OBi200 For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg

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-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…

OBi200 For $39.99 Shipped From Newegg

Use code: EMCAVAP42

This sells for $47.55 from Amazon where it has 4.6 star ratings.

-Works with Google Voice
-Easy to Set-Up Using
-Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
-Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

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$7 more... WOW!

I don’t see why this is MS worthy…


i have a problem using this behind my router which had open dns does anyone have this issue or have a workaround i cannot get it to work for the life of mine


Thanks! I was planing to buy one anyway. Great timing for the code 🙂


@$7 more… WOW!: why should every post be MS worthy? 🙂


@bingo: manually set the Obi to use the Google DNS servers ( and


Anyone know if you can take an old Google voice number to use for this?


Now we need a post on where to get a phone for it!

dont know

don’t know where to post this but on the amazon app (app only) there is an option to change the default card to citi and receive $10 promotional credit


@Thanks: sure just hook on the account


@Thanks: Should be fine.


I also have an OBI, and I have no issues with using Opendns. It’s probably an unrelated issue. Contact Obi suppport.


Thanks JJ! Ordered one!


can i use it if I’m sharing wifi with a neighbor and the router is by him or do i just need internet access?


@Avi: thanks it has to be specifically those exact servers or any free server will work I am asking because I previously tried with DNSServer1 = but didn’t work ( unless I did it wrong )


@pcgeek: how do u use your open dns white list ? Black list ? Etc.

The Pro

It’ll need to be physically connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

Israel Based

Can this work in Israel? How do the charges work?

David R

In the past, if you only had a Google account but not a gmail address, you could not use the Obi with GV. Is that still true?


If I am currently paying a optimum bill for phone and internet service, can I get this and then cancel my phone service with optimum and keep my existing phone number?