Signup For A Year Of YouTube Premium For $107.99

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Signup For A Year Of YouTube Premium For $107.99

Through 1/23 only, Google is offering a 1 year prepaid YouTube Premium subscription for $107.99 to new customers. The normal price is $11.99/month or $143.88/year.

YouTube Premium allows you to upload your music to the cloud. The subscription allows for ad-free streaming of tens of millions of songs, including Jewish music. You can also download music to play it offline. It includes ad-free video, the ability to save videos to watch offline, the ability to play music from videos in the background of your phone without Youtube being on the screen, and more.

Click on “annual, family, or student plan” to access this offer:

The plan will not auto-renew after a year, you’ll have to enroll again to continue your subscription.

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13 Comments On "Signup For A Year Of YouTube Premium For $107.99"

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Is there a way to get the free trial and they will bill you after the 2 months? So like 14 months for the promotional price of 12 months.

Mo K

You can upload free without premium. It’s only for streaming that you need premium as far as I’m aware


It’s called YouTube vanced


+1. But only for Android?

A Yidel

Foi foi!
I don’t think that YouTube is a place for a frum Yid……,


Farvus nisht?


Really? So all of those shiurim, Jewish songs, yeshiva campaign dinner videos uploaded on Youtube aren’t for a frum yid to watch? Again, it’s give and take. I can think of aveiros which can be performed inside a Bais Medrash too, should I avoid going there?


YouTube premium is the way to go so you don’t ever have to see unwanted and prust ads

thank me later


if i sign up for this, will my wife also be able to use this or it sticks to just 1 email


you usually can be logged into multiple devices at once with the same account.



Michael Padawer

I cannot get to a screen that allows me to sign up for the $107.99?