[Ends Today!] HOT! Save 20% Off Ooni Pizza Ovens After Memorial Day Savings, Plus Stack With $75 AMEX Offer; My Thoughts On Making Fantastic Pizzas In An Ooni

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Update: This sale ends today!

If you don’t see the Ooni offer, try adding AMEX Offers to your card until it appears. Several people were able to get it to shop up after adding several dozen offers to their card and refreshing the available offers.

Originally posted on 5/26:

Save 20% Off Ooni Pizza Ovens After Memorial Day Savings

Ooni pizza ovens and all Ooni accessories are on sale for 20% off with their Memorial Day sale through 5/30, or while supplies last.

Plus, check all of your primary and secondary AMEX cards for a targeted $75 off $350 AMEX Offer at Ooni.com through 6/30.

Ooni ovens typically only go on sale once or twice a year and I’ve never seen stackable savings available previously.

Prices after 20% off, but not including the $75 AMEX Offer:

Note that the AMEX Offer counts tax and you can add accessories to get over the $350 threshold.

When you buy direct from Ooni you also get a 3 year warranty. You have 60 days to make returns with free return shipping if you don’t love it.

Dan’s Note: I bought the base Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven during the 2020 Black Friday sale after trying some pizzas from my brother in law’s Ooni and we’ve made dozens of mouth-watering pies with it.

At a sizzling 932 degrees, pizzas bake in just a minute or so. And the taste is truly incomparable to pizza made in a conventional oven.

Useful accessories are also on sale, like an IR thermometer, pizza peel, wood pellets, serving board, Firestarters, and carrying cover.

Should you get a gas, pellet, charcoal, or wood burning oven? That just depends on the flavor and amount of time you want to put into it. Charcoal or wood will likely taste best, followed by pellets and then gas. The effort required will be the reverse, with gas being the easiest, followed by pellets, charcoal, and then wood.

For our Shavuos lunch last year we used an existing flame to bake delicious fresh pizzas with a toppings bar for friends and family, and then let the oven go out when the pellets burned out.

We’re pretty happy compromising on the pellet version, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also the least expensive option, but smoking connoisseurs will tell you that it needs to be done with wood or charcoal.

I have to admit though, I am tempted to try out the Ooni Koda 12 Gas Oven with the 20% off+$75 AMEX Offer to see if there’s a noticeable difference in taste in comparison to the time and effort needed to make the pizza. Maybe I’d kasher one afterward to have an Ooni for meat pizzas or even steak as well?

Some of the pizzas we’ve made:


Of course Ooni ovens aren’t just good for pizza, many people use Ooni ovens to bake their own matzah!

Do you have an Ooni? Share your tips in the comments!

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Please give me links of what to buy thats a must have to be able to use it shavuous day


Does this go on propane?


how often do you use it?


Only takes a few batches of matza for the oven to pay for itself.


how much smoke comes out of it? my HOA does not allow gas only electric grilling, so perhaps it can be hidden if not smokes too much.


Same question


Hey Dan,

Do you have to use only their wood pellets or those can be purchased at local home depot etc?

How long/how many times does a bag of pellets last?



Not all models should be used with pellets. The karu 16, for example, isn’t suitable for pellets.

See: https://support.ooni.com/en/support/solutions/articles/24000074780-ooni-karu-16-faq#Does-Ooni-Karu-16-work-with-wood-pellets?


Any reason to get the Ooni Peel and Thermomater, or can I buy from Amazon an off brand thats just as good and much cheaper? Thanks


should I be scared around children is there any safety measures? thank you

Joni Baum

Fire and high temperatures. What do you think?


Bought the karu 16 multi for matzah. Will post BLN how it went. Though it’ll be a while… 😉


Is there anyone who has the targeted Amex offer and would be willing to let me use their card and I will Venmo them?


Sounds fantastic! If you frequent pizza shops, this will pay for itself in not too much time. I would suggest consulting a rov prior to kashering between meat and dairy. It is not the same as kashering from issur.


Living in NYC attached houses….Will this annoy the neighbors more so than a regular grill in terms of amount of smoke?


Any good links on how to make the pizza dough or sauce, is it even worth the hassle of preparing all the food, what’s your experience