Get $20 Off Every $300 Of Visa Gift Cards From Office Max This Week; How I Earned 120K Points+$383 In 20 Minutes

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For every $300+ in Visa gift cards that you buy in Office Max stores by 12/26 you’ll get $20 back instantly!

If you buy 3 $200 Visa gift cards in store you’ll pay $20.85 in card fees and get back $40 instantly.

If you buy 9 $200 Visa gift cards in store you’ll pay $62.55 in card fees and get back $120 instantly.

But the real reason to bother with these if that when you use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card you get 5 points per dollar spent.

If you buy $1,800 in gift cards you’ll pay $1,742.55 and you’ll get 8,713 Ultimate Rewards points! If you value those points at 1.6 cents each that’s a profit of $57.45 off face value plus $139.40 worth of points=$196.85 total profit!

But I like scaling these things a bit more.

I have a new Ink Plus card, so this promotion is great timing.

I went out today to a local Office Max and picked up 60 of the $200 Visa gift cards in 7 transactions:












Those gift cards are worth $12,000. I paid $11,617 for them. That’s a $383 profit right there.

But I’ll also get 60K points for the signup bonus and another 60K points for spending $12K at an office supply store where you earn 5 points per dollar on an Ink card.

That’s 120K of Chase points. It only takes 57K for a private walled-in suite from JFK to Europe on Singapore.

Not bad for 20 minutes in the store.

OK, so it will also take some time to load them to Serve or cash them out via money orders, but that’s still an amazing value.

The $100 gift cards will also be profitable, though not as lucrative as the $200 gift cards.

You can use the gift cards for everyday purchases or you can cash them out.

You can use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out via methods like:

-You can load up to $2,500 per day and $5,000 per month onto a One VIP Serve card or Bluebird card at a WalMart ATM, cashier, or customer service counter for free. Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card. Note that some WalMart employees and stores may not want to allow such loads.
-You can also load a Serve card at Rite Aid, Dollar General, or Family Dollar.
-You can buy a money order with the Visa card at stores that accepts debit cards as payment for money orders. I find that grocery stores work well for this.
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can gift a Visa gift card as a wedding gift instead of giving a check.
-You can give a Visa gift card to charity.

HT: doctorofcredit, via DDF

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LeBron is Great

Hey something has to be good about living in Cleveland…. 🙂


@LeBron is Great:
Between the $100K houses, the manufactured spend oasis, and the private school tuition vouchers regardless of income I can only hope everyone else thinks of CLE that way before this place explodes any further…


Wow. Had to call chase to approve a $12k purchase on a new card?
And how did you get an ink with the new 5/24 chase rules?


What is the most u can buy in one transaction and still get the discount?


It’s not a rule if it’s made to be broken.

I did $1,800 transactions as their computer gets finicky once you get to $2,000.


Can you buy these online ?


This offer is just in store.

Staples sells $300 cards online that are good for manufactured spend as well:


Dan, which OfficeMax did you hit? (Just so we know where NOT to go)


Is it working in Office Depot as well, or only Office Max?


You know that 90% of the world you’re aiming this post at can’t do this, so what’s the point of your post? You’re the last person to brag, I hope.


Lol, didn’t know I had any CLE readers.


Are you kidding?
Unless you think NY/NJ is 90% of the world, this is very doable by anyone. Everything I post are things that can be emulated.


Did you clean out the CH store? Last time they only allowed $600 per day; how did you get around that?


Dan, which office Max’s did u hit?


OK, but HOW do you manage to break that rule??


@Dan: I know but that has a price tag..


They let u to get all 60 at once? I tried only 9 ×$200 and the AML screen came up!


Dan, holy $@#!
There has to be something with you and cashiers/managers…none that I have ever met would agree to ring up 60k in 34 seperate transactions



Just explain why you need the card for a new business.
Bankers can also be a great help with special recon forms.

Still worthwhile, just less lucrative.

I did 9 at a time.

7 transactions.
Need a manager once you get to $1,000/transaction, but he was very friendly.


Lol I totally misread. Still 7 sepearte transactions. Also which OM has 60 200s avail on Tues??


@Dan: Where do you think lots of your target audience lives? Why do you think MS is so dead there?


It’s “so dead” because you have too many millions of people crammed into a tiny geographical area because they like parking tickets, overpaying for housing, cold winters, and humid summers.

And there’s nowhere near 90% of traffic from NY/NJ. Nor do I write exclusively for any geographic area.


Hi can I use the regular blue Serve card to load the gift cards?


It depends when you got the Serve card.


Offer says limit 2 offers per customer. How did u but so many at one visit?


Is office depot the same as office max?


Not enforced.


Relax Everyone

For @Dan Cleveland is just a hub. BA Avios are like Uber for him…


@Dan: In that post you’re not counting in all the credit card fees you need pay in order to get a decent value for the points.


@Relax Everyone:

Who pays fees?


I joined January 05 2015


@Dan: ink $95. United $95 or a whooping $450 for the real value and so on… If there are ways not to pay fees you should really include it in the post.


Dan, can you please explain how one can use Serve/Bluebird to load these up as cash? FYI i will be getting new serve and bluebird accounts. if its already covered please point to the post.


Can u get the sighn up bounus on the ink if u already have an ink card already?


Dan, Since you’re such a good OM customer, perhaps you could convince them of our need for their stores in the metro NY area.


That will work then.

Anything else I can spoonfeed for you?

Just use the search button for serve or bluebird or redcard.



Did you have to fill out the aml form for each 1800 purchase, just once, or not at all?


No forms.


How come they keep having these over and over for OM only and not OD? No OM around here….


That’s simple. Becuase there’s no OD in CLE.


@dan on both ink plus and ink cash?


@Dan: acctully yes, there are a lot of stuff I need help with that you seem like the right candidate to help out 😜



Join the club.


@Dan: I opened recently an ink card with the 60k bonus they gave me a really hard time getting the fee waved it took a few managers to get involved to get it done. Totally not worth the time.


Can u recommend a store in cle that’s easy to cash out the cards into a money order?


That is horrible stewardship. If you bought those in one transaction, then you are the reason deals die.


When i google OM stores in SoCal there all coming up as Office Depot because of the buy out. Where are there states which still have OM?


$1,800 per transaction, thanks for asking.


20 mins to buy the cards, and how long to liquidate them?


Couldn’t you have posted this any earlier than today???!


How many types of serve cards are there anyway. And when is the cutoff date that you wouldn’t be able to load these gift cards unto? I got my serve card apprx 6 months ago but I only ever used one vanilla cards

na nach

So basically if you dont have value for your time this is a good deal


@na nach? 120K and $383 for 20 minutes is not enough? Do you make $1000 an hour that your time is so precious?


The office max in nanuet has a big sign cash only for any gift cards over $20……..


My OfficeMax requires a manager for all GC transactions. They call him, then we wait, then we wait some more, then he comes over, he logs in, and finally the order can tally up and I can pay. And I can do 3 x 200 at a time. And by “a time”, I mean entering the store. So far, I’ve bought 16×200 this round. At first they couldn’t get 3×200 to work right, so I had to do 2×200 and another 2×200. Then a few hours later they managed to get 3×200 working and that’s what I’ve been doing since then.


@na nach: “So basically if you dont have value for your time this is a good deal”

Everyone has a value for their time! $383 profit for 20 minutes of work isn’t so bad, is it? Sure some top lawyer partners might command over $1000 an hour, but most people can’t.


“u can buy a money order with the Visa card at stores that accepts debit cards as payment for money orders. I find that grocery stores work well for this.”

Are you making the money order out to you?


“u can buy a money order with the Visa card at stores that accepts debit cards as payment for money orders. I find that grocery stores work well for this.”

One more question. Don’t money orders cost a fee?


hi DAN I applied for the chase ink and they will notify me within 7-10 business days if I am approved, does it help that I have a checking chase active acct with 20,000 dollars in it??? I am scared they didn’t approve me, since I got many new cc card from all types of banks in last 12 months ?


DansDeals, i am new to the manufactured spending world and i bough many gift cards, anticipating this great trick, which was the easy part. Cashing them out, though, was pretty tough. I live upstate, im sure you know how bad walmarts are , they dont have any “automated money machines” and three seperate walmarts that i tried so far gave me too hard of a time to unload using bluebird. Next i tried serve. I cant load money online without being feed as far as i know, so i tried family dollar who takes cash only. Woohoo. Next i tried rite-aid. i sat there for 20 minutes only to find out that the manager had no idea what i was trying to do. I tried buying money orders at post offices, grocery stores, they all take debit but we keep getting an error message despite following your rules to the tee. Is it just me or is this “unloading gift cards” business much harder than anticipated. Seemed like an ideal plan for me at first. Please help. Jack.


That’s it, I made up my mind.. I am moving to CLE…😀


Thats it? Why did you stop at 12k?


@Dan: still. Doing all that in one store in 20 minutes is unacceptable. Makes you look just as bad as MMS bragging about 5 BOA AA cards in one app round.


With 4 Serve cards, not too long.

I wanted to test it myself first, was traveling until last night.

Can have 1 of the following versions:

Old Serve Blue
New Serve Blue
Serve VIP
Serve Green
Serve Cashback

IIRC the cutoff of the old Serve Blue to new was in August. The newer ones don’t get free reloads.

The best card for most people applying now is the Serve VIP.


I pay $0.58 per $500.

Yes, a banker can help you.

Try another employee at Rite Aid?

No more on the shelf 🙂

The store was happy to sell it to me.

I don’t see the situations as the same at all. This isn’t a centralized system like that, it’s all up to the store.


This promotion has been running since Sunday morning, and virtually every Office Max has sold out the $200 cards by Monday. Why did it take until Tuesday evening for you to post this? The other blogs beat you by two days.


It’s been on DDF since Sunday, if you’re really into these things then you would have read about it there.

I was traveling and didn’t get home until last night. I post about deals after I verify them and I wanted to see if the limit of 2 was enforced by the computer or not. It’s not.


Dan. Don’t get mugged.


Back in the mint coin days I’d come home and have $60K in coins sitting on my doorstep.


@Jack Next time maybe you should do a proper research before “buying many gift cards”?


60x $200 VCGs? Was this all in one transaction? I feel bad for the cashier.


I live 1 mile from Office Max. Everytime I go in there – all the $200 gift cards are gone. Everytime.


7 transactions.
Cashier was a very friendly manager, wasn’t annoyed at all and we chit-chatted the whole time.


If I had the ink card less than 2 years ago I can get it again?




So any NY NJ location that still has and has a friendly policy worth a trip?


@Dan:1 rite aid near bore park is over 2 is there a office max nyc ?


TBH I’m surprised Chase hasn’t banned you as a customer yet.


@Dan: all these comments from NY coming in while we everywhere else was busy cashing in big time!!
thanks dan!


Hi Dan,
Chase doesn’t want to give me another credit card because I opened too many in 24 months, how can I get around it?


@Dan: “I pay $0.58 per $500.”

I’m sure you know that Walmart is $0.70 per $1000.

In general I hate MOs (because they lead to all sorts of suspicion at the banks), love BB/Serve, and I actually use them entirely to pay bills. Just the tuition alone is almost an entire year of 1 BB+1 Serve loads!


Attention 75% of commenters: The answer to your questions are available on Dan’s Deals Forums in great detail. You can access the site by clicking the link at the top of this page, on the right side. Please allow Dan to take a break from answering questions that he already answered, and search the forums before you post a question here. Chances are you’ll find a much more detailed answer there than you’ll ever get in the few line answers that Dan is nice enough to post here. Thanks.


@dan: .53 cents per $500 money order, LOL nice! Does this work at post offices or you find yourself more at gas stations?


I got 9 x $200 this morning in the CLE area and the AML screen popped up 🙁
I still completed the transaction, the process just took a lot longer than it needed to.


A. Explain that it’s for a new business.
B. Have a banker fill out a special recon form for you.

I do, but my time is worth more than the tiny price difference.

Doesn’t work at the PO.

No big deal.


@yakov: over what?

alyssa t KAPLAN

i thought officemax hardcoded their machines not to let people pay for gift cards with credit cards


@alyssa t KAPLAN: That only applies to variable cards. The fixed-price cards are easy peasy.


for all questioning how dan does this and how dan doesnt get shut down by chase and other cc companies…

Its actually quite simple, these companies are getting free advertising for their ‘overlooking policies’

most other stores would not allow you to purchase $12k of cards …


Didn’t read all the comments, but most of your followers/readers live in NJ/NY, so this post useless.


@@ ALL:

So if it doesn’t work in NYC then don’t bother writing about it. Will keep that in mind.


@Anonymous: to led on serve by rite aid

Perpetually Perplexed

Hey Dan, Office Depot by me has 500 dollar vanilla debit cards. Can those be loaded onto Bluebird at Walmart?


@dan Is this still worthwhile w/o Chase ink card?
(for basic threshold spending)


If I hope on a place to CLE will I be able to replciate? would your store manager set aside for me?

Love dansa

at $2500 a box , u had 24 of these heavy boxes out ?? must be very strong concrete… WAY TO GO !!! yeshar koakh

Love dansa


innovative !! nice !! well worth the 9000 avios round trip !!


went to om that has sold me thousands and thousands of gcs in the past. manager told me that he can’t ok anything above 600 anymore. he says that everytime he sells more than 600 on the same cc within the same promo he eats the promo amount. can anyone confirm?

detroit guy

In michigan ,tried 3 different office max no one would sell me gc with credit card. Is this a michigan problem? the office depot are the same.Nu where do i go?


Does “instantly” mean cash in hand, or a statement credit, or GC?


@dov: Manager in a different store told me similar but then let me double up because I’m nice and they didn’t have any $200 ones so he felt bad that I got the “lousier deal”.


You were traveling? TR please!

Capt. obvious

@Bro: it means discount taken at the register.


Multiple OM @Philadelphia does not allow more than 600$ (3X200$) purchase on a day. Manager showed me terms and condition of this offer.

dan plaut

Is this hood at office depot


I live in NY and took advantage of buying 23 $200 cards this morning so thank you Dan. I understand we win some we lose some but it’s amazing how people react when they don’t win compared to when they do.


Every store is different. Really no set deal on this stuff. Mine told me 10k worth is fine




Thanks Dan, I was able to stock up on these this week! Found out that my local CLE OfficeMax now needs an AML for any GC purchase over $1,000. Got hit with it twice. A manager at a different one I went to today tried to enforce a “2 deal limit per household per day” so I just got 3 x $200, smiled, and went on my way.


I’m just trying to do the math and are you sure you made $383 right off the bat. It’s $393.9 for 2-$200s correct?


Or am I just messing up my math today haha


3 cards:
$600 face
+$20.85 fees.
-$40 instant rebate.
=$580.85 out of pocket
=$19.15 profit
=$383 profit.


Ahh I see. So you really want to put every $600 together. Interesting. Because if you do every 4 you lose out on a lot of money


My local office max here in fayetteville north Carolina only had the $100 gift cards. And when I tried to purchase all of them in separate transactions I was denied. I only managed to buy 1800 worth.
The (new) manager told me it’s store policy to only allow one large gift card purchase per day. I think they are afraid of scammers. Gotta go back Motza shabbos to make another purchase. Hopefully there will be a different manager then who isn’t abstickler.


Next time try to buy them all in one transaction.
It will probably cut you off when you get to $2K and that will force them to break up the transactions.


Of course, youre in the hoods!!


@Dan: I tried, if cut me off, and then the manager kinda freaked out about letting me break it up. She was new and was afraid of screwing up. Happens.


Will a purchase of GC”s with a CC be considered a cash advance or a purchase? (My new CC charges interest on cash advances but not on purchases)


@dan, any eitzeh about offsite moneypass atm for serve/bluebird load?


dan so what’s your game plan to liquidate now that serve is kaput?


My local Walmart would not let me load up any gift cards. They said the managers specifically told them not to accept any gift cards. I am not stuck with a few thousand dollars in gift cards. Now that target and Walmart aren’t options and I don’t live near any rite aids, how can I out these cards in my bank account. Help!


That is exactly what I’m afraid will happen. I set up the bluebird account and am awaiting my card in the mail. If after I buy two $500 pin-enabled Visa gift cards in a day and then try to load them onto by Bluebird account at the money center express kiosk at Walmart, and it doesn’t work, then I’m stuck with these gift cards.

Did you try them a the Walmart Money Center Express kiosk? Maybe you didn’t buy the pin-enabled Visa ones, and therefore they won’t work. Try it with BlueBird, and not with Serve if that’s what you’re using.