Popular Science For $3.88/Year From DiscountMags

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These deals expire tonight at 11:59pm:

Popular Science Magazine
Pay $3.88 for 1 year, valid for up to 3 years with code: PREBLACKFRIDAY16

“The ‘What’s New’” magazine of science and technology. Covering the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, energy, aviation, science, space exploration and much more.”

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Today only.
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I already have a subscription. Can I purchase this to prolong it?


Pay 3.88 to read advertisements and advertisements disguised as stories? No thanks, i’ve already made that mistake. My Pop-sci doesn’t make it out of the mail-room.


Just a warning. As of 2014, when I got this magazine, the ads were atrocious! Here’s an email that I sent to the magazine in 2014. (I have yet to receive a response):

I started receiving Popular Science magazine through my membership at the Science Center. My children love everything about science and quickly look through your magazine right when it comes. I have to admit, that I haven’t glanced at most of the issues. I did however look at December’s issue, thankfully before my children did. I open the first page, and there’s a FULL page ad about VIAGRA! I turn some more pages and there are quite a few ads for cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and yet another ad for Libido Max. Why do my 9 year old and 7 year old need to see these when they’re reading a science magazine?!? I am completely appalled. I hope you will show some better consideration in your ads in the future.

GTR=BH the Vindictive Troll

GTR aka BH (both obviously made up, GTR as the Nissan and BH as in Beezrat HaShem) why this vendetta against this magazine? What have they done to you?

(btw re BH = B”H? What does the Almighty have to do with this?).


I am BH, and I am not GTR! This is my second time ever posting on Dans Deals. If you want to give me your email address, I will forward you the email, and you’ll see its date from 2014- I don’t even mind if you see my personal email address! I have nothing against the magazine itself. But I did want to warn people against the ads. Who would want their little kids seeing that???? After the incident, I went through the magazines and pulled out the ads before my kids read them. I’m not a fanatic. I let my kids go to the public library and take out books. But if I can protect someone’s kids from seeing things they don’t need to see, I’ll do what I can!
(BH= I was picking a random letter and “B” popped into my mind. Once I had the B, H was a good follow-on 🙂 )


One more thing… when I saw this deal, my first thought was “wow! great deal! my kids would love it.” Second thought was “wait… was this the same magazine that I got a few years ago?” So that’s when I searched my emails and found the one I posted.
And I don’t necessarily agree with GTR- my kids loved the articles themselves so I don’t care if they were advertisements disguised as stories. (Okay, that was two more things!)