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great deal for espn mag


These are fantastic deals. Though it’s not posted this time, I’ve been getting readers digest at $4/year from these guys for a few years now. Absolutely fantastic.

A bit of fyi regarding ESPN. I grabbed this a few years back because it comes with free Insider Access at If that’s all it was, I’d probably grab it again. Unfortunately, the actual magazine is (what most frum people I know would term) horrendously inappropriate. Especially the once-per-year “body issue.” I have been tremendously embarrassed/repulsed by what they put on the cover of ESPN that magazine, much less the contents. (Not just prust stuff – one cover, which naturally got delivered to my neighbor, had a graphic picture of an ox ramming its horn through a man’s face.)

In sum: I’m not being dan (no pun intended) on anybody else. You purchase what you want and what you feel is appropriate. Just putting up a warning for people who may not know that ESPN is on par with sports illustrated when it comes to magazines you may not want in your house.

Who Cares

@Non-Sequiter: Please keep your opinion to your self, hopefully the dans deals community is mature enough to censor them self .


@Who Cares: I understand that you don’t care about what does or does not offend me. Unfortunately, you’ve completely missed the point.

I ordered ESPN the mag because I was unaware of certain not-sports related content that is featured prominently in that publication. As a result, on several occasions I was repulsed as I carried the mag straight from the door to the trash, and on one particular occasion I was extremely embarrassed when an issue, addressed to me and with a horribly graphic impalement on the cover, was delivered to my neighbor.

I’m not expressing an opinion here. As I said, you do what you want. I’m simply letting people know that ESPN the mag includes content, regularly on the cover, which may offend some people. This is a fact. I wish that somebody else had let me know what was in the Mag before I subscribed.

I hope that you and insecure ilk do not cause others to shy away from posts that describe the contents of posted items.

how would anybody censor themselves if they were unaware of the contents of the magazine? thank you to non-sequiter for his post, i was actually thinking about how fun it would be to get a sports mag, until i read his post. although in some dim portion of my mind i was aware it might contain some inappropriate material, the extent of it i was not consciously aware of.

kudos, non-sequiter, kudos.


Does Anyone Know If The Espn Would Exten My Current Subscription?


@jay: Usually you can.

r u serious

@who cares yr absolutely right… some people are so closed minded… ppl should keep opinion to themselves


@Who Cares: I totally agree with you, people should keep their opinions to themselves. That being said, you let the public know your opinion.
@Non-Sequiter: Thanks for the information you gave, so that people who might be interested in knowing the what is included in the content of ESPN magazine don’t necessarily have to purchase a subscription to find out.

SoCal Dude

@Non-Sequiter: thank you for the heads-up! I was going to get this subscription for my son & had no idea it had gone the way of SI. You save me time/money & the earth some trees!

Liam Knuj

@who cares & @r u serious:
Being “closed minded” goes both ways. Telling someone to keep their opinion to themselves is about as close-minded as you can get.
And as for having liberal, “open-minded” opinions: Tread carefully, as Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt”l, famously said “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out!”


ESPN Magazine stinks. Straight to the garbage. I’m a big sports fan. No content.


The magazine may be a waste of time but the insider articles on that subscribers get free access to are fantastic.


not getting discount


i only got a 20% discount using the dansdeals code. it was still looking to charge me 41.60 for two years. Comments?


Does anyone know if a subscription to any of these mags awards me spirit airline miles? I just got an email that my Spirit miles are expiring dies to inactivity for three months. They link to some mags that award me miles, but nothing for under $20. I wouldn’t want to spend that on something I don’t need.


I even bolded the Today only 4 times…

Spirit miles are pathetic anyway. A guy on DDF tried giving them away and nobody wanted ’em.