Ends Soon: Get Unlimited Free Extra Pages And 40% Off Shutterfly Photo Books, Plus Additional Visa Checkout Savings!

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Update, 2/20: The coupons below have been extended until tomorrow night!

You can also get a $25 Shutterfly credit for your next order if you pay with Visa Checkout by 2/28.

If you aren’t able to finish making a photo book by the time a code expires, you can also chat with Shutterfly customer service to have it extended on your account.

Originally posted on 2/15:

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

-Use the following code for 40% off photo books from Shutterfly (Exp: 2/19): SAVE40

-Use the following code for unlimited additional extra pages from Shutterfly (Exp: 2/19): EXTRAPAGES

-If you order $39+ from Shutterfly after discounts are applied (Like if you order 2 books) you can get free shipping on the order with code (Exp: 2/21): SHIP39

You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

While the promotion calls it unlimited extra pages, there is actually a limit of 111 pages in a photo book.

A normal photo book only includes 20 pages. Each extra page normally costs $1.29-$2.29 each, so this represents a massive savings on photo books with lots of pages!

You can also upgrade to layflat pages for 40% off as well, which makes for an even more stunning photo book.

The 8×11 is my go-to book, we make one for every trip we go on and it’s always stunningly awesome!  I’d highly recommend getting the 8×11 size over the 8×8 size.

For example, if you order 2 hardcover 8×11 books with 111 pages in each book, you would normally pay:
$39.99 per book
+$144.69 for 111 extra pages at $1.59 per extra page.
=$184.68/book or $369.36 for 2 books before any promotions. Even with a 50% off promotion, that’s a total of $184.68.

With this promotion you will pay:
$39.99 per book with unlimited free pages
Less 40%=$23.99 per book.
That’s a total of $47.98 for 2 books, plus you’ll get free shipping!

If you order 1 Hardcover 11×14 book with 111 pages you’ll pay just $44.99 with free shipping!

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The 2 big issues I have with Shutterfly are:

1) you cannot have more than 500 pics in an album. So when I wanted to print the 1300 pics and some books from my daughters wedding I had to create 3 albums. Then I had to fish through each one to find what I wanted Snapfish has unlimited photos per album. In addition some of our longer road trips have more than 500 pics between all of us.

2) Snapfish will import your pictures directly from Google, Flikr, (where my photos get backed up automatically), Facebook and Instagram. Shutterfly only offers Facebook, Instagram and SmugMug. So that means I have to re-shlep all my photos up there, and if it times out figure out where it got lost etc.

However that is still a good deal


I’m not great at designing/organizing the pictures in the photo book. I saw Shutterfly has the “Make My Book” option where they design it for you for $9.99 if you end up ordering the book. Do you know if the promo in this post would still apply if I chose the “Make My Book” option?


I would say someone needs a editor. Who really wants to look thru 1300 pic’s?


Uh, so we could pick album pics as we preferred to work with “proofs” and not screen shots…..


You could stack these with the Shutterfly Groupon, as well. Which you could stack with 20%-25% off Groupon every other day.


Got a 68-page 8×11 book, plus a free photo puzzle for ~$28 through this deal combo with the Groupon, plus a free gift code “springonit”.


If I have a code for a free book will it work with the unlimited pages?


Did you try?


yes i just tried and it works! I just have to pay shipping. Now i need to find a reason and time to make one


yes but not with the 40% off


How does butterfly compare to adorama in picture quality


Anyone know how shutterfly quality compares with Picaboo? I’ve used them for all my other books.


Non comparable! I made my first photobook on picaboo and the next one on Shutterfly and never looked back. The print quality is so much better on Shutterfly I redid the original photobook from picaboo it looked so awful in comparison. Unless their quality has gotten better since I’ve used them 5 years ago.


That’s annoying. After I rushed my album to complete it yesterday, now they add the visa checkbox offer..


Thank you Dan! This was a fun way to remember 2017. I got an 11 x 14 book. Always appreciate your help!


I tried book of 8 by 11 but it doesn’t let me add more than 50pages?


How come it doesn’t let me do more than 50 pages?


I managed to finish two books BUT I asked them to extend the promo and they said no…

Mendel I

Just printed 5 huge books and saved $700 thank you so much Dan!


Why dont i see the option of 8×11. All i see is 8×8 10×10 or 12×12


I am working on a photo book trying to get done by 12:00 I am afraid I am not going to make it. When is photo books 1/2 off again??