Ends Tonight: Get 250 4×6 Photo Prints Now Just $0.15 Shipped Via The Shutterfly App!

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Update: This deal ends tonight and now you can get it for just $0.15 shipped by following the desktop option in step 4!

1. Download the Shutterfly App here if you don’t have it already.

2. Scroll down the app, until you see Special Offers and click on UNLIMITED FREE PRINTS:

3. Add up to 250 4×6 photo prints. They are limited to 9 of each photo.

This will only work for 4×6 photo prints, if you select 4×4 prints this deal will not work.

4. Add a 5×7 photo print to your cart for $0.89, or any other size print that is not free.

Or go to a desktop browser and add a 4×6 print for $0.15 here, or any other size print. You MUST be logged into the same account which you already added the free 4×6 prints in the shutterfly app.

5. At checkout the 4×6 prints will be free and you will receive free shipping on the 5×7 or 4×6 from a desktop print with code (Exp: 10/27): FREESHIPPING

250 4×6 prints would normally cost $37.50 and shipping would cost $24.20, but that is free with this deal!

Total at checkout:

HT: Mendy L.

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Rafi Askari

Does this only work via the app or also browser?

unlimited deals

wow graet deal! But i’m not using a smartphone is this a reg. Mobile app or i can download it on my desktop also? (like the Amazon photo app etc.)


I added the free shipping code but I still see the 24.20. what am I doing wrong m


used the App?


Try 249 of the 4×6 and 1 of the 5×7- total is 250 pictures.


Can this used multiple times?


Worked for me


Can you add all the photos via browser, save to cart and then just check out via app?

Another Joe

You can upload the photos to your Shutterfly account from your PC and then put everything in the cart on the app and checkout. I didn’t try putting it in the cart on my PC.

Joyce Franco

Can I do this multiple times?




Worked for me- but- need 249 of the 4×6 and 1 item like the 5×7.
Thank you


great deal, thank you

Chani Y.

Thank you!! Ordered 249 4×6 and 1 5×7 print for .97!!!


Does it also work for matte?


It’s a it working anymore.
The code only reduced the shipping by less than two dollars. Called them and they said it won’t work if there is a free item in the cart


That’s why: “Step 4. Add a 5×7 photo print to your cart for $0.89, or any other size print that is not free.”


I did that
Exactly as u all wrote
It didn’t work
I keep trying




today is the last day for this deal. I ordered! Thanks you so much Dan it is such a nice surprise to send grandparents pics of the kids


I’m trying to order the free wall calender from tmobile and use free shipping. will not apply both?


Are you guys happy with the quality of the pictures at shutterfly? I didn’t have such a good experience with them few years ago


Even cheaper – add 249 4 x 6 pictures from the app, and then add 1 4 x 6 from a computer, will cost you $0.15 (plus tax) instead of $0.89 (plus tax). Rinse and repeat…


You can do twice?


Ordered 16 times so far… 😉


Ended up with 23 orders and ran out of pictures to order…
Worked nicely, paid a total of $3.68 for everything.


Can you do this more than once? I’d love to use this to send pictures to relatives


I managed to make 3 orders but I think the promotion ends at midnight.


Is anyone else having the problem of it taking a very long time to check out? I’m waiting so far 10 minutes!


I did it 6 times for a total of 1500 pics for less the 6 dollars
What’s the chances of my orders being canceled
Cause I still have about another 1000 pics
Thanks dan for the deal


Worked for me. Was Awesm!! Tysm


Amazing deal! Thanks Just ordered!


Fantastic, gonna start using free storage also, ty.


What time is this over? According to eastern standard time


I made 5 orders.



Free shipping now appears to be dead, though the original promo for free prints still works, but the shipping cost kills the deal.


Dang blast it. Missed out and had 5000 to print.