OBi200 For $33.99 Shipped From Newegg: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month

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-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…

OBi200 For $33.99 Shipped From Newegg

This sells for $47.98 from Amazon where it has great 4.6 star ratings.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

-Works with Google Voice
-Easy to Set-Up Using
-Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
-Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:
-It costs $0 per month after you buy the machine.
-A phone number is free with Google Voice.
-It works with any regular landline phone. For example a VTech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID is $27.78, or the 2 handset version is $39.33,
-It makes regular outgoing and incoming calls with caller ID.
-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.
-You can call international numbers for a little as as 1 cent per minute. Israel is 2 cents per minute for landlines and 10 cents for cell phones. All rates are listed here.
-You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service and then port it to google. Porting in your old number costs $20.
-You don’t need any other phone service, just broadband (DSL/FIOS/Cable) internet service with a router. If you don’t have a router you can buy this WiFi adapter to allow the OBi to work over WiFi.
-You do not need a computer.
-You do not need a phone jack.

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Can I port a number from a landline?

Joyce M

I have one if these & LOVE it.


@mendy: Yes but you need to port it to a mobile first, then to Google voice.


Can I somehow keep my own number?


@mendy: yes l, I’ve done it. You need to buy a SIM card (T-Mobile worked for me) and then port your landline onto the prepaid sim effectively transferring your landline into a mobile and continue from there


Can this be used w my alarm system?


What if I don’t have internet? Do you have a similar item that works without internet?


If you’re porting a landline, you’ll need to first port to a mobile phone and then to Google Voice, as pcgeek said.

You can port the landline to Ting if you have an old or spare Sprint phone lying around, and then port from Ting to Google Voice. Or you can use T-Mobile prepaid instead of Ting.


How does this compare to magic jack? that is what I am using now. I am happy with it BUT when I am on the phone and there is another call it does not show up on the caller id which is very annoying. Anyone know what happens with this one?

Sat K

@joy: Just buy it, you repent that you didn’t get it sooner…very worth…


I have a US mobile number (and a Google voice #). Will this work if it’s hooked up to a router in Canada to send /receive calls from the US?


When I sign up to receive a google voice number, can I choose an area code? So that my number looks normal to other people calling me from my city? Or do they assign a random number along with a random area code?

Dina L

How does this compare to Ooma?

Dan's the Man

@mo: If you don’t have internet the cheapest landline I’ve found it “Straight Talk Home Phone.” It’s $15 a month for unlimited calling in the US. It works over the Verizon Wireless cell network. This is good for someone that wants a landline but doesn’t have internet.


For calls to Israel you can set up an additional provider for better rates, you can even do a little programming to use different providers for landline or mobile phones in Israel.

I’ve found VOIPSTUNT (a Dellmont label) to be the cheapest for mobile calls to Israel, though as with all Dellmont/Betamax labels, you have to keep an open eye, as rates and terms do change.

You can check out certain websites such as

to see what works best for you.


Can use this as a 2 line phone? adding 2 phone numbers to google voice and than have 2 phones plugged in this device ( saving to buy an expensive 2 line phone) or cant handle 2 phones / lines??

yiddish kind

do i need to have a internet service in order to get this hooked up?

For the technically inclined

Set up a separate provider only for international calls to specific destinations, and save more, for example for calls to Israel you might use one of the following two:


@mo: how do you want it to work?! (for free)


how can i enable my name to appear on ppl’s caller id when using this other then just area code? will this happen when setting it up?


I got one a little while ago probably the last time this was posted on sale and I can’t get it to set up with google voice! I’ve tried so many time I have no idea what’s wrong. It just doesn’t seem to be getting a signal. They don’t have great support. Any ideas? Would love to set this up!


@Eliezer: The Obi200 only supports connecting one phone. If you want to connect two phones get the Obi202. I have that one hooked up to a landline and fax machine, both google voice. Works great, and it saves me nearly $100 a month!


@yiddish kind: No unless you have reliable wifi in your home

@Danny29: You can set that when you request a new number


What about emergency dialing?? How/does that work?


@yiddish kind: I meant: yes unless you have reliable wifi in your home


@Tova: What’s the exact error message?


Any info of using this with callcentric to get caller id name (CNAM) with google voice??


Can anyone tell me if this works when you are in Israel? Google voice requires a US cell phone number which I have but no idea if Obi will work in Israel or just in the USA.


What if I would want to convert my number back to a regular landline, after porting my number to cell/to Google Voice?


Already out of stock.


Is there any way for me to have my name come up on the caller ID of the people I call from my Obi/google voice number?


My OBI 110 just stopped working, asking for an update to my Google password (which I have not changed recently). When going to ObiTalk webpage, Obi is requiring that new software be downloaded, at a fee and the need to signup for Obi Premium. Does anyone know how to get around this and get the OBI 100 up and running again?