Popular Science Magazine For Just $4.99 Per Year!


Popular Science Magazine Linky

Just use the following code to drop the price down to $4.99/year for 1, 2, or 3 years: DANSDEALS

After adding that to your cart you will also have to option to buy 1-3 years of Wired for $4/99/year as well.

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WARNING: if you have kids in the house – there a number of rather offensive ads in the back of the magazine. We ordered this a while ago when they had a good deal and now we have to censor the magazine as soon as it arrives by ripping out a few pages.

The mag itself is so-so, with an editor in chief that is obsessed with global warming/climate change.

batter bat

Yuck! Id never guess that from its name… thanks for the warning.

Popular Science

I’ve had this magazine for years. It’s the cleanest you’ll find anywhere and the articles are fascinating.


@Popular Science:’cleanest’ is subjective. Mayer obviously doesn’t agree with you….


what is wired about? is it worth it?


its an intersting magazine talking about science and gadgets. Don’t know how to answer that its not clean… the internet isn’t clean? people outside dont dress appropriately!


To Popular Science

I don’t have problems with the articles. The ads in the back under the heading “of interest to men” and the ads for “enhancements” etc are not welcome in my home. I would be less disturbed except my young children like scanning through the magazinme. So I said, for homes with kids, be cautious. Check one out in the library before hand to see if the ads bother you.

perhaps if you are the stereotypical science nerd you might be interested in buying pheromones to drive the females wild…


The code only drops the price by 20% to $9.60. Is the better deal dead?


Is this deal dead?



Get it? Hell yes!

If you want a full explanation, I’ll give you one…