Get $15 Off $300 Or $30 Off $600 Of Visa Gift Cards From Office Max Or Office Depot This Week


Get $15 off $300 or $30 off $600 in Visa gift cards from Office Max or Office Depot stores by 10/15.

Use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card and get 5 points per dollar spent.

This sale isn’t advertised in the weekly ad, but there should be a sign by the gift card rack in your local store.

Last December my local store let me buy 60 cards as I racked up the miles in record time.

If your local store tries limiting you to less than 3 cards just point out that the sign says limit of 2 offers per customer, which by definition would require the purchase of at least 3 of the $200 gift cards to reach $30 off $600.

The total charge for $600 in gift cards after fees is $590.85 and you’ll earn 2,955 points by charging it to an Ink card.

You can use the gift cards to buy money orders at Walmart or at various grocery stores, gas stations or post offices. Just use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full $200 face value.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending.

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There’s also a targeted amex deal for $20 off $100 at office max/depot


Can they be bought online?


2 offers per customer is $800 in gift cards.


Any way to redeem the visa gift cards for cash?


Could these be loaded to BlueBird?


@Paul: LOL. Everytime dan posts one of these deals someone has to ask “can they be bought online. If you have to ask this game isn’t for you.


Could these be loaded to BlueBird Bird


Yes you can load them onto serve at family dollar, I just did it last week with no problems


Do all Office Depots accept credit cards for Visa Gift Cards? Anyone know about the Paramus, NJ store?


Will $45/$60 credits automatically apply in single transactions of $900 or $1200?

this past summer

be aware some stores might cause you problems for no reason and even if you prove them wrong that 2 offers does NOT mean 2 cards they still won’t let you buy


@Josh: No, Josh, the limit is two offers of $15, so the maximum discount per transaction is $30, not $45 or $60. Read the post.


@Josh: “Will $45/$60 credits automatically apply in single transactions of $900 or $1200?”

Try it out and let us know if it works. Also note general location when reporting results.


@this past summer: But will stores cause problems when trying to pay with a CC? I don’t mind going to the store and only be limited to 1 deal but I’d like info if some stores are not allowing CCs to buy Visa gift cards.


I had an Office Depot where the guy only let cash. The manager came over and started getting upset with me calling me a liar when I said another Office Depot gave me no problem.

Another Office Depot I then went to told me they are cash as well but certain one’s will work for credit even though she’s not supposed to but she will for me this time.


Are you concerned about shutdowns by Chase for abuse of Ink?


there are no stores in nyc at all??!!!!!


@exShorYoshuvGuy: Thanks for the confirmation. If any1 else else can post their experience it would be helpful to many readers. Thanks.


did anyone ever try lending money with kiva as a way to spend ?

bad experience

these stories happen, where, during the sale week, all they end up selling is visa gift cards, so wherever there are people who only buy gift cards that’s where these stories happen, unless the cashier and/or manager are stopping you cause your Jewish (which has happened a lot more then once in the tri-state area, and if it happened to you then don’t hesitate to call 18004633768 and make a compliant)


the officemax would only let me buy only 3×200 for 600 dollars even though i said i will pay the fee for the other 2 cards….


My first experience in buying gift cards, heading over to WalMart to buy the money order, depositing check and paying off credit card…all within the hour. 2955 points earned and a profit of $8.45 (including cost of money order). Woohoo. Now if I could only replicate your purchase of 60 cards 🙂

Gmar Chatima Tova



Definitely right, it comes up as $30 off maximum. I bought 6 gift cards for $30 off to a total of $1211.xx with fees. Interesting though is that it rang each card as $195, splitting the $30 savings over 6 cards instead of 4.

Also interesting, I saw the new Visa Five Back Gift cards that give 5% off purchases at select stores! So it looks like you can buy a Visa Gift card for 5pts/$1 and then get 5% off again using that gift card to make a purchase.

It looks like you can get 5% off at Staples, so buying one of these, and turning around and buying a $200 amazon gift card by using it as a debit card, credits $10 back to the gift card.


Josh, gift card purchases are typically excluded from deals like this. Nice try.


Any experience buying the Visa GCs that say for restaurants or 5% back at certain stores? I wonder if they still have a pin and can go to MOs or bill pay as usual?