Signup For Google Express And Get $15 Off $15, 6 Months Free, And Save More With AMEX Offers For Delivery From Costco, Whole Foods, And More Stores!

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Step 1: Click on this Google Express referral link you’ll get $15 off $15. Just click to redeem the $15 code that will be in your account at checkout or use code: J654NK3HH

There is normally a free 3 month trial that you can cancel at any point. At the end of the trial you will be moved onto a $95 annual unlimited use membership plan or you can cancel and pay a $4.99 per delivery fee with no membership fee. The membership includes a free additional member as well.

Step 2: If you signup for a membership via link by 8/1 and select a school PTA to support you’ll get a 6 month free membership.

Google Express is pretty awesome. They deliver items from Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and more stores right to your door for the same cost as in-store. If Costco has a coupon for an item, like $3.60 off Kleenex as they do now, you’ll also get that coupon price.

You do need a Costco membership to order from Costco at regular prices and perishables are only available in select areas. You can now also order from Costco stores without a membership, but you’ll pay a 15% premium.

Here is a link to current locations that have Google Express.

Login online to check your AMEX offers and see if you are targeted for an additional $15 off $30 at Google Express. This offer expires this Sunday, 7/31.

All of my personal primary and secondary cards had the offer and I saved the offer to each of my cards by having each card open to the offer in a different tab in Firefox, which I find works best. You can also register additional user cards on your primary login or on their own login to enroll them in this offer as well.

For new users a $45 order will be just $15 if they redeem the $15 signup credit and have an AMEX Offer. It’s hard to beat 50% or 67% off at Costco!

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None of the Heimishe Tri-State Zip Codes are covered yet.


Not available in most location yet


Can u cancel the Signup before the 90 days is up?


Is Google express available in all states/cities?

a davidson

It’s not available in North Jersey. Here are locations it’s available:

We work with delivery companies such as OnTrac, FedEx and UPS to serve as wide an area of shoppers as possible.

Enter your ZIP code on our homepage to find out if Google Express is near you, and keep an eye out as we continue to grow.

Packages are landing in:

Arizona (overnight), including:
Boston (same-day and 2-hour)
Chicago (same-day)
Manhattan (same-day)
Midwestern US (overnight), covering parts of:
Nevada (overnight)
Northern California (same-day or overnight, depending on your area)
Southern California (same-day or overnight, depending on your area)
Texas and nearby (Overnight and 2-day), covering Texas and parts of:
​Washington, DC (same-day)


the detergent is $11.69


Hopefully they’ll be added soon.

Of course.

$9.99 for me.


It is asking me for $7.99 delivery fee. Is if because I am in NYC or does everyone have the fee?


3 out of 7 of my cards were targeted, all of those that were targeted were either amex everyday or everyday preferred


Can you use twitter method to get targeted? None of my cards are targeted..
Or do you need to sign up first in order to be targeted??


I was 4/13 – only got on 1 Hilton account and 1 everyday acct (plus auth users).

So to get $30 off $45 I assume I need to create 4 GE accounts? Is that allowed or can I just use my existing multiple gmail accounts?



I just used the same GE account for my two orders..I didn’t even change the name on the credit card for the order and it looks to have gone through just fine.


i bought 3 cases o fwater in costco and after redeeming all credits my order ended up with a total of $3 but when i checked my credit card charge i see i was charged $3 from google express but i was charged anther $35.97 from costco, does that make any sense?


Can I use amex at Costco for this after 6/19?


now it changed to 9.99.

in addition to,” For new users a $45 order will be just $15″ wouldnt $30 be free for new users..?


It’s not a real charge, just a hold that will fall off.

You can pay with any credit card now, so I don’t see why that would change.

No, you’ll only get the $15 AMEX Offers if a $30+ charge hits your credit card.


Not Aviliable in Monsey


use code SIXMONTHS for a free six month trial


when is this valid till?

David D

added to 5 out of 6 accounts successfully but when logging back online now to review, they dont show up in “added” and no option to re-add. None shows up now. Anyone experience this?

I used multiple sessions to add all at once and confirmed all at once.


@David D:
What are multiple sessions?
You’re supposed to use multiple tabs.

David D


Sorry for the confusion. I did use multiple tabs on Chrome. now I see only on one card. I did the same for QT 5 off 5+ offer for 5 out of the 6 cards and that worked fine. Did the same with Texas De Brazil and that worked fine too.

Any idea? I know I didnt make a mistake in the multiple tabs ensuring each tab is on each card with the offer right there t lock before clicking through.

David D


Logged into wife, to check. I did 2 out of 4 before. I check now, shows none added but the 2 are available to add. I did multiple tabs to add the two. it gives me a message that “You are already enrolled in this offer” yet Its still not in Added.

System delay? Bug? I tried chat, they said up to 24/48 hours but its always have been immediate add before.

David D

Initially saw 5 out of 6 cards. Opened separate browsers to add all at once. added fine. exited out. Logged back in later and noticed nothing were added and nothing were now available. Anyone have experience with this?


I wrote to use Firefox.
If you unregister the enrolled cards then it will show up again.

David D


Thanks, removing cleared it up and allowed the other to show up. Seems like a glitch/delay vs not actually registering. All good now. Thanks again!


Which Amex is it on?
Anyone got on delta?


What a shame that the great metropolitan of Lakewood NJ is not included! If they had Lakewood, it might ease up traffic for our city that has most car accidents per capita in the state!


they sell giftcards !!!!

Amex Delta

Thanks Dan! @Amex, I got it on Amex Delta, Blue, and One. Not sure the date you refer to though.


Non on my delta on chrome
Would Firefox have more than chrome?


Still not available in North Jersey. Come on Google!!


@David D: Technically those offers say they are valid once across all your accounts/cards or something like that in the fine print. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are trying to stop what Dan and others are doing. Maybe they’re getting better at it by syncing between pages faster. Does look like that other trick from Dan helps though.


I did not read all the comments, so forgive me if this has been disscussed.
The GE charge (IME) sometimes omly shows on the card a few days later. I’m not sure how the dating of the charge works, but may not be a good idea to wait till sunday for this…


As long as you order by Sunday you’ll be able to get it manually credited, but to have it automatically posted it’s always good to order a couple days early.


Thanks. For this and all your other tips!


No membership needed for Costco anymore. Just charges an extra 15%.


Is the 15% surcharge for non costco members in affect in every place google express ships to or only some states?


@Avi: Google say: Expired promo code. Check offer details.


Can someone please post a PTA code for a heimishe school? Thanks

loves dan

shocked that its not avail. in Queens or brooklyn,but it is in manhattan!!!! comeon’ google


they randomly give out gift cards and send you coupons (on mothers day i order 3 packages 2 of them came with 25 dollar coupons)


Just got an email from google that they started serving NY. problem is that all these deals has been expired already…