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Get Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, Money, Travel + Leisure, And More Magazines For No Cost When You Sign Up For Reward Survey!

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Hello Dan, I posted this in the past but never got a response from you.

I appreciate all that you do for the tens of thousands of people that saved (& earned) substantial money through your site throughout the years. Keep it up!

However, being that you cater to such a big heimishe crowd, you should be more mindful when posting certain savings.

When you post that you can get dirty rag magazines for free by filling out a survey, your are likely עובר on לפני עור לא תתן מכשול.

These are magazines that should have no place in a yiddishe home, being that whoever looks at these is most likely עובר on ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם, which according to certain פוסקים is an איסור דאורייתא.

You should be more stringent in what you post. In today’s world, when one needs so much more סייעתא דשמיא, there’s no need to entice people to get these pieces of garbage. There’s an absolute ton of available kosher reading material.

If you think I am mistaken, please ask דעת תורה.

This would be a great זכות for you & your family.

I wish you well & a כתיבה וחתימה טובה.

I hope you take my criticism as constructive – which it is.

Thank you


You should probably just not use the internet at all since there are so many assur things you could see on there as well.


Dan’s site is not solely for frum Jews, let alone just for Jews. If something is posted that doesn’t appeal to you, or interest you, keep scrolling. How hard is that?


Instead of posting this publically why don’t you email privately. Additionally, perhaps you should keep your piety for you and your family and of you aren’t comfortable with a certain deal or ad either don’t look at it or don’t go on the internet. Don’t expect a whole website community to adhere to your religious level. Perhaps for some, these magazines are not problematic by any means. Please keep this in mind before policing the internet.

A simple yid


And why exactly do these not belong in a jewish home? Please don’t deflect your narrow view of Judaism towards everyone else.


Good Housekeeping destroys Bayit Yehudi.

I particularly like the like “If you think I’m mistaken…” you’re wrong. Go ask your Rabbi


I’m sorry, I don’t need a Rabbi to let me know what I can and can’t read. Not that I have any interest in Good Housekeeping, but unsure how ideas for Housekeeping and decor is against a religion.

Anyway, I’m sure there are much bigger issues within this religion than magazine choice. And I don’t think reading Good Housekeeping is giving Jews a bad name as much as those very public issues.


I was being facetious. I was mocking the original poster. Of course there is nothing wrong with Good Housekeeping


Sorry then! Based on the original comment, there apparently is something wrong with these!


The rest of us appreciate all that he does. Get a life, please don’t place your views on anyone else. Thank you.
It’s Sports Illustrated and the Oprah Magazine. You you would think he’s like has a Playboy magazine there or something

a simple jew

לפני עור לא תתן מכשול dosent apply only to “heimishe crowd” if you serve trayf to a מחלל שבת your still עובר dosent matter litvish chasidish modern orthodox ect


Why’s everyone attacking him.
He said ask your Rabbi. Did anyone do that?


Probably because his holier than thou attitude isn’t wanted nor needed and he doesn’t need to push HIS views on everyone else. Just because this is “garbage” to him doesn’t mean it’s garbage.


Thanks Dan!
I’m enjoying the Sports Illustrated for two years already through this offer….
Of course you decided to use the Cavs winning the championship as the cover photo:)
I honestly don’t understand how people can blame YOU for their free choice of what they want to buy or not….
Just because I see an ad or even a billboard on my ride home that does not obligate me to buy anything….
It’s all part of being an adult.
I have the choice to say no….


Not sure how to do this, it asks for my card info


Its not giving it to me for free. i have to choose 4 magazines for $2 each then it asks for credit card


I usually don’t comment but I cannot hold back on this post. What you have posted here is inappropriate and obscene. To show a picture of magazine that proudly features a man who left his hometown and real team (albeit after winning them a championship) to go to the big market of LA is reprehensible. I hope you look hard into yourself and realize that this site is better than that and should have certain standards that it wont cross even at the expense of a good deal.


You are of course referring to the Chabad Rabbis who don’t return to Lubavitch Russia and the other chasidic sects continuing to use names of cities that they aren’t returning to.

pinchas marbury

you know dan your a great guy and i pashut think everyone ripping on you and your mesiras nefesh to klal yisroel should do a cheshbon hanefesh and not take advantage of your deals. for those of you complaining see shilchun aruch magen avraham siman 19 sif kattan 3. Dan you are a tremendous baal chesed keep it up! keep shteiging and drive that tesla in good health.

Uman Deal Lover

Really I think it’s stealing from Jewish people, because by getting free subscriptions, people won’t spend money on Ami and Mishpacha, and that will cause these Jewish companies losses.