Cool: Google Adds A Chanukah Search Trick!

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There’s a DDF thread about tricks that Google will do when you search for things like “do a barrel roll” or “askew.”

But this year’s Chanukah version is very cool. Just search for “Chanukah” or “Menora” and click on the pulsing Menora as shown below to see it for yourself!

The thought that went into it is even more impressive. It knows when to add another candle every evening and it won’t let you light the candles in the wrong order or else you’ll have to start again!

Scroll down the page after lighting the Menora and you’ll also find some yummy Sufganiyot instead of page numbers!

We heard from the director of Google Wallet when the Google Wallet Conga on DDF got his attention, hopefully we’ll hear from the Jewgler that made this Chanukah Easter egg for us as that’s some next level Pirsumei nisa!

Now the only question is who did more Menorah lightings this year, Chabad or Google? 😉

Nicely done Google, and a Happy Chanukah to all!

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Any possibility to get them to switch it from a round menorah to a straight one?


What color do you want it to be.

David P

You could also say on Android devices “hey Google spin the dreidel”


If you try lighting out of order, it won’t light. also cool

Just Saying

I guess the guy wasn’t a chabadnik ; )


as long as they dont close my gmail account im fine


It was created by a frum Google employee, Ms. Naomi Kraus.


Who grew up in Staten Island


Deal is still alive. In for 1 thank you


Is it possible to light from Shkiah or only from Tzeis?


its cool- it only lights one per night if you’re sefardi 😉

google knows too much


Putting Chanukah,next to a Avoda ZArah holiday is sacrilegious and highly inappropriate.


Did Google have a 2021 Chanukah/Hannukah label? Did I miss it?