[Last Day!] Google Photos Will Stop Giving Free Storage, Backup Your Photos And Videos For Free Now!

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Google Photos has always offered free storage for all photos and videos on your phone. They are not full resolution, but it’s a free backup.

As of 6/1, Google will start charging for storage space on Google Photos. However all photos and videos uploaded by 5/31 won’t count towards your storage.

If you don’t already, you can download the Google Photos app (Android or iOS) on your phone and backup all your photos now, and they will be stored for free. You can also backup photos and videos on your computer for free through 5/31.

Amazon Prime members receive unlimited free full resolution photo (excluding videos) storage with Amazon Photos here. Sign up for a free Amazon Prime Membership here this will also get you access to the upcoming Prime Day deals. Download the Amazon Photos app here.

Do you use Google Photos and will you now switch to Amazon Photos?

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Please mention that amazon doesn’t include free videos


Read the post 😉


Shutterfly also offers free unlimited backup. I prefer avoiding Amazon when possible.


good for you!

Lakewood guy

I would but it seems Amazon has a 5GB limit. Is that correct?


The 5gb limit is on anything that is not pictures


As per the abovementioned link “Amazon Photos offers unlimited, full-resolution photo storage, plus 5 GB video storage for Prime members. All other customers get 5 GB photo and video storage.”


Does this also apply to Pixel users?



“…Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, Pixel 5: You also still get unlimited free “Storage saver,” aka “High quality” images going forward, but not “Original quality”
Pixel 3: You still get unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos if you upload them before January 1st, 2022, after which you get unlimited “Storage saver” going forward
Pixel 2: You got (past tense) unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos if you uploaded them before January 16th, 2021, and you get unlimited “Storage saver” going forward
Pixel (2016): You get unlimited free “Original quality” photos and videos until your phone kicks the bucket
Future Google phones won’t have these perks: existing Pixels will be the last to come with free unlimited “High quality” uploads…”

-theverge (dot) com


Free storage for Pixel phone


Only Pixel 1, 3, and 4 uses have free storage of photos using the original picture size. It expired for Pixel 2 and was never offered to Pixel 4a, 4a5g, or 5 users. Those phones only receive the compressed ‘Storage Saver’ tier for free.

Although, that is the only tier that was free for everyone else.


Is there an expiration date for Pixel 3 users or is it indefinitely?


Thanks Dan. I recommend you add that people should go her: https://photos.google.com/apps and download the PC version and sync it to back up their picture folders on their computers as well if they have pictures there.


It definitely makes me consider getting a pixel as my next phone just for that feature alone.


Future Google phones won’t have these perks: existing Pixels will be the last to come with free unlimited “High quality” uploads, Google confirmed to The Verge in November.


People should probably know that free image upload does not save your images at full resolution. I’m not exactly sure the resolution but I think 2-3 megapixels.


Pardon my ignorance, so will I be charged for photos I take with my phone and tablet starting June 1 since all my photos get saved to google photo automatically. Appreciate anyone help me understand. Thank you!


Well worthwhile to pay a few dollars a year ($20 for 100GB, $30 for 200 GB) for additional storage that gets shared among all Google services, and will give allow you to backup your images in original quality, been doing that all along anyway.


Thankful that I banked some of last year’s Amex COVID streaming credits – it gives me a few years to procrastinate and 200G of storage- had a Google/Gmail account for 17 years (which sounds insane when I think about it).

I remember when a 1Gig mailbox sounded crazy a few hundred thousand emails ago.

This was when IIRC Yahoo and other gave you 25M/250MB of storage for your email.

I wonder how long Amazon Prime will remain free

Darrell Martinsen

So if we already pay the 20 a year will all those photos be archived and the 100GB counter be reset?


Remember to set it to HIGH RESOLUTION. By default its set to ORIGINAL RESOLUTION and it will count on your account’s 15 GB limited storage.




Backup your photos on Shutterfly which unlike Amazon doesn’t require an annual prime membership


If I have a few google photo accounts and want to combine all to 1. Other than download/upload is there a way to transfer ownership from 1 account to another (not share, transfer so the other account can be closed?)


To be clear, they are ending UNLIMITED free storage. You still have free up to 15GB, which includes 80% of their users.


Can someone clarify this?
If I used 5 GB of my 15 GB storage until now, will I have 10 GB of free storage even after June 1st?




What about for students that get unlimited original quality photos? 5his apply to us as well?


How can you download (move em all out) someplace else all your google photos?


Download them to your computer and transfer to wherever you want


Download to computer and transfer to desired location


For downloading you can do it by just selecting the ones you want, or you can use Google Takeout which takes a few min for them to prepare it, and then a link is emailed to you to download them in zip files.


Do I need to set anything (low resolution Etc.) while uploading it, so it should be free? Or all uploads will be free until Tomorrow?


Setting for upload size should be “high quality” and not “original quality”. Likely the default setting but you can double check, it’s listed under “back up and sync”.


i know this is not so relevant but why cant i download my pics and videos to my PC? i have an android note8, verizon. maybe its the filter?


Does anyone else have problems with Amazon photos? I feel like it’s always missing pictures which I never game with Google photos.


What happens if I stop my prime membership for a month. Do I loose All my photos?

Mr. CC

That’s my question as well, am I committing to paying for Prime for the rest of my life?


Thanks for the reminder just finished uploading around 25000 pictures and videos from around the last 10 years


Why do I need to backup now if the storage will only count from tomorrow?


How do I see how much space i need for my photos download?


Does the pixel 1 phone still get unlimited photos?


@dan , perhaps add to the post that there is an option to downgrade already uploaded original quality pictures to high quality. I just did so to some 150GB worth of pictures and videos…. Cuz I have all the the original quality saved elsewhere but I find Google photos to be amazing for quick on the spot search


Also, is there away to categorized and see only the pictures that’s original quality?




What time does the change go into effect?

Thanks for sharing

I used Amazon Photos for backup and eventually switched to paying for Google One family plan. All the different family members photos and videos get saved in one place. Easy photo search. Easy video search. Great search bar. Everything in one place.
Amazon photos app was glitchy. Often was slow or just shut down. It was a mess. Difficult to organize. Difficult to search for things.
Sometimes you gotta pay for good service and this is one of them

Suresh yadav

8 jun 2021

Suresh yadav

8 jun 2021