Get Fee-Waived $200 Visa Gift Cards From Staples Online With Free Shipping, Earn 5x Points Everywhere!

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Update: Alive again! Online deals for these cards never last very long, so grab them if you want them!

Order 3 for $600 and you’ll earn 3,000 points on your Chase Ink Cash Card. This pairs perfectly with the record high 90K signup bonus on that card.

Update: DEAD!

Get Fee-Waived $200 Visa Gift Cards From Staples With Free Shipping!

Limit 3 per account.

Use your Chase Ink Cash Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent. 

You can use the gift cards to buy money orders at Walmart or at various grocery stores and gas stations. Just use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full face value while earning 5 points per dollar.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending while earning 5% or 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar everywhere!

  • Visa Gift Cards can be used to buy merchandise and services anywhere.
  • Gift Cards and phone cards are nonrefundable and nonreturnable. They are valid only at the retailer/service provider listed on the card. Prepaid cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Specific terms and conditions are included with each card.

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I assume these won’t get 5x from chase ink since they are online?


I buy GCs from Staples online all the time for the 5x.


Thank you!

John Doe

Checkout with PayPal using the Discover card and get 5% cash back!

Dan\'s the Man

Chase ink 5x points is better. Points can be worth much more than 1 cent.


Speaking from experience, it is nearly impossible to cash these out for money orders at Walmart or gas stations…at least in the NYC/ Long Island area. Obviously, there are other ways to redeem them as mentioned in the post, but if someone has no alternate use for these cards, just be aware.


Do these ship already “activated”? If not, does anyone know what the activation process looks like?

(If you can buy these gift cards in-store this week, the cards are activated during the purchase process.)


I added them in the cart but at checkout they are showing full price… not 200 each.

bentzy brown

dead for me


Live for me.


How long will this offer be going for?


Worked for me on mobile


Will I get 5% if I use ink through paypal?


can you make multiple orders of 3?


does staples cancel duplicate orders if I make multiple orders of 3?


Can you do this with the sapphire reserve?


I tried twice, once checking out with PayPal, and the other with Visa Checkout. I saved screenshots of both. Hope they honor it.


I had a $5 coupon in PayPal to use at Staples that came in my email today +got 5% back with Discover – picked up 3 of these just now.


Got it. Thank you


regular price $623.85! not fee waived!


Didn’t work for me.


Update: I made two orders, and my second one just arrived yesterday. $600 each. So it worked more than once. It is possible, though, that it worked because I used two different checkout methods.


Can I just upload these gift cards to Amazon?


You can use them as payment to reload your gift card balance.
Or you can add them as a new payment method.


DID one as guest and and one signed in
lets see if i receive both

Make it work

I placed two separate orders of three cards each, checked out as a guest and received confirmation emails for both for a total of $600 each.
Used ink cash for 5x points.
Gonna try my luck a third time




it says. 7.95 transaction fee.. does this get waived at the checkout?

Thanks again


How many orders of 3 can I make?


Made a bunch of orders. Will let you know 🙂


This can also get 5X on freedom flex via PayPal


For some reason my freedom flex is not coming up as an option w/Paypal. Is there some issue using paypal mastercard on


getting charged 207$ for this


When i log in it shows me 207.95$ but when i log out, it shows me 200$


Doesn’t Business Preferred Ink get the same 5x?




Guest checkout?


PayPal freedom category for those without ink


Getting $5.95 shipping fee when I enter my address.


Link is broken


it seems like mutiple ordered went through!!!

Orrin d

What happens if one tried to order 3 cards a second time?


I ordered 6 x 3. Will let you know 🙂


logged in or guest?

Orrin d

I ordered 5 sets of 3….. my Chase 5 x points card was charged, but order is still ‘processing,’ per Staples App.



Orrin d

The transactions are still ‘processing.’

Orrin d

I received email confirmations that all the cards are in the mail!

Orrin d

12 arrived (4 envelopes, 3 per)today. 2 pending….. not rejected nor canceled

Orrin d

15 (5 packets of 3) cards arrived!!

Orrin d

All 18 cards arrived!!