Starbucks BOGO Through Sunday


Update: This is alive again through 12/16 between 2-5pm.


Through 11/18 between 2-5pm Starbucks is offering buy one, get one free on the following drinks:

-Caramel Brulee Latte
-Peppermint Mocha
-Gingerbread Latte

According to, the Caramel Brulee is not kosher but the Peppermint Mocha and the Gingerbread Latte are kosher dairy when made with milk. Starbucks also has kosher parve soy milk and the peppermint and gingerbread syrups (along with most other syrups) are kosher parve, but be sure to ask to see the labels to confirm that and make sure to request it without whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or any other dairy items if you want it to be non-dairy.
Disclaimer: Ask your own Rabbi to determine the kosher status of Starbucks.

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The skinny peppermint mocha latte (skinny just means fat free, you can get the regular one if you want) is a great drink.


even if they use soymilk, the utensils they will “cook” the soy milk in were used for milk. so if you keep cholov yisroel you wouldnt be ordering that.

Starbucks lover

I keep chalov yisroel and have been to starbucks many times and love their drinks! I recently heard that I can’t drink there because of the utensils they use even with the soy so I stopped going because im confused about what i could get. What can i order at starbucks (or coffee bean) that will be 100% chalov yisroel??


@Starbucks lover:
seems only espresso and americano if they poor directly in the paper cop, not their shot Starbucks – Detailed Halachic Research

kochav kesef

wassup peeps! stop makin up stuff bout starbucks. soymilk, they do not cook! u cud even ask them to show u the bottle, it has a hechsher.

Enjoy ur yummy coffee 🙂


I think you are able to still get water there.


I’m not a halachic authority but for one I do no that you are not correct. They are not legally allowed to use the milk utensils for your soy drink. Most of the people ordering soy are lactose intolerant so using the same utensils could potentially cause a tremendous lawsuit. For whether or not you should or could drink Starbucks go to your local orthodox rabbi.


be aware that the chocolate shavings that they put on top of the peppermint mocha latte do not bear a kosher certification – i just checked


Soy latte, the soy milk is heated in the same mettle cup as the milk latte, it is lightly rinsed in between.


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was just in starbucks and the worker told me that the mocha “depends on how kosher you are” told me that on website it says it is kosher but that there is no hechser on it.


The problem is that they wash everything together in a dishwasher since on the same day and some stuff are treif so its a major problem!!! But then again ask ur local rabbi!!


if the pot is clean then its not a problem for lactose, but it still IS a problem for cholov yisroel. get your facts straight bro


Dan seems like every time you post a food/drink related deal everyone goes crazy with the kashrut and ask your local rabbi… why not just avoid these types of deals if everyone will be throwing there 2cents around for no reason?


Kosher Perspective:

Is an establishment considered Kosher until proven otherwise
an establishment is non-Kosher until proven to be Kosher?
So is Starbucks Kosher…?


Why does it bother you if everybody post their “2 cents”? Does it offend you in any way? Dan is doing a wonderful job posting deals for us. If people want to bicker about it in the comments, why should he care? Live, and let live man.


I was just at Starbucks and the deal is on ALL holiday drinks. I got a Cranberry White Mocha and a Pumkin Spice Latte, both of which aren’t listed above.

Uh oh....

I had a spoon of caramel (not liquid syrup) in Starbucks this summer- was it treif? I had relied on someone who said it was kosher, but guess should have not relied on that, hearing now that their caramel isn’t kosher??


Ok.. so i am very confused about the kosher status in stabucks bc apparently if something is washed with soap it considered “pagum” spoiled, and you can drink from a utensil that was washed with soap… but then mab heat plays a factor in kashrus so im not sure about anything really,does anyone actually KNOW whats permissible for me to drink there???!


Check out great website which tells you what is permitted and what is not. Great Rav, Rabbi Abadi from Lakewood NJ.

mr coffee

altho i love coffee….going to starbucks is totally forbidden…..


Okay. a few things. First of all just because you hold of cholov yisrael, does not mean that you can’t drink from a utensil that also was used for cholov stam. It is explicit in many halachic sources that it is not a problem. Secondly, the problem with the dishwashers at Starbucks, etc. is that they do one cycle of washing without soap. Therefore it is not pagum when they are washed. It is only later, run through an additional cycle in which soap is used. So the keilim may of already become non-kosher (when being mixed with treif). This issue would anyway only be in a Starbucks that also sells treif food (basar v’cholov)….


Ok so how do you know which machines went through the additional cleaning


People dont understand the difference a “chumrah” and “halakha” if you its not Chalav Yisroel does NOT mean it is treif. I keep Chalav Yisroel and understand that I am taking upon myself a stringency. It is important not to look down at those which do not.

Eli is not a good source at all if you read the info on the site it will explain how only the ingredients are kosher and not the actual final product. For more info look at the pdf the crc published


This is such a nOOn Q but here goes.
You always say to use your freedom card at *bucks cuz of exclusives but if you have a *bucks card dont you have to use that card. I just got into *bucks and I wanted to figure out how you get status but still using the freedom. What am I missing?


MEIR613: If you really want to get both… Load only 50 cents onto your *$ card, pay with that, they will tell you that you still owe the total minus 50 cents, and pay the rest with your freedom. I would think that counts… anyone know differently?