Save An Extra 6% Off Sitewide At CardCash On Top Of Gift Cards Already Discounted By Up To 35%!


Update: This sale ends tonight.
CardCash has set up a special customer service email address for DansDeals readers. If you purchase a gift card through DansDeals and have a problem with the order please email to get your issue resolved. offers heavily discounted gift cards with free shipping.

Save an additional 6% off sitewide with code (Exp: 10/27): 6YEARS6OFF

Save up to 9% off Gas, 20% off travel, 30% off coffee, 42% off apparel, and many more discounts listed below.

Sample stores:
-Aldo: 17% off plus 6% off
-American Apparel 24% off plus 6% off
-American Eagle: 23% off plus 6% off
-Ann taylor: 22.5% off plus 6% off
-Banana Republic: 8.5% off plus 6% off
-Bath & Body: 19% off plus 6% off
-Bed Bath & Beyond: 8% off plus 6% off Works at Buy Buy Baby
-Best Buy: 5.35% off plus 6% off
-Bloomingdales: 8.5% off plus 6% off
-Burlington Coat: 10% off plus 6% off
-BuyBuy Baby: 5% off plus 6% off
-Claire’s: 32% off plus 6% off
-Coffee Bean: 17% off plus 6% off
-Converse: 15% off plus 6% off
-Dell: 10% off plus 6% off
-Delta: 9% off plus 6% off
-Dillards: 10% off plus 6% off
-Disney: 7% off plus 6% off
-Family Dollar: 6.5% off plus 6% off
-Fairmont: 7% off plus 6% off
-Francescas: 21% off plus 6% off
-Game Stop: 4.3% off plus 6% off
-Gymboree: 20% off plus 6% off
-HH Gregg: 6% off plus 6% off
-H&M: 23% off plus 6% off
-Hollister: 20% off plus 6% off
-Hyatt: 11.25% off plus 6% off
-iTunes: 11% off plus 6% off
-JCPenney: 12.5% off plus 6% off
-Jiffy Lube: 7% off plus 6% off
-Jo-Ann: 16% off plus 6% off
-Kohls: 6.5% off plus 6% off
-Mandee: 37% off plus 6% off
-Mens Wearhouse: 13% off plus 6% off
-Michaels: 23% off plus 6% off
-Motherhood Maternity: 17% off plus 6% off
-Old Navy: 8.5% off plus 6% off Works at Athleta, Banana, Gap, and Piperlime.
-Payless: 26.5% off plus 6% off
-Picture People: 22% off plus 6% off
-Rite Aid: 19% off plus 6% off
-Southwest: 3% off plus 6% off
-Sunglass Hut: 30% off plus 6% off
-Walgreens: 8% off plus 6% off
-Whole Foods: 11% off plus 6% off

You can also sell your Gift Cards for cash here.

Post what deals you find!

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i clicked on 3 five different links of gift cards i wanted and they were all empty(target, walmart, nordstrom). so why are they advertised?


Their supply of gift cards sells out quickly during sales like these, should be replenished soon I’d imagine.


coupons doesn’t stack… once you add the coupon changes it to just 6%


Where do you see 2 coupon codes?


Nordstrom is only 4% off


Says 6% for me.


Most cards “out of stock”, quite frustrating!
Compare that to Raise where ALL popular cards are pretty much available, albeit without the additional discount.



sorry didn’t mean stack.. for example… whole foods shows 11%… but when i add coupon it goes to 6%… so i lose 5%

hope that makes sense


Good sales will do that.

That’s not what happens.
An $85.03 Whole Foods GC is $75.68 in cart (11% off)
Adding the code drops that to $71.14 (Another 6% off).



sorry… guess its a glitch with chrome… tried it in IE and it worked…


Works for me in Chrome.


I placed a large order last week when it 5% off. I used a prepaid Debit card to pay for it. They charged my card almost $500 but they cancelled my order without emailing or calling me first. I called and was told to place the order again. I told them that my card was already charged and that none of the gift cards I ordered are available anymore. I am on hold for a supervisor and we’ll see how they handle it.


Why use a debit card over a credit card?

Try emailing them with the support email address in this post?


@Dan: Because I happened to have had a gift card I had to use. I already spoke to them and requested a supervisor to call me back. I’ll report what happens.


That what Serve and money orders are for 😀


How long is the 6% off code valid for?


why would you come back with this company when they have failed so miserably just this past week. they are impossible to deal with, either by email or by phone.
orders dont get shipped, refunds dont get refunded, emails dont get answered, calls are not returned. again, i ask why, why why have them on here again ????


My understanding is they have taken care of everyone that had issues that used the special email support they setup for DD readers.

If that’s not the case then please email me the details.


I tried buying 4 cards. I move quickly. By the time i checkout its not available. Waste of time


Thanks Dan…bought Lowes cards to use on new appliances. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly…


i have made several orders with cardcash since they started running this special a couple of them took a little longer to process including one where i had to email them but they have all come through for me sometimes you just have to have a little patience and it all works out


So order 1 at a time before someone else grabs them?

Just made an order and it processed just fine. Can’t beat 23%+6% off H&M.


I was supposed to be next in Que to have a supervisor call me. I called back and was told I will be called back shortly. Still nothing! A company that charges your card, cancels the order without even an email or call and then doen’t respond is not worth dealing with even for a few more % ponts.


That’s why they setup the special email address for DD readers.

I’ve yet to hear from someone who didn’t get any issue resolved through that email.


When does this code expire?


Thanks Dan, I sent them an email and will report what happens.



ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’ve made orders from them without issue as have many others.

Not sure why you’re bothering calling, just use the support email in this post that they made for DD readers. Yet to have anyone tell me they weren’t able to resolve their issue.


@Dan Your understanding and what the facts are seem to be 2 separate entities in this situation. My issue wasn’t resolved. I had my order canceled as well and they stated that my payment did not go through and that I should just submit the order. I used this CC hundreds of times without incident. There is a reason why so many ppl are complaining. Where there is smoke……


So make a new order? What exactly is your loss?


No reasoning from them why it did not go through. Will probably happen again. I rather pay full price then deal with this site. Time is my loss…I have to email them multiple times and process an order to get nothing done?


I just had a CC hold issue this week with a major online retailer, things happen.

I don’t see that as an issue that needs resolving. What does a reorder take? 60 seconds of your time?

You’ve probably spent 20 times that trying to get it resolved for what purpose exactly?


can these be used for online purchases?


Is there a way to get the gift card number right away same day instead of by mail?


says coupon is longer available


ebay target and walmart are all currently unavailable for purchase

Yitzi D

I heard that the CMO left the company. That might explain why they are having such issues now


Is there an expiration date to these cards?


Question: can you buy an Amex or other gc in cvs/rite aid using a store gc? If so….


@Mark: @David: @Mark: Please email with any questions or concerns.


@ CardCash:

How long does it take you to respond to emails sent to I sent an email yesterday at 2:00 PM regarding an issue I wrote about above and still did not get a response. This is after I called a few times asking for a supervisor to call me.


I think site is down


Hi all, I deal with CardCash very frequently to buy gift cards in bulk, I have bought over the last year over 50,000 worth of Lowes gift cards from them and never had any issues with them, they are a legit company


Were Lowe’s cards removed?


dan what is your email address?


@BrooklynCPA: You should have been answered within a couple of hours. Did you recieve a response yet?



Wasted over 2 hours this past Sunday on website glitches and shutdowns. My cart was obliterated after I ordered $750 of cards in my cart and ready to pay. When I did go back in again those cards were gone or not put back on. Call center for help is terrible with a long wait on hold. Thye admitted to me they had some problems.

Terrible site management. They need to offer the promotions for a few more days. Never got done what I wanted to get done because I became frustrated with the glitches.