HOT! Cedar Point Tickets With Fast Lane Plus Pass For Just $75 After $100+ Cyber Monday Savings; Roller Coaster Capital Of The World!

Cedar Point
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Update: DEAD!

HOT! Cedar Point Tickets With Fast Lane Plus Line Jumping Pass For Just $75 After Cyber Monday Savings!

Cedar Point, located an hour west of Cleveland Hopkins, has been voted in the world’s top 2 amusement parks for 20 years running.

See the Cleveland DDF thread to see more to do in Cleveland.

They have the best coaster of 2018 Steel Vengeance, and they have Valravn which is the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the US among many other award winning coasters.

Admission alone is normally $73.

They also sell Fast Lane to skip the lines on some rides and Fast Lane Plus to skip the line on most rides. Prices are dynamic, but Fast Lane Plus can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 on top of the price of admission.

That makes today’s deal at $75 for admission and Fast Lane Plus a steal!

You can use the tickets on any date through 9/13/20, except for Saturdays.

Season ticket holders can also buy Fast Lane Plus passes for $69.99 today.

There’s good reason for consistently being ranked as the best park, the coasters there are pure awesomeness and are on an entirely different playing field than the collection in any other park in the world. There’s really no better way to spend a day. People in line came from places from Kansas to Brazil to spend time at Cedar Point as well as the plethora of beach and water activities along the Lake Erie coast and the Lake Erie Islands.

The Gatekeeper is an incredibly smooth winged ride experience.  Millennium Force has been ranked the best coaster in the world since its inception and there’s good reason for that, at several points during the ride there is the awesome feeling of pure weightlessness, not something you feel on too many coasters.  I actually stick my knees out so that the harness is further away (no worries, there’s also a buckle) so that I can get a few more seconds of airtime.  Top Thrill Dragster gives an incredible adrenaline rush and Maverick is a can’t miss as well.  Oh, and there’s a dozen others like Magnum XL-200, Raptor, and more.

There’s a Camp Snoopy ride area for kids as well.

Have you been Cedar Point? Will you take advantage of this deal?

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thank you!

r duvid

wow sounds mega (& sscarry… sshh..) dont see when i will be in OH atleast wanna see some good videos of these high thrill coasters


That Cleveland pride shining through there:)


Whats the best way of handling these tickets. Is there any benefit to print out these tickets, or is it better to wait and not print them out yet?


I saw your tweet, by the way.


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