HURRY! $100 Uber Gift Card For Just $80 From Walmart!


Update: DEAD!

$100 Uber Gift Card For Just $80 From Walmart!

Use your Chase Freedom card and use Paypal Checkout to earn 5 points per dollar this quarter. Click Here to get more details on this card and compare to other cards! 

Gift Cards will be delivered via email.

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Got it! Thanks


Thanks DansDeals!!!


tjhanks dan


order was canceled
not sure why

J Squared

Same. Twice.

A jew

Could be that you did it as a guest and you made an account once upon a time but forgot about it. The same thing happened to me I did it first as a guest but it got canceled then I tried as a customer with an account with my email address and clicked forgot my password and put in new password etc. Then it worked


Very nice. Just in time to fill up my chase freedom 5% before the month ends.


Anyone getting an email right after saying this:

Thanks for your recent order. We’re really sorry, but we’ve canceled the items shown below because we couldn’t verify some or all of your payment information. Please sign in to your account and be sure your billing address, phone number and credit card information is correct and current.



I got that message too.


Had a bad experience w Uber gift cards. They removed credits from my account and have not returned them for almost 3 months. They say they placed an authorization hold on my credits but never release it or return them despite repeated demands. Help claims engineering is working on it – for months. If u search Twitter u will see this is very common – ppl saying their GC balances disappear. Good luck.


order cancelled…

Shaya K

Got it! Thanks


Couldnt verify my payment details is the bs reason they cancelled my order

A jew

Try signing in, if you have an account but try to purchase as a guest it won’t go through

Yitz Weiss

Woo hoo! In for two! Thanks Dan!


In for eight!
But not waisting time to get it because it’ll be cancelled.


Gone in 60 seconds. Tried 5mins ago.. order went through. Cancelled within a minute.


in for 2-


used GC – canceled
used – CC – canceled
Used walmart CC – not yet


Out of stock


out of stock

ElAl Dreamliner


Rachel A

Got one and have successfully applied the gift card to my uber account, not cancelled. Thanks!


To anyone who got cancellation. Did you get cancellation right away, or did you first get confirmation email, followed by cancellation? (Mine is so far not cancelled, so was wondering.)

Moshe Lubin

Received an order confirmation swiftly followed by an order cancellation.


So I tried to get two of these and partially paid with the $20 gift card I got from this promo ( and my order was cancelled because I bought a gift card with a gift card. I called Wal-Mart and got two $20 gift cards in compensation for their system allowing me to do it and them selling out before I could fix the problem. Woo hoo!


Got it and got the code. Thank you!


Got it for $60 match and beat with raise and gift card mall


Jim, care to explain?


Pretty weird. So I ordered at 6:15 yesterday, and immediately got an email saying they’re processing the order, but then got no follow-up, neither confirmation nor cancellation. 20 minutes ago I got a call from someone with asking me to confirm that I’d made the purchase, and once I did they sent me the email with the code. This happen to anyone else?


Just applied it to my Uber account. It worked out great!


If u did get a Gift Card, watch your credit balance and see if it is calculated correctly, or if credits disappear. Very curious if Uber ever fixed this issue. I do not think they did. Thanks.