Google Express Finally Launches East Coast Service, Enroll Now For A 6 Month Free Trial And $15 Credit

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Google Express has been operating for some time, but large swaths of the East Coast have been excluded.

Today Google finally launched service in most cities across the country.

Step 1: If you use my Google Express referral link you’ll get $15 off $15. Just click to redeem the $15 code that will be in your account at checkout or use code: J654NK3HH

There is normally a free 3 month trial that you can cancel at any point. At the end of the trial you will be moved onto a $95 annual unlimited use membership plan or you can cancel and pay a $4.99 per delivery fee with no membership fee. The membership includes a free additional member as well. Google will email you a week before your free trial ends.

Step 2: If you click here to enroll in a membership you can use the following “Membership Promo Code” for a 6 month free trial: WELCOME

Step 3: Shop from Google Express and at redeem the $15 off $15 code that you’ll see at checkout.

Google Express is pretty awesome. Whenever we need an item from the grocery store or Costco we’ll just order it and have it the next morning!

They deliver or ship items from Costco, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and many more stores that vary based on your location right to your door overnight for the same cost as in-store. If Costco has a coupon for an item, like $2 off Ibuprofen as they do now, you’ll also get that coupon price.

You can even pay for your Costco items with an AMEX.

You do need a Costco membership to order from Costco at regular prices and perishables are only available in select areas. In some areas you can order from Costco stores without a membership, but you’ll pay a 15% premium.

Google will even return items for you, how awesome is that?

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Is it available in Brooklyn?


Is this the end of Boxed?


Oh the good old days when they gave you 6 months free trial, same day delivery and no minimum order (or small order) delivery fee. There’s nothing like ordering a $0.99 tube of 3oz travel size toothpaste from Target and having it delivered in 2.5 hours for a grand total of $0.99+tax.


I got 6 months trial code WELCOME.
Did not get the option for Costco without membership.


6 month free trial with code WELCOME


Dan, got a 6 month trial with code WELCOME

Food stamps?

Can I pay with food stamps on Google express?


If I have a Costco gift card but not a Costco membership, can I order from Costco using Google express?


It seems if you buy items from the previous post from Kohls on Google Express, you can get the rebates as well. Your welcome


6 months free worked great just ordered in airmont says two day but I guess that excepted I used the 15 off code and it worked by the checkout when I clicked pay but now that I’m looking at the order it days the total without the 15 off



If I cancel within 6 months will I be charged per delivery retroactively?


Did you click to redeem the $15 code?
Try making another order and see if the code works?

No, it’s a free trial.


Does the Costco member’s name need to match the GX member’s name?


If I pay with my Chase Freedom will I still get 5x ultimate rewards for Costco purchases this quarter? Also, will I get my 2% Costco executive member rebate on Costco purchases through google express?


@R: @Dan:

Not in my experience


If Costco has a sale, do all the items on GX have the same price? Or only some?


do costco items get shipped the way they are or in a box


I think so.


Can i use the 6 month code and then use dans referal code on my next purchase?


Can you do step 1 and step 2 and get both the 6 months and 15 credit ? Step one first?


I don’t think it will count for Freedom 5x, but you do earn the 2% Executive reward.

Should be the same price.

In a box.

Just follow step 1 and 2.
You’ll get $15 off your first order.

Yes and yes.


I’m confused am I signing up for membership twice? Step 1 and then step 2? Wouldn’t I end up with 2 memberships that way?


Step 1 is just applying a code onto your Google account.
Step 2 is signing up for a year membership with a 6 month trial. You can use Google Express without a membership.

Then just shop for items and redeem the $15 code when you buy something.


I just placed a Costco order with Google express and my order cancelled due to payment error, my google acct is signed up with a Amex card, do Costco orders not go through with Amex since Costco stopped accepting Amex


I use AMEX with Costco on Google Express.
Do you have the right billing info entered?
Otherwise, call AMEX or chat with Google.

Dans fan

Google rep. Just confirmed that there is a bug in the checkout system. You will be able to checkout tomorrow.

Dans fan

Which cc should I use for my order ?


I have tried buying items from Costco via Google Express, taxable items shipped from Chicago are charged at the sales tax rate in Chicago.


Does the 6 month trial offer expire, or can I wait till November and still get it?


I have family members that live in 3 different addresses, and we all share the same Amex card. Can one Google express membership work for all 3 addresses?


Does this have regular store policy for retrurns? For instance if I buy something from Costco will it have all the Costco benefits of returning whenever I want etc….?


is there a limit how much stuff I can order in one shot? (can I order a couple pallets of one item from Costco)

R Monsey

I goofed! I placed an order and they charged me the delivery fee as I had missed doing your step 2 .
I tried to do it after but it said only for new members. Can you get them to change that for me?


Can I add my costco membership to several google express accounts?


Answer to my own question: Promotion is through 10/31

Jack out of the box

Do I have to ship to the same address every time, or can I choose a new shipping address for each delivery?


@joetraveler here in LA I have one Google express account and place orders for 2 members of my family nearby (same zip- that could be important. My friend’s mother lives a block away from her but different zip and she can’t place orders to her home)) and different cc #s but one Costco account. (My mothers – not mine). I believe you can add one other member for free. You can always call Google express – their terms and the quality of their service have diminished since the inception but their customer service is great.


Thanks Dan! I got the 6 month membership & the $15 credit

Mo K

What’s the return policy for items bought on Google express?


Thanks Dan, I got 6 months free, along with the $15. Seems like the minimum here in the Burgh for free shipping from Costco is $15. They don’t have the Kedem grape juice or kosher cheese, which is available at the local store.


Can i order through my various google accounts to the same address

Wait Dan

Should I click on link 1 or link 2? I want the $15 and the welcome


Thank you!
does the $15 promo code expire?

aa gold

dan thanks i got both

costco order on the way

ps why are you using your amex card and not the new freedom card

@ aa gold

It’s not a Costco charge. It’s a Google Express charge. So no 5x.


I’ve gotten 5x on Freedom in the past. Have they changed it?


Everyone is saying that the Freedom bonus does not apply but I see the merchant name in my statement as “GOOGLE *Costco” and it does show “Bonus from 3Q 5% category: Wholesale Clubs” in the details.

@everybody: Does that bonus not materialize later?


whats the best card to use for this?


@Food stamps?:

Yaakov S


Do I have to use the $15 credit right now, or can it be saved in my account for a later time?


Can’t buy water or fish. Probably because they don’t deliver cold and bulky items. I thought that Costco was all about bulk, so what’s the point?


Reminder If you signed up with this promotion your 1st monthly charge will be from today and on