Get Sports Illustrated, People, And More Magazines For No Cost When You Sign Up For Reward Survey!

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Get Sports Illustrated, People, And More Magazines For No Cost When You Sign Up For Reward Survey!

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HaRabi MiOooto



Where can we get deals on The Atlantic?


Are all the magazine three years old, or just this SI?


Hello Dan,

I appreciate all that you do for the tens of thousands of people that saved (& earned) substantial money through your site throughout the years. Keep it up!

However, being that you cater to such a big heimishe crowd, you should be more mindful when posting certain savings.

When you post that you can get dirty rag magazines for free by filling out a survey, your are likely עובר on לפני עור לא תתן מכשול.

These are magazines that should have no place in a yiddishe home, being that whoever looks at these is most likely עובר on ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם, which according to certain פוסקים is an איסור דאורייתא.

You should be more stringent in what you post. In today’s world, when one needs so much more סייעתא דשמיא, there’s no need to entice people to get these pieces of garbage. There’s an absolute ton of available kosher reading material.

If you think I am mistaken, please ask דעת תורה.

This would be a great זכות for you & your family.

I wish you well & a כתיבה וחתימה טובה.

I hope you take my criticism as constructive – which it is.

Thank you


Many poskim would also say its assur to use the internet, so why are you here. What is the need to post this?


@A – this drivel comment of yours is just wrong.
If you are worried about lifnei iver then why have a computer/smart phone? Why have interenet? why are you on this site and not learning in a beis medrash? dont worry about other peoples lives/jobs/yiddishkeit. Worry about your own. You (and everyone including myself) should be worried only about ourselves so that we can be the reason to bring on moshiach. Lets all be the one to be the reason moshiach comes. I hereby ask that moderators add my comment then 24 hours later delete mine and A’s.


@mark and @bro there is something called a filter. I have one and i’m assuming most people who watch their eyes also do.
He stated his opinion very nicely and respectfully, no need to attack him. Please be open minded to other peoples views. You will only benefit from it.


@techsaavy you are wrong. A’s words says it’s criticism. He even called the magazines dirty rags. You sir are wrong.


Okay, so look and read whatever you please.