Home Depot Is Honoring LG Appliances Price Mistake!

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Home Depot had crazy deals on LG appliances a few weeks ago, with savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars off regular prices.

Commenters on that post have reported getting their orders delivered!

Several DDF members had their orders delayed and when they called Home Depot about the delay they were offered $100 in compensation for the delay and are still getting their orders!


Home Depot seems to be pretty good about honoring their prices. I bought a French Door Refrigerator for $499 in 2015 when it was supposed to cost 3 times that.

Have you received your Home Depot appliance order yet? Did you receive additional compensation for any delays?

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31 Comments On "Home Depot Is Honoring LG Appliances Price Mistake!"

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Friday they confirmed that the will deliver on Tuesday the 26th! orig order was back-ordered until Feb they let me change to any other model with no problem!


How did you get them to change the model? I am going through the same issue as we speak. Customer service sent me into the store and the store is telling me they can’t do anything.


I have the same problem as Albert. What model did you switch to?


Mine came a few weeks ago. We love it. Thank you! I called about a warranty and we have 90 days to buy one and it’s based on the lower price!


yes i received my oven


I ordered, but had to cancel when I discovered that there was no way to override the automatic 12 hour shutoff, making the oven useless for yom tov. No problems getting my money refunded, just took some time.


Got mine and also got credited back for delivery I had a snap shot of free delivery and after give three times got it credited oven works great. Ty Dan for being an amazing shaliach.


I got mine Dan … Thanks so much saved me 400 bucks off there black Friday price !!!

Dan is the man!!!


Wish it was “hundreds of thousands of dollars off regular prices”….. 🙂

Get a life

Says “hundreds OR thousands of dollars”


Any ideas how to go about it if before purchased I had the savings,and then when I submit the price jumpt up without the savings


Dan, what’s the quickest way to get notified of the deals you post? I tried twitter but noticed I get notified there much slower than you post here on the site.

Thank you!


Got mine delivered $401 shipped


I have two ovens scheduled to be delivered the week. In the haste of ordering I ordered the electric ones instead of the gas ones. Anyone want to trade?


How much? Are you able to switch delivery to me?


I’m am able to switch the delivery address.
How can i contact you ?


If you post your info I’ll PM you.


You can text me at (347) 667-3417


If anyone is interested in purchasing you can text me at the number above.


I don’t think you can change the delivery address

Jac Lavone

Got my stove…off the wall great deal and not a peep from Home Depot..$2299 retail for $577


I chatted with LG regarding model LSG4511ST and LSG4513St. They claim to have Sabbath mode and gave me instructions to activate. Haven’t received my order yet so I didn’t try.
Once oven is on hold settings button for 3 seconds. Will show Sb. To cancel hold settings button for 3 seconds again.


Please let us know if it works. Tx


Got my oven a couple of weeks ago.
Took some haggling with the store manager, as he did not want to honor the price glitch but once I showed him the receipt I’m pretty sure he realized I had him by the ….
Thank you Dan!


Anyone have One of the can sell that’s electric or they can switch to an electric one and change shipping?


I believe Town Appliance in lakewood sells a piece to put on the stove to use for yom tov.


Thanx Dan, It was delivered and installed yesterday. Beautiful unit.