Get 3 Crock-Pot 20 Oz. Lunch Crock Food Warmers For $33 Shipped

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Get 3 Crock-Pot 33 Oz. Lunch Crock Food Warmers For $33 Shipped

In your cart, select “I have a promo code” and use $57 off code: JACKPOT

Select from Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, and Sky Blue.

This sells for $21.99-$36.95 each from Amazon where it has fantastic 4.6 star ratings.

Free shipping normally requires $50+ order, but this is giving free shipping based on the pre-discounted price!

  • Carrying Handle for easy travel
  • Warming Base: Will warm and heat your favorite foods over time; Just plug in when you arrive to your destination for a warm and flavorful lunch that is ready when you are ready
  • Cord Storage for easy travel and storage
  • Dishwasher Safe Outer Lid For worry-free travel
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable Food Container with Inner Lid: Holds up to 20 ounces of your favorite foods
  • Dishwasher-safe removable food container with inner lid holds up to 20 ounces of your favorite foods
  • Leave the warming base at work and use the removable food container to transport your favorite foods for even more convenience

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good for Shabbos?


Good for cholent 6 days a week while we wait for Shabbos!!!!!


There’s probably an issue of Hatmana B’Davar Hamosif Hevel so one wouldn’t even be able to leave stuff in before Shabbos for Shabbos.


Has anyone tried cooking food in it or is it only for warming?


Does it get warm enough to COOK?
“No, our Lunch Crock® series cannot cook food. It is made to heat up leftovers, so that you have a warm lunch.”


Can I order 3 different colors and still get the promotion


Yes. Just did that


What is the promotion code please?


I’ll buy one for $11.00 PM me , ‘username’ on DDF


I use it every night for my steel cut oats. It’s perfect in the morning


Won’t let me order. Says unavailable.


It is saying the promotion is applied but the order total has not changed to reflect the promotion. Help!


What is the promo code?


Just add 3 to your cart, no code required.


Just want to say how much I appreciated having hot soup in the freezing winter days at work. These work really well. Thank you Dan, the best part is you can have milchig, fleishig and parev with the convenient colors.
The price is very worth it.


As long as you have different containers for milchig, fleishig and parve, do you also need different warmers as well?


I have the larger one (24oz) and also bought 3 of the smaller ones (because they were the same price as buying just the inserts). Note that the larger ones have a separate base which you can leave plugged in, and only carry the actual unit back and forth. The smaller ones don’t have that option– there is no base, and the plug is connected to the unit, so the unit has to be plugged and unplugged every time. This might not seem like a very big deal, but it makes it more difficult to carry (because you either need to spend time wrapping and tucking the chord into the unit, or worry about a loose chord), and it can be inconvenient to plug and unplug the unit every day, depending on the location of the outlet. Just giving my 2c worth.




Most colors seem dead, but red is still in stock.


These make perfect chocolate melters

Sandy Epstein

I ordered 2 of these promotions (6 crockpots in all ) when it was posted in March 2019 on DD. I only received 2 crockpots instead of the 6 (2x three that the promo offered.) I have been trying emailing, calling & texting the company & after multiple tries, finally got a response that they don’t have any more inventory left to fill my order! Then they proceeded to send me a list of stores that carry this product ….I should have cancelled my credit card, but didn’t. Now I am reaching out to the company to ask them to complete my back order.


The promo code not working anymore , please help.