Extended! Get A $10 Reward When You Make A $20 In-Store Purchase At CVS, Including Amazon Gift Cards, Via The PayPal Or Venmo App

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Update: Offer extended! There is no longer a published end date for this offer.

Save $10 Off $20 In-Store Purchases At CVS Via The PayPal Or Venmo App

The terms say, “Make your first touch-free payment of $20 or more with the PayPal or Venmo app in-store and get a $10 reward. Offer ends 03/31/2021. PayPal reward must be used by 04/30/2021.”

Officially, gift cards are excluded, but I went to CVS and paid for a $25 Amazon gift card with the QR code in my PayPal app. A minute later PayPal emailed me that I had earned a $10 reward good for my next PayPal purchase through 6/30/21.

The CVS checkout clerk didn’t know anything about the QR code, but I asked her to scan it and she wondered what that would do. But sure enough, it accepted it as a valid payment.

The $10 reward can be used right away for a free $10 purchase in CVS or use it online at a store that accepts PayPal such as Walmart.com.

If you buy $30 of Amazon gift cards with your AMEX Consumer Platinum card via Paypal QR code you’ll get a $30 AMEX credit and a $10 Paypal credit!


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Is it either venmo or PayPal or you could do it once with PayPal and once with the venmo app


Can it be combined with Amex platinum for PayPal credits?


Should be able to link an AMEX Plat to the Paypal QR, make a $30 purchase, and get a $30 AMEX refund and a $10 PP reward.


On my amex app the purchase showed cvs said nothing about paypal


Let us know what happens when the charge is finalized.


Shows paypal in final charge ill update if credit posts


Amex credit posted today




I used mine at the self-checkout at my cvs. Worked smoothly.


Did you do the same offer earlier or was it your first time using QE? I did it the last time around in January same offer and want to know if it worked the second time


Only for first time users right?


My PayPal QR didn’t work at CVS ((inside a Target) this morning, despite three attempts.


To Steve:
I read in the T&C on the Paypal site that purchases at CVS inside Target will NOT qualify.


Does the credit show and is visible in the PayPal app as a $10 balance?




I used the PayPal QR code linked to Amex Platinum and purchased a $25 Amazon GC at a self check out in a stand alone CVS on March 28. The payment went thru instantly and posted to Amex as a PayPal charge on March 30. There is no evidence of $10 reward yet. I messaged PayPal more then 48 h after the purchase to determine the status of the reward. They responded that it takes 7 days for the reward to post. Is the reward usually visible in the Paypal account after earning it or does the $10 just automatically come off the next purchase?


can we do it for both venmo & paypal?


I just used PayPal in store, spent $30 and some odd change (first purchase was with the Amex Plat CC) and got some snacks and a $25 Apple GC. So far, no $10 credit from PayPal yet. $31 for second purchase was with (Schwab Plat CC) and again I got some snacks and a $25 Apple GC. I received the $10 credit, in the form of $10 off my purchase automatically. Find each purchase in your ‘recent activity’ section in PayPal. I think, maybe, we can only do one transaction period, but I could be wrong. Thank you Dan, for yet another cool deal. These Apple gift cards are going toward a new iPhone.


I did this over a week ago and still not email from Paypal about the $10 credit. Are you saying that you didn’t receive any notification about the $10 but it was automatically applied the next time you paid with the Paypal QR code?


Hi. I have two platinum cards (one is for Charles Schwab and the other is the regular platinum) and I used both at CVS. One card, I received the $10 credit (from PayPal) right away off of my transaction. The other card, and the other PayPal transaction, I have not received a credit. However, the reason why is: if you read the fine print on the offer, it says “There is a limit of one (1) Reward per Valid Account.”

PayPal is my pal?

Thanks. Purchased at CVS at 11:53 PM just now but haven’t gotten email from PayPal yet about the reward.


This offer is now valid until terminated.


Isn’t everything valid until terminated?


can we do it for both venmo & paypal?


I will try. Venmo is not associated with PayPal, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to do both. I did the Venmo, amzn gc, but no $10 yet.


Mine was added to my PayPal balance and was able to transfer the money to my bank account


IS it available


Is this deal still Active ? I don’t see anything in PayPal app about this deal. How can we make sure that we qualify for this deal ?


Yes, click on the link.


@Dan- Just curious, why the $25 Amazon Gift Card.. Do CVS not carry $20 ones?




Just tried in store with Venmo. Said “Try using different method of payment”