Huge Savings On Polar Bear Coolers! Save 50% Off All Coolers When Buying 2 Or More; The Ultimate Kosher Travel Tool!

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Huge Savings On Polar Bear Coolers! Save 50% Off All Coolers When Buying 2 Or More

When you add 2 or more coolers to your cart you will receive 50% off your entire order with code: DEALS

All coolers come with a Lifetime Warranty and Leakproof Guarantee, the 48 Pack coolers are perfect for checking luggage, they will fit 50 pounds of food and keep it frozen until your destination. You cannot go wrong with the 48 Pack Nylon Soft Cooler for $64.97 or the 48 Pack H2O Waterproof Cooler for $124.97 when buying 2 or more.

Don’t need 2 coolers? You can simply add on a 6 Pack Nylon Soft Cooler for $19.97 on to your purchase, and you will receive the 50% off discount.

The Nylon 48 pack coolers sell for $119.95 on Amazon where it has very good 4.4 star ratings from over 1,000 reviews. With this deal you can purchase the 48 pack nylon cooler and a 6 pack nylon cooler for just $84.94!

Shipping will add to these prices and varies by location.

Sample deals after the code above when buying 2+ items:

Nylon Coolers 24 Hour Cool Time (These will last much more than that if you also use ice):

H20 Waterproof Coolers (72 Hour Cool Time):

I LOVE Polar Bear suitcases. As you probably know, I have a bit of a travel addiction. And while I enjoy a trip to Miami every now and then, I don’t dream about flying to Miami. I like exploring far-flung places like Longyearbyen, Palau, Tasmania, Dubai, and the Maldives Or Antarctica ;). As a kosher observant Jew that means I have to bring my own food unless there happens to be a Chabad House Restaurant at my destination.

On trips less than about 15 hours, I just freeze food a few days before the trip and the food arrives frozen. But on longer trips, on trips when there can be weather that cancels a flight, or when the connections times are very tight or very long I pack my items in a Polar Bear suitcase.

Food that’s been frozen beforehand will stay frozen for a couple of days in a Polar Bear suitcase. If you add ice packs in the suitcase it will stay frozen for even longer.

It truly opens up the world for anyone that needs to travel with perishables. The 48 pack is the largest size that they make. The trick to expand it is to fill it up with warm water and let it stand with water in it for half an hour or so. After that you should be able to fit about 50 pounds of food in it, depending on how well packaged the food is. For family travel, expect to need a couple of these.

  • Rugged 1000D Nylon exterior – never rips, scratches or tears; Unbreakable zippers and hardware by YKK
  • High density open-cell foam insulation provides a minimum of 24 hours frozen ice when packed correctly
  • Strongest and safest interior liner ever built into a soft cooler – FDA Approved TPU Double-Coated Nylon
  • Adjustable padded shoulder rest included (not available with 6 Pack size)
  • Want to custom brand your cooler? No problem! Nylon Series coolers can be purchased directly on the Polar Bear Coolers website with text or logo embroidery
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Guaranteed Leakproof / Sweatproof
  • Can be compressed down to half-size when empty, and tucks away nicely when not in use

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Can the 48 can size one be taken as a carry on? Or is it too big?


I have one and I believe it’s too big. I checked it in on my recent trip.


All coolers EXCEPT the 48-Pack can be carried on all major airlines. The 48-Pack will need to be checked.

– Hayden @ Polar Bear Coolers


i will assume the owner is with you on the trip … ?
lol enjoy your trip Dan !!


what are the best ice ti use for these?


Why warm water? Usually you prime an insulated container with similar temperature water (e.g., hot water for a travel coffee mug). Raising the temperature of the container will add heat that gets transferred to your frozen food. From your report it seems like it’s negligible, but I’m just wondering what’s the purpose of using warm water.


What is the best size to transport one or two 9x13in aluminum trays?


Why is the 48 pack better than two 24 packs? Without rollers on the bottom it will be a pain to maneuver in an airport or even on a camping trip. Wouldn’t two 24s be more convenient to carry and give you flexibility on smaller trips?


When you have to pay to check luggage for a flight…Also it’s cheaper.