HOT! Toastmaster Small Kitchen Appliances For Just $2.14 From Kohl’s After Rebate, Get 5 Appliances For $10.70 Shipped Plus Earn $15 Kohl’s Cash!

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Toastmaster Small Kitchen Appliances For Just $2.14 From Kohl’s After Rebate, Get 5 Appliances For $10.70 Shipped Plus Earn $15 Kohl’s Cash!

Sample eligible Products:

Use 15% off code: GIVE

Alternatively, Kohl’s Cardholders can use 30% off code: HAPPY30

Receive free shipping by adding 5 of the items above or select free in-store pickup.

Each appliance normally costs $24.99 and is on sale for $18.99 before the code and $16.14 after the code. They’re $2.14 plus tax where applicable after the $14 rebate!

Additionally you’ll get $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend before the code and rebate. You can spend the Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s stores or online between 11/28-12/9.

In other words if you add 5 appliances above you’ll pay $80.70, plus you’ll qualify for a $70 rebate, dropping the price to $10.70, plus you’ll get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for a future purchase. The same math applies for additional multiples of 5 appliances!

You can receive rebates up to 5 times for each product, for a maximum of 95 total rebates.

You can submit one rebate form and all of the UPCs in one envelope on all items purchased on your receipt. There’s no need for multiple rebate forms or envelopes.

Toastmaster $14 rebate link.

  • Purchase between 11/22-11/27.
  • Postmark by 12/27.
  • Limit 5 rebates per product, per household.

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Texas Totty

This came up a year ago and I never received the rebate money. I chatted and they said they only received one request which was “missing information”. No further explanation. They said I could resubmit each individual application, which I did, and I still never got anything.
Just a heads up!

True caller

I also had that in the past, that they ware claiming that they never received it, although they did receive the smaller rebates.

Texas Totty

Maybe it was because I included all the rebates in one envelope, but then I resubmitted each one separately, and nothing happened.
Dan writes here as well that it’s okay to include multiple rebates in one envelope.

True caller

If I would do it again, I would pay more for the postage so i can track it although it won’t help me much, besides being more gussied

Moshe Konovitch

How did u chat with them? I sent them all together and only received email for one $14 rebate.

Texas Totty

I’m not sure if chatting still works. I recently managed to get them on the phone after pressing a lot of buttons to speak to someone and waiting 45 min on hold. They said they have my submissions and will submit a request for review. See if that does anything…


Terms and conditions states “not valid with any other promotions” will the coupun invalidate the rebate


We need the person that posted the deal to confirm that you are right.




I have done this deal with the coupon many times. No issues.

r duvid

Same here! Bought last year multiple items everything went Smooth, got my rebate on time! nothing to worry -if you follow everything exactly


give not stacking with HAPPY30


Hence the word “alternatively”


50 rebates total there is only 10 appliances total.


Are they worth the $3 after tax


Can I use one rebate form for 5 items?

R c

Teach me how to make popcorn now


Electric knife sold out


Its not working.. i cant add this promo. Says “Not yet qualified” (Re code ‘Thanks’)


Where did we mention that code?


Dan, what do you think about the rebate combined with other promo? Could still work? I ordered and thinking of cancelling the order.

Michal s.

Need to sign in to your acount first


HAPPY30 not working


Kohl’s Cardholder?


Yes. It did not work for me. Is it still working?


Didn’t work for me either. just used 15% off


If you intend to buy 2 sets of 5 appliances, buy it in one order.
You pay $80.70 per 5 appliances, which earns $15 Kohls cash on $50 purchase.
But if you buy 10 appliances for $161.40, you get 3 x $15 Kohls cash!


Great idea!


the rebate is like a check to cash. or you can only use the rebate to buy from kohl’s?


rebates these days are usually in form of GiftCard, and can be used anywhere on anything. Kohl’s rebates are open loop Visa gift cards. Few brands/stores still use the traditional paper cheque!

ich bin ein shopper

Do we need to fill out a separate rebate form for each individual item? Altho all i really wanted was one immersion blender and those sold out anyway.


If it is out of stock for deliver, you can check with local stores for pick up. Also, the crock-pots have a rebate now.

Chaya Sarah Fogel

I have always received my rebates. Just heads up, the mini chopper and immersion blender is out of stock.


Ok, I just bought a ton of appliances and feel great about the deal that I got. Just curious, do most of you sell the items cheap, donate them, or something else? Just curious. Thank you!


i usually gift them, but the boxes will have the barcodes cut out,lol!


Was anyone successful sending rebate forms individually? The small print says that rebates of more than $10 will be a Kohl’s gift card. I’m wondering if doing them individually will result in more problems with tracking & the “lost” claim that others mentioned. Did anyone submit all in one envelope and receive money (not Kohl’s cash)?


Only received $56 rebate fir 5 items purchased. Sent barcode and receipt for all.
Who do I contact?