Save 20% On Doordash, Uber, And Instacart Gift Cards From Staples, Plus Earn 5x Points!

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Update: I went back to my local Staples yesterday and the store had restocked on some of the gift cards on sale, so be sure to check with your local store to see if they are restocked as well!

Originally posted on 11/22:

Staples stores have an automatic 20% off Doordash, Uber, And Instacart Gift Cards through 11/26.

I went there yesterday and while there were no signs about the sale, the cards all rang up at 20% off with no limits!

I also picked up Amazon gift cards, which will mean I’ll be earning 5 points per dollar and earning the 90K signup bonus on my new Chase Ink Cash Card (my 6th active Ink Cash card) in no time!

After spending $6,000 on gift cards at office supply stores on a new Chase Ink Cash Card you’ll have 120,000 Ultimate Rewards points! Read more about this best ever limited time offer here. Best of all and unlike Sapphire cards, there is no hard limit to how many Ink cards you can have or how often you open them up!

Will you to stock up on these gift cards on sale?

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Any way to get this online?


is there a limit?


Any way to know if they have in stock before going to the store?


Can I sign up for 2 ink cards under same business and get bonuses


You have 6 ink cash cards active with the same LLC/EIN or different businesses?


Already sold out in Seattle area. Dan, do you know of any reliable sources that post GC deals from office supply stores quickly? This one’s not even on SD yet. I’m still not even half through working toward minimum spend on my new Ink Cash because $200 Visa/MC deals are always sold out too now that there’s an 8 card limit. I only got it last time because they saved some for me. I used to bring my kids and get 6 when limit was 2.


Is the no fee prepaid mastercard offer still going?


Nope. It’s been Visa/MC alternating for several weeks but nothing this week. Hopefully that means there’ll be some in stock next time.


Got 550 Instacart and 350 Uber.. more Uber were available in my store .

Clerk was surprised to see the price

Johnny, CPA

where are u?


North NJ.. I went to 2 stores actually. First had just one card left. Told me that the guy ahead took 16

They didn’t impose a limit on me in the second store.

But there are way too many of us competing for small quantities

The Instacart were in 50s and Uber was 25 per card

Johnny, CPA



Is this just for cards with preset amount or also the cards that load $5-$500, etc.

David R

A few gift cards are on sale for 15% off on their website today only.


If I buy Amazon gift cards using a Chase Ink card will I lose out on the 5% back from my Amazon card which gives me a 5% back as well?


One Staples that I went to had the Instacart gift cards and I took them all, other store had none. Didn’t see Uber or Doordash which I don’t think are as worthwhile as Instacart. I need bid spending on new cards and this offer helps.


I just left staples.
My store had a limit of five cards per person. And it didn’t look like it was just from their store. It was printed under the price limit five per person
This might be a new policy