photo book with 24 pages will be $65.99-$65.99 plus $11.99 shipping.

-An 11×14 hardcover photo book with 20 pages will be $69.99-$67.99 plus $11.99 shipping.

If you order $30 or more from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

Find more bargains with the stackable codes? Hit the comments!

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when does the photo book have to ordered by?


As far as I see this is a Free Photo book ($20 Value) plus 40% off. How do you get to $65.99 of $65.99…?? Did I miss anything?


For this stacking offer, 06/17, or until they kill the stacking.

Seems to be taking 40% off the original price and then deducting $39.99, which makes it free.
At least while it lasts!


This is amazing!


thnx just ordered a 80 dollar book for 20 dollars shipped

mike johnson

what is the obsession with the photo books seems like these are always being posted…


Anyone have an extra code?


Do you have to actually pick out the photos, etc, now or can it be done later?


Thanks Dan! Just got a 44-page book from my trip to Asia. Now time to work on the Paris trip!

I love your site!


Time to finally make a wedding album! 🙂


@Shraga: The free photo book code expires July 5th. The 40% off code expires June 17th.


Do you have any experience with the leather cover and layflat pages?


I’m not so good at these things…can someone please help me out? 🙂

I would like to make a 10 x 10 photo book with only 20 (or 24) pages. I don’t want more pages than that.
I see in the post that “A 10×10 hardcover photo book with 34 pages…”
Does my book HAVE TO include 34 pages for the codes to work, or can it include less??


I Love Shutterfly


Mary, you can definitely use less. But as far as I know about Shutterfly codes and how they stack, since this is a photobook with a ($20 value), they will take $20 off any photobook you purchase. And since you are stacking with a 40% off, this is $20 AFTER the percentage off. Which means, that you can probably get 2 books, use the 40% off, and then get the additional $20 off on top of that. Try it. It should work.

I Love Shutterfly

My apologies, Mary. Seems it’s a $39.99 value!


why can i not find the code for free wedding album? help

Mike B


I have a few Facebook codes. Do you know if I can use more than one on an order of multiple books?


@mike johnson:

These are awesome! That’s why 😉 If you want to get all those pics off the PC and actually look at them, that is…and if you have pics…

Thanks DD!


@Dovewings – My friend who is a professional photographer said to go with a site other than shutterfly/snapfish as it isn’t great as a wedding album. Obvs your call, just telling you what she said.


Can someone advise me on how to get this free photo book??
I used the 40 percent code, and created a 10X10 photo book with 33 pages. Is there a stacking code that I’m supposed to enter????


@I Love Shutterfly:
Thanks for your reply!

Another q: When I upload my photos to my photo book on shutterfly, the pictures seem fuzzy, but it doesn’t have a “low resolution warning”…do you think it will come out blurry or it just appears so now?
Thanks again!


When you get your album if its fuzzy you can return it for a full refund.
its 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Thanks dan for a great post, just got back from Israel with 2500 pix from my sons Chalake in Meron and got albums for the whole family


Thanks Yossi!
And shipping is refunded?


im having trouble, please help me. i got the 40 percent off and free shipping coupon, but i dont understand how to get the 39.99 off..? thank you


Does anyone have an extra code for the free “Wedding book” theyre not using?


Already dead. Can not stack now.


Just placed an order for 12×12 with 24 pages and the total was $11.99 + $1.06 (tax).

Long live stacking!!!

@ Boros: not sure why you had trouble.


@reuvenhunt: I think it is due to I have done this more than once….


Is this still stacking? I tried and wasn’t working properly. I had too many offers in my account and it originally took off the book charge first than the 40%. Any advice?

Mark to Mark


Looks like the stacking only works with this free photo book and is till working today. The other free photo books from the past don’t stack up.


facebook promotion is over, but I begged them through FB messaging and they gave me a code. 12×12 24 pages just
13.05 for sipping and tax.


I just received my 12 x 12 photo book. It’s a masterpiece. Thank you so much to Dan and all of you here who helped me out! Have a wonderful summer!